The first Brussels’ AI week is taking shape

What a day we had yesterday, everything we ever wanted our AI community to become just happened overnight

It started with a call last week from Ward, our original data science expert in residence from when we first created the data innovation Hub at AXA in 2015. He invited me to meet Tom and Maarten who are driving the data initiatives at DPG, the Media concern from the Van Thillo family that reaches 8 out of 10 people from Flanders with news, entertainment and mobile services, with 35 brands like VTM, Humo, and Mobile Viking.

And what a meeting we had. Maarten said that 5 years ago he was at the VUB working in the AI Lab from dr Nowé when he started to attend our datascience meetups, Tom said that he loved our yearly diSummit as a source of inspiration and that it was time for them to do something back for the community. So they talked about their team and the importance of analytics in their daily work where the data they gather generates enough insight to understand what their 4,6 million customers really want, in such a way that AI has now become the real program director.

What a journey they had in the past few years. And, what an inspiration they are for every manager that is in charge of delivering the value of AI. I was overexcited; everything we ever wanted was taking shape. 6 years ago, we started to bring people together to discover what data science was all about. We created the data science community, built the data innovation hub, organised about 200 meetups, 4 data science boot camps & JobFairs, and we are currently preparing the 6th data innovation summit. Roughly, bringing everybody involved in data and analytics from Belgium together to network and inspire each other. 

Today we have established our home in the digital innovation hub of DigitYser. Individual teams are driving meetups in all major universities of Belgium, and the initial meetup members are driving their teams in most of the major corporations in Belgium. And, all have kept their open spirit of the early days, everyone is eager to share their experience and inspire new managers to use data science to build a better world.

So, this leads us to the reason we organise the first AI-week because we now have enough practical use cases showing the value of data, enough examples to share with everyone who wants to discover the importance of AI. There is no more time to waste; it is time to start your AI project now.

Check out to book your next meeting and training, and join Tom & Maarten on Thursday afternoon, March 19th for a unique ‘AI in the Media industry’ showcase. Besides, book your discovery tour build around the 15 AI pop-up demos, and finish it off with a maturity workshop to identify the best AI project for your company. 

If you are an expert and you want to share you can:

  • Have a pop-up demo and demonstrate the value of AI with a practical example
  • Host a workshop, run a master class, present at a topic

If you are eager to learn more about the value of AI, you can:

  • Attend the AI discovery tour 
  • Participate in the different workshops and masterclasses
  • Network during the AI4BElgium event and the data science meetup

Announcing the diSummit 2020 + Gala Night + #startAI + JobFair + AIweek in March

Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce the opening of the early registration for the Data Innovation Summit 2020. Our event will take place at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) on June 24th, 25th 2020.

This year’s edition is dedicated to the topic AI beyond the hype and is focused on practical applications of AI in business and everyday life.

Currently, we are evolving from AI product and solution development to real-life implementations in all areas of life, e.g., industry, telecommunications, energy, finance, health and government.
Come and see for yourself how the concrete AI solutions will help you to reduce the cost, save time and money, optimize your customer journey and create better customer satisfaction. (Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed AI player, there will be a lot of opportunities to discover new examples of how to deploy AI on every level of your company and across all the departments, whether it is HR, Marketing, Sales, Client Service etc).

6th edition already:

For our sixth edition, we have the honour to welcome companies and participants from Benelux and, for the first time, from Canada.
Thanks to its previous success our event is growing and will last not one but two days, fully packed with Tech talks, Business talks, Masterclasses and Hands-on Workshops.

2 days of diSummit:

  1. The first day of the diSummit, June 24th will be dedicated to Tech and will allow you to deep-dive into the technical aspects of AI.
  2. The second day will be a Business Day and will mainly focus on the real-life use cases and implementations of AI.

Our main objective is to take you beyond the hype of AI, to show its practical applications and to bring you in contact with a variety of market players, globally and locally, as well as with the #ai4belgium and #datascience communities in Belgium.
Besides, there will also be the traditional Partner Village, Job Corner and AI-awards. At the end of the first day, we will host the Gala night and, on the request of many of our partners and participants, we will finish on a high note with our famous diSummit barbecue!

Of course, diSummit would not be such a success without your participation. That is why we are launching the first call for participants. Come and share your story and inspire others with your example!

You can now submit your candidature through the links below:

Special discounts for students and jobseakers and Free tickets for these students who provide their CV and perform an online assessment

Key event in March:

As a foretaste of the diSummit we prepared for you other exciting events.
We are currently launching our new initiative #Start AI that will essentially focus on providing first-hand information and expertise to companies desiring to integrate AI.
To support this initiative we heartily invite you to participate in our AI Week that will take place on March 16-20th at Digityser:
A week full of, e.g., demo’s, master classes, hands-on workshops, meetups and event the celebration of the 1st anniversary of AI4Belgium on March 18th ( ).

If you want to share and inspire others with your AI solutions during the AI Week, we are looking for exciting demonstrations of AI implementations to present to the public in a pop-up demo format.
Feel free to reach out to us if you want to benefit from this demo-opportunity by clicking this link .

You can find more information about the Start AI initiative on our website:

JobFair for the bootcampers:

We would also like to inform you that our datascience bootcampers are finishing the first part of their AI-Fundamentals training and will present themselves to the market during the Job Fair ( taking place on February 27th in order to find a 6 – months Traineeship .

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon at one of our events!


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