WOOT WOOT: #womenintech @ #disummit

#womenintech @di-Summit

During this year’s summit you will hear stories on how data is used to build a better world.

On March 30th we have invited an impressive lineup of top speakers and prepared in depth training classes for managers and data scientists.

Her is an overview of our #womenintech speakers:

  1. Nele Coghe – Data Science Expert – I’ll introduce you to over 30 stories told by the best experts in data science
  2. Tine Vandenbreeden – CTO @ SAP – How s mart is digital twin?
  3. Juli Ursi – BI expert @ SAP –  I’ll give you a tour of our digital boardroom
  4. Elena Bonfiglioli – Senior Director Health @ Microsoft – “Solving” Cancer with Artificial Intelligence
  5. Nadia Aime – Womanmentorassociation – I’ll tell you a story about #womenintech and data
  6. Céline Bouton – Co-Captain @ Armada.digital – We are empowering good causes to spread the word
  7. Bianca Debaets – Secretary of State – Data Science makes our city s marter
  8. Hannah Pinson – Winner #denguehack – We predicted the next dengue outbreak using twitter feeds
  9. Ann-Elise Delbecq – Analytics @ IBM – a new cognitive way of working with data and analytics
  • Please check disummit.com form more exciting presentations.

Job – Junior Data Scientist

Screenshot 2016-07-01 12.02.02

Are you pursuing a career in data science?

We have a great opportunity for you: an intensive training program combined with interesting job opportunities!

Interested? Check out http://di-academy.com/bootcamp/ follow the link to our datascience survey and send your cv to training@di-academy.com

Once selected, you’ll be invited for the intake event that will take place in Brussels this summer.

Hope to see you there,

Nele & Philippe

Announcing the Text Mining Hackathon

pablo (1)

The European Data Innovation Hub is proud to present the Euroclear Hackathon.

Euroclear is a leader in the financial services industry. Together with Euroclear, we are organising a Text Mining Hackathon. The aim will be to identify key fields in unstructured financial legal documentation.

Data consists in thousands of legal documents available through our platform. Access will be provided upon signature of a standard NDA.

We will have the support of Euroclear data scientists to understand the approaches used and for the text mining of financial legal documentation.

SAS will offer us the acces to their environment in order to make this exercise possible.

Each participant and team  can use its own tools to build a solution.


You are kindly invited to the engagement event with the specialists from Euroclear on Thursday 21st at 15:30 here at the Hub.

We will have 3 preparation meetings prior to the hackathon.

This 36h hackathon will start on Friday June 17th 12:00 take place at the di-Academy.


Please register using the following link: http://di-academy.com/event/dihack-36h-sprint-hackathon-on-text-mining-nlp/




Job – Goudengids – Customer Intelligence Analyst

Martine Mols   Martine Mols, Recruitment Officer at goudengids.be
Blij verrast om zo’n uitgebouwde community te zien van mensen die een interesse delen in data. goudengids.be is vandaag op zoek naar een Customer Intelligence Analyst  zouden jullie de vacature willen verspreiden?

Jouw uitdaging

Als Customer Intelligence Analyst analyseer je data uit verschillende interne en externe databronnen, waarbij je business gerichte acties formuleert. Je bouwt inzichten die onze business sturen. Je ondersteunt mee onze klanten segmentatie en identificeert en voorspelt het gedrag van onze klanten.

Een greep uit je takenpakket:

  • Onderhouden van ons segmentatie model in SAS
  • Bouwen van relevante markt inzichten op gebaseerd op verzamelde analyses
  • Identificeren van patronen in onze segmentatie om toekomstig gedrag en engagement te voorspellen
  • Op basis van analyses aanbevelingen doen voor toekomstgerichte acties.
  • Ontwikkelen van rapporteringen die waardevolle inzichten leveren voor onze verschillende departementen.

Op deze manier draag je Customer Intelligence Analyst op sterke wijze bij aan de strategische beslissingen die binnen goudengids.be genomen worden.

Heb ik het?

Onze ideale Customer Intelligence Analyst herkent zich in deze beschrijving:

  • Je bent een passionele number cruncher
  • Je hebt een bachelor of master in Economie, Statistiek of Wiskunde
  • Je kan terugvallen op 3 tot 5 jaar ervaring als Business Analyst
  • Je hebt een goede kennis van SAS en SQL
  • Kennis van online marketingtechnieken is een pluspunt
  • Je hebt een kennis van één van beide landstalen, aangevuld met goede kennis van Engels

What’s in it for me?

  • Bijdragen aan de verandering van Goudengids.be
  • Je kijkt verder dan de cijfers en draagt onmiddellijk jouw steentje bij tot het resultaat
  • Een stimulerende werkomgeving
  • Voortdurende coaching, training en ondersteuning
  • Ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden
  • Een marktconform salarispakket

Bij goudengids.beTM gaan we voor de klant, knappe prestaties, open en eerlijke communicatie en voor heel wat werkvreugde. Dit uit zich in een permanente aandacht voor de tevredenheid van onze klanten én onze medewerkers.


Make sure that you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Please note that we also manage other vacancies that are not public, if you want us to bring you in contact with them too, just send your CV to datasciencebe@gmail.com .

Here is the link to the original job add.

Please apply here.


Why don’t you follow these courses to boost your datascience skills ?

The European Data Innovation Hub organizes trainings and hands-on workshops about bigdata and datascience.

Here is the agenda:

Data Innovation Training Hub

Brussels, BE
83 Fast learners

This group is an initiative from the nonprofit European Data Innovation Hub, the premier networking space where business, startup, academic and political decision makers share…

Next Meetup

Day 5 of the Coached Mooc on Machine learning

Thursday, Jun 11, 2015, 7:00 PM
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Workshop – SAS – May 19 – Your data playground for visual Analytics & Statistics – Free

SAS Data Playground

Join the SAS experts on May 19.

They will demonstrate how you can do just that with Visual Analytics & Statistics.
The nice thing is that Mr. François Wuyts, Head of IT of Belgisch Antigifcentrum\Centre Antipoisons Belge,  will show you how they use visualization in their organization, explain what they use it for and clarify what the benefits are.

Try it yourself! And Win!

Bring your own laptop and take the opportunity to play with SAS Visual Analytics during the hands-on session.

Participate in the competition at the end of this session; you might be one of the 3 lucky ones to win one month free access to Saas Now .

A great opportunity to try out SAS Visual Analytics with your own data!

Register on http://bit.ly/1ENP64v

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Have you been to our Meetups yet ?

Each month we organize a Meetup in Brussels focused on a specific DataScience topic.

Brussels Data Science Meetup

Brussels, BE
1,181 Business & Data Science pro’s

The Brussels Data Science Community:Mission:  Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower scholars and professionals to apply data sciences to address humanity’s grand cha…

Next Meetup

Launch MOOC Coaching activities, First course is the Machine…

Wednesday, May 13, 2015, 7:00 PM
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The question “Are all Data Scientists nerds?” answered thanks to the Data Innovation Survey 2015

This article was originally published here

Although the Data Scientist has been declared the sexiest job of the 21st century by HBR and others, if we are honest, we need to admit that data scientists are still associated with nerds by the mainstream population. This data innovation survey was the perfect opportunity to me to investigate whether data scientists are really that nerdy as perceived by many.

I started this article by looking up some background information (after all, I do consider myself as a data scientist) on nerds. I found a very appropriate description on Wikipedia:

nerdNerd (adjective: nerdy) is a descriptive term, often used pejoratively, indicating that a person is overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially impaired. They may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, obscure, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical or relating to topics of fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities. Additionally, many nerds are described as being shy, quirky, and unattractive, and may have difficulty participating in, or even following, sports. Stereotypical nerds are commonly seen as intelligent but socially and physically awkward. Some interests and activities that are likely to be described as nerdy are: Intellectual, academic, or technical hobbies, activities, and pursuits, especially topics related to sciencemathematicsengineering and technology.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Let’s dive into the results of the data innovation survey, together with my best friend SAS Visual Analytics, to check if these stereotypes are true in the Belgian Data Science Landscape.

Stereotype n°1: All data scientists are young males

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that the 87.2% of the respondents are male, but I’m glad to see that 36 other woman took the survey along with me. In terms of age, we do find a lot of youngsters, but the categories above 35 seem to be well represented too.

Note to the designer of the survey: next time please don’t foresee fixed age categories but let people type their real age if you want to see more interesting graphs than poor pie charts…

 Stereotype n°2: Data scientists are in front of their computer all night

Participants had nine days to respond to the survey. In the bar chart below you can see on which days the 289 respondents submitted the survey. We observe a clear pattern in the beginning of both weeks and strangely enough a drop towards Friday 13th… Maybe data scientists are more superstitious than they would like to admit?

Even more interesting to analyze are the times of the day when people took the survey. To my big surprise there’s a peak in the morning, so the Belgian data scientists seem to be early birds!


As we received the start time and the end time, I also calculated how long the average data scientist took to solve the questionnaire: 12.66 minutes, but the median data scientist had the job done in 10 minutes. We all remember our first statistics class: when the median is not equal to the mean, there is no symmetric distribution…


Stereotype n°3: Data scientists are disconnected from the real world

If all data scientists are actually nerds, then they should all be quite “unworldly”. According to the Belgian Data Science survey, almost one third is working for a business organization or NGO with 7 777 employees worldwide on average, doesn’t sound that nerdy to me…


In total, 42% of the Belgian data scientists who took the survey are employed in the IT and technology industry. Ok, what else did you expect?


If data scientists were really that socially inadequate as what could be believed by some bad influences, ds7  they would never make it to a management position in their organization. And look, almost 55% our respondents have management responsibilities to a certain extent.

Stereotype n°4: All Data scientists hold a PhD in science or mathematics

Wrong again! Only 18.3% of the Belgian Data Scientists are holding a PhD degree. Although the majority graduated in science&math, ict or engineering, a significant amount completed commerce or social studies.



Stereotype n°5: All Data scientists are programming geeks and only use non-mainstream techniques

In part 6 of the survey, participants were asked to rate their skills with a score between 1 (don’t know this technique) and 5 (I’m a guru). It turns out that data scientists are not all guru’s in the newer techniques like big data and machine learning but are mostly familiar with traditional techniques like data manipulation (regexes, Python, R, SAS, web scraping) and structured data (RDBMS, SQL, JSON, XML, ETL).
ds10Although we observe some quite high correlations (between math & optimization 0.73, big data & unstructured data 0.67, …) it doesn’t necessarily mean that the scores are high on these topics. This is clearly illustrated with the heat maps below. On the left we have math and optimization which are highly correlated but with low scores, and on the right there is data manipulation and structured data with a moderate correlation of 0.42 but with the highest scores.

ds11 ds12

Stereotype n°6: All Data scientists are socially isolated and afraid to appear in public

The Belgian Data Scientists don’t only attend the monthly meetup meetings to learn about the new developments in Data Science or to hear what’s happening on the Belgian Data Science scene, but many of them also state social and networking reasons as motivation to get away from their pc to attend these meetings.


Stereotype n°7: There are clear role models for data scientists, they all look up to the same persons

Not that many respondents seem to be influenced by other data scientists in this world, as only a few of them answered this question with the name of a fellow data scientist and mostly different ones. For Belgium on the other hand, we do find two names that each appeared eight times among the answers. Congratulations to Bart Baesens and Philippe Van Impe, the Belgian Data Science guru’s!



The conclusion of the analysis of the Data Innovation Survey is as straightforward as simple: Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century! Unfortunately I’ll have to finish off here as my pole dancing class is going to start…

Job – Deloitte – SAP BI (Senior) Consultant

deloitte B






You will be responsible for SAP BI solution design and development, translating business requirements into solid solutions. Your activities range from business requirements analysis to architecture design, BI development, testing and coaching of more junior consultants in the team. You participate in assessments of existing SAP BI implementations and give advice on structural improvements in the areas of performance, usability, architecture, processes and organization. Besides that you will have the opportunity to work together with several services lines within the Deloitte’s Belgian practice, such as Finance Transformation, CRM, Supply Chain Strategy and SAP Process Excellence.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • You have at least 2 years of experience  (4 – 6 years for Senior level implementing SAP BW, BO or Sybase IQ solutions;
  • You understand Business Intelligence concepts and want to further develop your functional and technical SAP BI competencies in challenging projects, as well as new technologies like SAP HANA;
  • You have a bachelor or master degree;
  • You are a team player with strong communication skills;
  • You have knowledge and relevant experience in BI concepts (Data warehousing, Dashboarding, OLAP, Analytics) ;
  • You have relevant experience SAP BI tools (SAP BW, BO or Sybase IQ);
  • You are eager to learn and implement the newest SAP technology (such as HANA);
  • Having experience in SAP ERP is a plus;
  • You are open to work in an international environment and must be willing to work abroad if needed;
  • You are fluent in English. Knowledge of Dutch and/or French is an asset.

About us

Our Consulting practice within Deloitte has a strong reputation and track record as Business Performance Consultants. We are a recognized leader in helping clients solve complex business problems, differentiated by our ability to execute on the advice we provide. Our multi-disciplinary competencies allow us to address CXO issues from every angle. You will join one the largest BI teams in Belgium. With more than 80 professionals we cover all domains of BI and Corporate Performance Management. Next to SAP we have a focus on other solutions such as IBM/Cognos, SAS and QlikView.

Our services are delivered by exceptional consulting professionals who are encouraged to share knowledge and insights.


Make sure that you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Here is the original jobpost .

Don’t hesitate and upload your CV. Apply Online


deloitte B


Sam Rédelé , Sr. Manager – Deloitte Analytics Lab asked us to publish this vacancy for a BI consultant based in Brussels.


Job Description

You have 2-15 years of experience in designing and implementing BI solutions (Cognos, SAS, QlikView or SAP BW, SAP Business Objects, Orcale BI, …).

You have a strong technology or a strong business background and relevant experience in the area of Performance Management, BI, Data Warehousing and/or Data Integration (ETL).

You are passionate about translating business needs into solution that work. Either as a business consultant doing requirements analysis, functional design, testing and change management, or as a technology professional capable to architect and deliver the technical solutions.  We are looking for all levels of expertise: from young professionals (as of 2 years of experience) until senior experts, and project and program managers.


Your function

  • Depending on your profile, the focus will be on the technology or business side:
    • Business requirements analysis, report & KPI design, functional design, testing, user acceptance testing, training & change management.
    • Architecture blueprints and technical designs.
    • BI/DWH solution development: reports and dashboards, data integration.
    • Depending on the experience level: project management, team leadership, coaching, training, …
  • Some of our consultants will be involved in BI advisory projects, focusing on:
    • BI & Analytics Strategy, vision, governance and organization, roadmap, business case.
    • Architecture blueprints and tools selection.
  • Next to your project activities at our clients, we offer the possibility to actively contribute to innovation, knowledge development, trainings, sales & marketing, recruitment, …


General Requirements

  • You have a university degree or higher education.
  • You have relevant experience with BI and/or ETL tools from the leading vendors (IBM, Qlik, SAS, Oracle, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, …).
  • You have an intellectual curiosity combined with outstanding analytical skills.
  • You are open to work in an international environment.
  • You are fluent in English and Dutch or French. Additional languages are a plus.

How to apply?

Don’t hesitate and upload your CV.

Apply Online

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Job – Data Miner – via iStorm



  • Votre équipe, Market & Business Intelligence fait partie intégrante du Département Commercial et participe activement à sa performance.
  • Votre mission consiste émettre des recommandations quant à l’amélioration de la performance commerciale de la société sur base de l’analyse de quantités massives des données.
  • Pour cela, vous mettez en œuvre les techniques avancées en Data Mining.
  • Description de Fonction:
    • Analyser et modéliser les comportements des clients en mettant en évidence les causes prédictives internes et externes à la société
    • Evaluer la faisabilité des analyses nécessaires (existence de données, validation des sources existantes, constitution de DataMart, …)
    • Combiner une connaissance business (processus ventes, rétention, cadre légal, …) avec une vue analytique (Data-Driven)
    • Mettre en place un ensemble d’indicateurs pertinents permettant l’évaluation des analyses réalisées (KPI) et d’en assurer la diffusion et l’explication aux interlocuteurs-clés
    • Vulgariser les résultats des analyses en des termes business intelligibles pour les équipes opérationnelles
    • Automatiser un ensemble de processus récurrents (ex : mise en place de rapports automatiques via un ETL type « Access », …)
    • Identifier les sources d’optimisation et d’amélioration de la qualité des analyses réalisées et mettre en place les solutions correctrices (ex : testing de nouvelles analyses statistiques, optimisation des scénarios business aidant la prise de décision, …)

Profil Recherché

  • Diplôme universitaire en sciences économiques, ingénierie commerciale, statistique, Data Mining ou informatique
  • Minimum 3 ans d’expérience
  • Grande aisance avec les chiffres et forte aptitude analytique
  • Maîtrise des outils de Data Mining/Gestion de données (SAS, SPSS, R, …)
  • La connaissance de SAP CRM serait un atout
  • Structuré
  • Résistant au stress
  • Capacité à aborder des problématiques de manière objective et sous différents angles d’approche (créativité, objectivité,…)
  • Capacité d’autocritique vis-à-vis de son travail
  • Capacité à travailler en équipe tout en assumant la responsabilité de projets individuel



  • Contact Name: Amandine Riffault
  • Contact Email: amandine@istorm.be
  • Contact Telephone: 0486/04.40.96
  • Job Reference: 040
  • Job Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Salary: 40000 – 60000

Job Types: Functional. Salary: 40,000 – 60,000.

– See more at: http://www.istorm.be/jobs/data-miner/

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Sneak preview – Mooc – Bart Baesens – Credit Risk Analytics

Baesens_Bart_small     Big Data World
I had a nice lunch with Prof. Dr Bart Baesens today at the MIM to discuss his recent book ‘Analytics in a Big Data World: The Essential Guide to Data Science and its Applications’
One topic we discussed was knowledge transfer and certification.
Next to the recorded presentations already available on dataminingapps.com, the professor told me that his new course about Credit Risk Analytics would soon be released. Here is for you, in avant première, the content of this course that he has put together with SAS. This course will be available mid November 2014.

New e-learning course Credit Risk Analytics by professor Bart Baesens

The outline of the course is as follows:
Lesson 1: Introduction to Credit Scoring
Lesson 2: The Basel Capital Accords
Lesson 3: Preparing the data for credit scoring
Lesson 4: Classification for credit scoring
Lesson 5: Measuring the Performance of Credit Scoring Classification Models
Lesson 6: Variable Selection for Classification
Lesson 7: Issues in Scorecard Construction
Lesson 8: Defining Default Ratings and Calibrating PD
Lesson 9: LGD modeling
Lesson 10: EAD modeling
Lesson 11: Validation of Credit Risk Models
Lesson 12: Low Default Portfolios
Lesson 13: Stress testing
You are invited to send an email to Bart.Baesens@gmail.com if interested in more information.