Jan Sonck @ DISUMMIT 2017: “Mobile network data, a lever for augmented contextual insights”

DiS17_Speaker_09:00_Jan Sonck

Jan Sonck is the Head of Enterprise Innovation at Proximus, the largest Belgian telecommunications company, where he has also been in charge of Indirect and Multi-Channel Solutions, Marketing and Business Development. Jan is also an experienced marathon runner.

About Jan and how mobile data is being used today

Being a such a large telecommunication company as Proximus gives place to a large set of opportunities to use data, and that is what Jan came to share with us.

The fact of having an increasing  number of people using mobile devices, sketching their digital fingerprint, triggered the collaboration of academia with the telecomm companies to perform joint research offering an overview of the qualitative and quantitative elements the user is considering in his daily life.

Following academia, the collaboration has been extended to other players, such as governmental institutions (at all levels: from municipal to European) and management consulting firms.

These synergies have led to an increasing accuracy on crowd analytics displaying trajectories and new types of visualization (in 2D and 3D). This also involves fusing multiple data sources,  and promoting the importance of open data. The result of this is using mobile data for prediction on a real time basis in different contexts, ranging from large-scale events (for instance, music festivals), air quality, and mobility, among many others.

In a nutshell, collaboration should keep on permeating all sectors, keeping citizens in the loop with the way their data is being used.

A takeaway from Jan’s presentation

“The increasing complexity of data requires to have a deeper sense of collaboration”


We look forward to meet Jan soon so he can tell us how collaboration towards mobile data is evolving!

Jan’s interview:

Jan’s presentation recording:

Jan’s deck:

Jan’s presentation drawing:


Job – Proximus – DataMiner


We have just been requested by our friends from Proximus to share this great career opportunity.


Business Intelligence Specialist – “Dataminer”


Within the Customer & Market Intelligence department  belonging to the Proximus Group Strategy & Transformation, you will be part of the team  in charge of statistical analysis (predictive modelling – datamining) and advanced customer analysis.

You will answer business requests and give advice to internal customers based on advanced data analytics. You will translate those business requests into data requirements and extract, mainly by using SQl, the needed data from the Proximus Data Warehouse and other sources if needed. You will use existing datamarts or structure all relevant data in data marts specifically designed as input for your ad hoc analyses and statistical models. Your analyses can be descriptive (e.g. customer profiling and segmentation) or predictive (e.g. churn prediction models).

You will transform the data into insights to come up with recommendations to influence strategic decisions or tactical choices. You will present your conclusions and discuss them with multi-functional project teams.

You will interact mainly with colleagues from Marketing & Product Management, Data warehouse and other CMI departments.


  • You love researching, measuring, analysing and quantifying things. You spontaneously look for patterns in data. You like precision but you are not afraid to make an educated guess.
  • You are curious, eager to learn and result driven.
  • You are good at visualizing data and making impactful presentations. You can easily express your ideas in writing or in meetings.
  • You are a team player and you stay cool under pressure in peak times.
  • You allocate your time efficiently and can manage several projects in parallel

Knowledge & experience:

  • You have a good knowledge of datamining and statistical modelling techniques.
  • You have a good  knowledge of SQL (Oracle/Teradata), BI tools, databases and Data warehouses.
  • You are able to switch between your business skills and technical skills : you start from the business question, you define the solution, you translate in scripting language (SQL) and statistical analysis and finally you present the result in a marketing understandable language
  • You have a Master degree in a quantitative oriented discipline
  • You have some years of work experience in a complex and data-driven environment.
  • You are fluent in English and Dutch or French.



Make sure that you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Please note that we also manage other vacancies that are not public, if you want us to bring you in contact with them too, just send your CV to datasciencebe@gmail.com .

Interested? The original job posting is available at this link: Business Intelligence Specialist.

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Meetup – DataScience & Telco – February 19th – Brussels



How often do you use your mobile phone every day?

Yes, the telecom industry is one of the richest in terms of customer data!

This gold mine of data has led telecom operators to be at the forefront of Big Data applications and has attracted leading researchers from the academic world. This session will reveal how these exceptional data sources can be leveraged, from 3 different points of view: the telecom operator, the academia and the telecom Big Data solution provider.

Join us to understand why the telecom industry is attracting so many data scientists.


18h30 – Opening

Update on the activities of the community

– Doing the Data Science Moocs together
– Vitual Global Hackathon – HACKSKI
– Overview of the outstanding datascience vacancies in Belgium
– Agenda of coming events, trainings, …

Introduction by moderator

Overview of data Science in the Telecom Industry and speakers introduction

Moderator: Gautier Krings – Head of Research @ Real Impact Analytics

  • Jan Sonck – Head of Enterprise Innovation @ Proximus
    How do we use Data Science in a Telecom Operator?
    Example of external use cases: which business question, which data? What about privacy concerns?
  • Renaud Lambiotte – Assistant Professor @ FUNDP
    Social networks, from Granovetter to Zuckerberg 
  • Wim Hellemans – Head of Knowledge @ Real Impact Analytics
    How to convert Telecom data into insights?
    What are the benefits and challenges of processing telecom data.

21h00: Open Sessions

Attendants are invited on the spot to share in a few minutes interesting DataScience issues they have  encountered in the last month. Recent startups, other meetup groups and teamleaders recruiting experts are welcome to do their pitch.

21h30: Networking @ KultuurKaffee


Register on the Meetup page please.

Data Sciences in the Telecom Sector

Thursday, Feb 19, 2015, 6:30 PM

VUB – Aula QB
Pleinlaan 2B – 1050 Brussels, BE

90 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

How often do you use your mobile phone every day?Yes, the telecom industry is one of the richest in terms of customer data!This gold mine of data has led telecom operators to be at the forefront of Big Data applications and has attracted leading researchers from the academic world.This session will reveal how these exceptional data sources can b…

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Job – Proximus – Big Data Analyst – Brussels, Belgium


Would you like to work for a company in motion? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can get better acquainted with our Belgacom Group (your employer) and especially the Proximus brand with which you will work.
As Belgium’s largest telco/ICT player we have one main priority: making sure that all private and professional clients can communicate always and everywhere, so this includes you and your close friends!
Our Technology Business Unit (TEC) makes up our nerve centre. Here you’ll find a wide array of expertise domains: IT, Network & Engineering. Driven by a true passion for technology this unit ensures a seamless delivery of products and services to our end customers (fixed and mobile telephony, internet, digital TV, …). At the same time, this unit puts a clear emphasis on innovative technologies (4G, FON spot, cloud computing & green data centres, e-health ,…).


Our customers make good use of these innovative services, which also generate an important increase in data. In the Enterprise Business Intelligence team within the Technology department we work to strengthen our ability to quickly and efficiently deal with large amounts of (un)structured data.

This results in several challenges for the IT infrastructure:

• handle this flood of data in an efficient and effective way
• put the data at the disposal of marketing and sales for further analysis.

In this position you will:

• Join a team responsible for the engineering and exploitation of large dataset collection and processing on a Hadoop based platform.
• Involved in the architecture, designing and rolling out of the new Hadoop platform itself.
• Direct new or existing data streams efficiently on to the new platform and make it available for analytical purposes.
• Provide, where necessary, integration with the existing data warehouse environment.

Candidate’s Profile

Are you someone with passion? Are you hands-on? Is respect an absolute requirement for you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Technical knowledge:
• Thorough knowledge of Hadoop and related technologies (Hortonworks, HBase, MapReduce, Storm, Hive, Samza, Kafka …) in order to define a right architecture and set-up for a given problem.
• Several years of experience with demonstrated success in using Hadoop based systems for collecting, transforming, processing and making large data sets ready for analytics.
• Several years of experience in:
• Scripting (Perl, Python, R, …)
• NoSQL principles and systems (document stores, graph databases, KVP stores …)
• Parallel data processing (MPP) and tuning
• Statistical Modeling
• BI tools (Informatica, MicroStrategy), databases (Teradata, Oracle), data warehousing and analytics
• ETL principles and real-time processing of large amounts of data

• You work smoothly together in a team
• You can handle the pressure from multiple agile projects in parallel
• You articulate your ideas clearly and concisely, both written and spoken.
• You know how to effectively communicate complex subjects to management and internal customers.
• You work independently,
• You are meticulous and results-driven

Language skills:
• English required, with Dutch and / or French preferred

• Master degree or equivalent by experience

Job Offer

You’ll be part of a large company where complex, high-tech products and services go hand in hand with innovation. This makes our company an ideal learning environment endorsed by its relentlessly changing nature. Continuously developing your talents? Growing towards an expert or leader role? Lifelong learning? Keeping a healthy work/life balance in exchange for your commitment? Here you can achieve it all, the choice is yours. We also strongly believe in the unique added value of diversity. In return for your engagement, drive and passion, you can count on an attractive and comprehensive reward package.

Proximus is a brand of the Belgacom Group. More info? Visit http://www.belgacom.com/jobs. See you soon!

To apply, please click here

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