Turning public data to the public good

As governments make more data publicly available, it becomes critical to understand the ways in which that data can be used to benefit society. How can government leaders improve service delivery and social impact through enhanced open data strategies?

This recent playbook gives the an interesting overview of the challenges.

Here is an overview of the proposed articles:

Turning public data to the public goodHow CDOs can promote machine learning in governmentImplementing the DATA ActHow CDOs can manage algorithmic risksConnecting data to residents through data storytellingHow CDOs can overcome obstacles to open data-sharingCDOs, health data, and the Open Science movement

Executive Workshop on Leadership and Digital Transformation


DiS17_Speaker_Stephen Brobst

Every industry will be transformed by the new business models and revolutionary possibilities created by digital society in the 21stcentury.

This talk will address the critical success factors that leaders must embrace when transforming an enterprise into a player for the digital age. 

We will discuss the importance of data-driven business models to transform from traditional customer relationship management to customer experience management in the new world of digitally enabled customers.

We will present a framework that will emphasize the importance of real-time recommendation engines leveraging operational intelligence using self-learning algorithms with techniques drawn from the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We will also propose an approach for monetizing data as a critical success factor for all enterprises who want to be successful in the digital age.  Issues such as enabling cultural change, organizational skill set requirements, and governance will also be discussed.  Case study examples of organizations that have been successful in executing digital transformation will be used throughout the presentation.

About Stephen:

Stephen Brobst is the Chief Technology Officer for Teradata Corporation.  Stephen performed his graduate work in Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where his Masters and PhD research focused on high-performance parallel processing. He also completed an MBA with joint course and thesis work at the Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management.  Stephen is a TDWI Fellow and has been on the faculty of The Data Warehousing Institute since 1996.  During Barack Obama’s first term he was also appointed to the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) in the working group on Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD).  He was recently ranked by ExecRank as the #4 CTO in the United States (behind the CTOs from Amazon.com, Tesla Motors, and Intel) out of a pool of 10,000+ CTOs.

Take aways from his presentation:

  • Learn about the critical success factors for competing effectively in the digital world.
  • Learn about the cultural and organizational skill set requirements for transforming into a digital business.
  • Learn how to use effective governance to transform from a traditional business model to a digitally enabled business model while sustaining profitable operations.


  • 30 March 2017 14:45 during the Data Innovation Summit
  • DISUMMIT @ING Marnix, Troonstraat 1, 1000 Brussel

Stephen’s previous presentation in Belgium:

Stephen gave an executive session at the Hub in the summer of 2016. He then shared  his views on the importance of open data, open source, analytics in the cloud and data science. Over 100 executives left the workshop that day inspired and armed with some actionable ideas that helped them define a profitable strategy for their data science teams.

Here is the link to his presentation: https://youtu.be/jyj55qQqhGw

Who might be interested:

  • Executives and directors involved in a digital transformation projects
  • Change and innovation managers
  • Specialists focussing on data innovation and management
  • Students aspiring to becoming one or all of the above

Register your seat now:

Here is the link to his presentation: https://dis2017.eventbrite.co.uk

Other Executive sessions during di-Summit:

  • 29 March 16:00 – 3h Workshop from Dirk Borne: Communicating Data Literacy and the Value of Data to Clients and Colleagues
  • 30 March 10:45 – 2h Workshop from Geert Verstraeten: Introducing Predictive Analytics 
  • 30 March 13:45 – 1h Workshop from Natalino Busa: Positioning Open Source in your existing software architecture
  • 30 March 17:00 – Closing Keynote from Kirk Borne: A Data-rich World for a Better World: From Sensors to Sense-Making
  • Please check disummit.com form more exciting presentations.


List of Open Data Portals from Around the World by DataPortals.org


We will have a special meetup about Using Open data to promote Data Innovation on Thursday, November 26, 2015 @VUB. Here is a Comprehensive List of Open Data Portals from Around the World.

DataPortals.org is the most comprehensive list of open data portals in the world. It is curated by a group of leading open data experts from around the world – including representatives from local, regional and national governments, international organisations such as the World Bank, and numerous NGOs.

The alpha version of DataPortals.org was launched at OKCon 2011 in Berlin. We have plenty of useful improvements and features in the pipeline, which will be launched over the coming months.

If you have an idea for a feature you think we should add, please let us know via the discussion forum.

open data

The Open Definition sets out principles that define “openness” in relation to data and content.

It makes precise the meaning of “open” in the terms “open data” and “open content” and thereby ensures quality and encourages compatibility between different pools of open material.

It can be summed up in the statement that:

“Open means anyone can freely access, use, modify, and share for any purpose(subject, at most, to requirements that preserve provenance and openness).”

Put most succinctly:

“Open data and content can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone forany purpose

Free Hands-on Training – Workshop – Elastic Search on Open Data – Dec 2nd at 18:30

hands-on logo-elastic

Here is the training on Elastic that Fabien promissed us. In order to make it real we decided to do a hands-on workshop using Open datasets made in Belgium. The number of participants will be limited to 25.


Hands-on Workshop

Using open Belgian data-sets, elastic search and kibana to create dashboards and analytic views.

Target audience:

Everyone with a computer 🙂 .

No real coding during the exercise.

No downloads, just using web interfaces.


  • When: Wednesday December 2nd 2015 at 18:30
  • Where: European Data Innovation Hub, Vorstlaan 23 in Brussels
  • Registration: please use eventbrite to register and to collect your ticket.
  • Duration: 2.5 hours starting at 18:30 sharp.


Learn how to exploit open data set with Elastic search and Kibana.


We will download several json datasets from open data (http://data.gov.be/)

Feed elastic with logstash.

Create amazing dashboard with kibana.

Execute complex query (Full text / geo aggregation)


  • Found Usage.
  • LogstashLoad data in Elastic
  • Elastic search: Search and analyze data in real time. Learn about filters and queries in an inverted index, relevance score calculations, and more.
  • KibanaSee the Value in Your Data
    • Flexible analytics and visualization platform
    • Real-time summary and charting of streaming data
    • Intuitive interface for a variety of users
    • Instant sharing and embedding of dashboards


Each participants must be a member of the Brussels Data Science Community. join here

The participant must have his PC/Mac/Linux machine.

You need to register upfront to “Found” , the Elastic cloud environment.

https://www.elastic.co/found/signup    Free trial 14 days

About the trainer:


Call for papers – #BDW – Using Open data to promote Data Innovation


Our November 26 meetup will be an event part of the international Big Data Week  #BDW15 , a global festival of data.

We will focus on Open Data:

 ‘Open data as enabler for improved decision making and new product and service offerings.’

Please contact pvanimpe@gmail.com if you would like to share your experience and submit your subject.

The call for papers is now open.

Potential Agenda:

  • How government can promote open data. 
    Open data has the potential not only to transform every sector of the economy but also to unleash billions in global economic value annually. Government has a critical role to play.
  • The Belgian open data initiative.
  • EC Open Data Policy
  • Open data as enabler for improved decision making and new product and service offerings.

Using Open data to promote Data Innovation

Thursday, Nov 26, 2015, 6:30 PM

VUB – Aula QB
Pleinlaan 2B – 1050 Brussels, BE

23 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

This event is part of the #BDW15 , a global festival of data.Our topic will be Datasciences and Open Data: ‘Open data as enabler for improved decision making and new product and service offerings.’The call for papers is now open, please contact [masked] to submit your subject.Agenda:• How government can promote open data.  Open data h…

Check out this Meetup →

#datascience training programmes

Why don’t you join one of our  #datascience trainings in order to sharpen your skills.

Special rates apply if you are a job seeker.

Here are some training highlights for the coming months:

Check out the full agenda here.

Event – Otlet Salons – “What kind of data do we want to share or make publicly available?”

20150925 - Otlet table ronde

The main event starts at 19h30 at the Mundaneum. Pieter Colpaert (iMinds) will present a keynote on efficient data use in the 21st century: “What kind of data do we want to share or make publicly available?” The keynote will be followed by a discussion by panel members with a variety of experience in data usage and a nice balance between “open” and “proprietary” views.

Before the main event, we additionally offer participants the opportunity to explore Mons. VisitMons has offered us a free visit of the city, while the Mundaneum has offered a free visit of the Mundaneum Museum. After that, a sandwich dinner is available at the Mundaneum at very democratic prices. When you register, please let us know whether you would like to participate in the afternoon activities and/or the sandwich dinner, so we can inform our partners. The complete schedule is as follows:

  • 16h:               Guided visit Mons – gathering at the Mundaneum Museum
  • 17h30:           Guided visit Mundaneum Museum
  • 18h30:           Sandwich dinner
  • 19h30:           Otlet Salons, Mundaneum Edition
  • 21h15:           Network drink

About the Keynote

Pieter Colpaert (http://pieter.pm) is a researcher at Ghent University (iMinds) on publishing data on web scale. He believes “open” will make a tremendous difference in our lives in different domains. For that purpose he co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium: a not-for profit organization supporting different “open” communities such as open access, open street map, open transport, creative commons, etc.​

We are looking forward to welcome you there!

The organizing committee,

  • Dr. Bert Vercnocke (University of Amsterdam, Fulbright alumnus)
  • Charlotte Saelemakers (POLITEIA)
  • Prof. Dr. Didier Caluwaerts (VUB, Harvard Kennedy School, Fulbright alumnus)
  • Glenn Magerman (University of Leuven, Fulbright alumnus)
  • Pieter-Jan Valgaeren (iMinds, Stadstriennale 2016 Hasselt-Genk)

President Barack Obama’s Big Data Keynote – Strata + Hadoop World 2015

So nice to see that the president of the US believes in the importance of Data Science and Open Data



President Barack Obama talks about the importance of Big Data and Data Science, and introduces Dr. DJ Patil as the first ever Chief Data Scientist and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy.

Dr. Patil will work with the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Hackathon Open Data Brussels – October 17th and 18th 2014

orriginal post: open data hackathon

Hackathon Open Data Brussels

October 17th and 18th 2014

Global Enterprise and transforma bxl will be hosting the first Brussels Open Data Hackathon. The City of Brussels supports the event. During two days, developers, graphic designers and regular citizens will gather to propose online services or apps ideas that will be developed and made real through an operable prototype. At the end of the second day, contestants will demo their app or service in front of a jury expert.

The Brussels Open Data Hackathon participants will have the opportunity to tap into the wide public data pool already made available by the Brussels public institutions and, more specifically, the City of Brussels.

Get your tickets

Schedule – Friday October 17th

  • 10.00 Welcome
  • 10.05 Introduction Hackathon Open Data Brussels
  • 10.10 Word from the partners
  • 10.25 Briefing Hackathon
  • 10.30 Overview of the available datasets
  • 10.40 Beginning of the pitches
  • 11.10 End of the pitches
  • 11.15 Votes
  • 11.20 Pause
  • 11.40 Retained ideas annoucement
  • 11.45 Teams setup
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 12.30 Hackathon’s Start
  • 19.00 Pizza Bar
  • 20.00 Hackathon
  • 24.00 End of Day 1

Schedule – Saturday October 18th

  • 8.00 Start of Hackathon Day 2
  • 12.30 Sandwich Lunch
  • 20.30 End of Hackathon
  • 21.00 Prototypes demo’s
  • 21.45 Jury deliberation
  • 22.00 Awards announcement
  • 22.10 Drink

Available Data Sets

Official Partners

Gold Sponsors

Stakeholders Engagement Partners

About the Brussels Open Data Hackathon

The Brussels Open Data Hackathon is organized by Global Enterprise and transforma bxl.

Global Enterprise is a consulting, trend watching and event organization company providing organizations with new approaches and platforms to made them more open, innovative, nimble and sustainable.

transforma bxl is a coworking space hosting a community of entrepreneurs, innovators and change makers. We want to be at the forefront of innovation in brussels organising and hosting relevant workshops, talks, meet ups, trainings, open space meetings, hackathons, barcamps or simply networking drinks. We co-create and curate content in partnership with other organizations and subject-matter experts.

Global Enterprise has organized previous Open Data Hackathons and is a supporter of OKFN Belgium (Open Knowledge Foundation) for the French speaking part if Belgium. OKFN promote the diffusion and the adoption of the Open Data principles by all the public authorities in the world.

price35€coworkers30€day 17friday October – 20140.00h – 24.00h

Information request