Job – UA – Research position (PhD student or postdoc) in the field of Transmission Tomography Reconstruction on GPU Architecture (m/f)


Research position (PhD student or postdoc) in the field of Transmission Tomography Reconstruction on GPU Architecture (m/f)


The Vision Lab at the University of Antwerp ( has an open position for a PhD student/postdoc to work on image reconstruction in X-ray tomography for scanning of food. Tomography is an image reconstruction technique that leans strongly on large-scale numerical mathematics, particularly linear algebra. It has a wide range of applications in medicine (CT-scans), industry (nondestructive testing) and science (3D imaging of nanomaterials). This project focuses on the development of new computational techniques for combining image reconstruction and segmentation in a single step. Compared to the state-of-the-art, such methods are expected to yield far more accurate segmented reconstructions.
The current position involves the development of GPU based computed tomography algorithms for Metrology applications.


  • Applicants need tο hаνе a M.Sc. degree іn thе fields οf physics, engineering οr computer science.
  • Gοοd communication skills аnd ехсеllеnt English аrе requested.
  • Expertise іn thе following field іѕ desirable: GPU programming (CUDA), C/C++ programming, image processing οr image reconstruction οr medical imaging.
  • Sοmе others skills wіll bе appreciated bυt nοt required: tomographic reconstruction, Python programming, аnd Monte Carlo simulation.

Labs involved:

The Vision Lab is a research group of the physics department at the University of Antwerp. The Vision Lab has unique expertise in the development of algorithms for reconstruction, processing and analysis of tomographic imaging data. Application domains are X-ray Computed Tomography (CT), SPECT and Electron Tomography. The working environment is strongly interdisciplinary, combining techniques and insights from Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. The group has a broad range of national and international collaborations with both academic and industrial partners. Recent iMinds – Vision Lab publications on tomography can be found on

Our offer:

  • An exciting research trajectory towards a PhD
  • Multidisciplinary research: cooperation with excellent academic research groups and industrial partners
  • a world-class research environment with state-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Starting date: As soon as possible


Interested candidates are invited to send

  • A motivation letter
  • A detailed CV (including followed courses, honours, grades, previous work, publications, …)
  • Contact info of at least two references

to both: Dr. Jan De Beenhouwer ( and Prof. Dr. Jan Sijbers (