Use your skills to fight the spread of HIV drug resistance

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This Friday 23rd at 13:00 we will hack our way into the HIV drug resistance problem.

HIV drug resistance is a problem that every person on therapy will eventually face. It can sometimes develop on its own after years of treatment or, more commonly, when a person fails to take the drugs as prescribed.

Following the massive increase of people on treatment (from less than 800 000 in 2000 to more than 18 millions in 2016), a non-negligible rise in the prevalence of resistant HIV strains has emerged and threatens the global commitment to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

If no action is taken now, and this problem left unaddressed, HIV Drug Resistance could lead to a new crisis in the HIV epidemic.

Through this data4good hackathon we will get an understanding of epidemiological and non-epi factors influencing the emergence of HIV-DR and a model mapping the spots. This will result in dynamic and up-to-date graphical and visual representations of HIV-DR maps allowing governments, health workers and other stakeholders to be informed on the topic and to turn the understanding of the drivers into actionable items in the prevention and countering of HIV-DR. As part of our mission we intend to educate on the approach and outcomes locally.

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About the HIVHACK :

We are happy to invite you to our yearly data4good hackathon that will be held at DigitYser.

more info:

date: November 23 & 24th

How to participate:

You can register as a team or register individually. We have prepared different use cases to allow you to jump onto an existing idea or you can develop your own idea.

We are also looking for additional technical coaches and some jury members, so if you have some time to spare for a good cause on Saturday please call me.

How to register:

Registration for individuals are Free.

If you want to register your team up to 5 people using your company name you can also.

If you are already a partner and you want to use your 50% voucher, please use this link

Launching The Dengue Hackathon

On October 11th, the diHub hosted the launch event for the hackathon, taking place on November 25th and 26th.Each Tuesday leading up to the hackathon, you’re welcome to join our meetings at the diHub to discuss the data we’ve gathered and prepare for the hackathon. You can learn more about our upcoming events on our meetup page.

We were lucky enough to have the following speakers present: Serge Masyn from Janssen (Pharmaceutical company of Johnson and Johnson), Dr. Guillermo Herrera-Taracena from Johnson & Johnson, Anne-Mieke Vandamme, a professor at KU Leuven, Daniel Balog, Stefan Pauwels, and Tom Crauwels from Luciad, Jeroen Dries from Vito, Guy Hendrickx from Avia-GIS, and Pierre Marchand from Teradata.

Annelies Baptist, bootcamp participant and project manager for the hackathon, opened the presentation by explaining the importance of our hackathon and fighting the spread of dengue, and ended by introducing the rest of our speakers.

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Serge Masyn, director at Janssen Global Public Health, presented Janssens three goals for the hackathon: to raise awareness about global public health, to raise awareness on dengue, and to try to create new insights into the spread of dengue and predictions into future outbreaks. A year ago, this initiative was only an idea, and Serge was pleased to see how much progress we’ve made toward making it a reality (here is a video from the March 2016 di-Summit, where Serge announced Janssen’s desire to sponsor what would become this very dengue hackathon).

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Serge then introduced Dr. Guillermo Herrera-Taracena, the global clinical leader on infectious diseases and global public health for Johnson & Johnson. Guillermo is an engaging and enthusiastic speaker, and he made a point to emphasize the importance of this work to global health at large. After the ebola outbreak, Zika took its place in the public perception as the leading global health concern. Though Dengue is a serious public health burden in it’s own right, Zika, Guillermo claimed, is a cousin, if not a brother, of the Dengue virus, and both diseases are carried by the same species of mosquito. Whatever you do to understand Zika, you’ve done for Dengue, and vice versa. If that isn’t a good enough reason to work on Dengue, he said, he wasn’t sure what is.

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Anne-Mieke Vandamme, a professor at KU Leuven and head of the Laboratory of Clinical and Epidemiological Virology called in from Lisbon to give a talk about mapping epidemics. Using phylogenetic trees, scientists can reconstruct the origin and development of a virus outbreak. After her presentation, she introduced Daniel Balog, a senior software engineer at Luciad who she had previously collaborated with. Daniel gave a demo using Luciad software showing an animation of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea.

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Then, Stefan Pauwels and Tom Crauwels gave a demo of the software products from Luciad. Though most of their software is geared toward military and aviation use, the technology that makes visualizing position updates every second for millions of points possible has applications beyond the scopes of those industries. For the hackathon, Luciad will be offering the free use of their software, and will also provide a training workshop in preparation for the event.

Copy of IMG_2687.jpgTom Crauwels

Stefan Pauwels

Jeroen Dries from Vito, then discussed how data satellite pictures can be used for the hackathon to fight dengue. Vito operates a Belgian satellite to take daily images to create a time series, combining these images to create a global time series analysis of how an area has been evolving. They’ve built an application focused on these time series that includes meteorological data from each country, which is of particular importance for the hackathon. For this event, Vito will provide us with a cloud platform that has access to a Hadoop cluster for processing their satellite data.

IMG_2731 (1).jpg

Guy Hendrickx from Avia-GIS presented their research on Dengue, where they mapped the Tiger mosquito. In the 90’s, Guy was one of the first people to use satellite data to model tsetse fly distribution and the diseases they transmit. In 2010 for the European Center for Disease Control, Avia-GIS began developing a database for the network of mosquitos, ticks, and sandflies all over Europe and producing maps of these different species every three months. Avia-GIS are also generously providing the free use of these databases for the hackathon.

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Finally, Pierre Marchand presented from Teradata. Put in the unfortunate position of being the last barrier between a room full of hungry people and their pizza, he made his presentation quick. Teradata will be providing the free use of their Aster platform for storing and modeling the data, and will be providing training on using this platform in the coming weeks leading up to the hackathon.

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And, at the end, there was pizza, beer, and networking.

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Again, we’d like to extend an enormous thank you to the speakers at the event and for the previous and ongoing support provided by the organizations involved. You can view pictures of the event on our facebook page and videos of the presentations on our youtube channel.

Hackathon – Aug 30-31 – Consumer Goods

Screenshot 2016-08-16 15.41.34.png

Dear Data Science Community members,

Hope you are ALL doing great! With this message, we are pleased to inform you of the upcoming Consumer Goods Hackathon, which will take place on Aug 30th– 31st in our innovation campus in Strombeek-Bever.

Together with several other large non-competing companies, we are organizing a 2 day digital disruption hackathon for consumer goods. Deloitte is leading and currently AB-Inbev, ING, Eggsplore, bpost and P&G are joining from large companies. Other companies are still considering to join.

The large companies will share their challenges in disruption on business models and approaches, 2. production processes and 3. packaging. Start-ups/SME’s will share and collaborate (in teams) on novel disruptive solutions. If desired, the larger companies can work own projects with interested start-ups /SME’s after the event. 2D sketching, 3D printing and film/animation support will be provided on site for the teams to build their proposition.

Participation to the event is free of charge. This is the website with further details, with the specific business challenges for each of the 3 topics and for registration: consumergoodshackathon .

For practical reasons, it’s required that participants register individually and specify which challenge they would like to work on. (click challenges to see the full list).

It would be great if you could spread the word and pass on the website address to specific start-ups in your network which you find relevant for the defined spaces.

Let me know if you have further questions or want to talk this with the broader team.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards.

Benjamin Bollot @P&G

Don’t miss the prep meeting 3/6 tonight with the experts from Euroclear !

prep 3.png

DON’T Miss the 3rd/6 evening of preparation for the Text Mining hackathon (17/6) it is probably the most important one.
Tonight the experts of Euroclear will explain how they do Text mining and the business experts will be there to assist you and explain the dataset you have received to prepare yourself.

more info:

Next preparation meetings:

  • 1/6 – Euroclear
  • 8/6 – SAS mining technologies
  • 9/6 – Python’s NLTK
  • 15/6 closer look at Timi

Announcing the Text Mining Hackathon

pablo (1)

The European Data Innovation Hub is proud to present the Euroclear Hackathon.

Euroclear is a leader in the financial services industry. Together with Euroclear, we are organising a Text Mining Hackathon. The aim will be to identify key fields in unstructured financial legal documentation.

Data consists in thousands of legal documents available through our platform. Access will be provided upon signature of a standard NDA.

We will have the support of Euroclear data scientists to understand the approaches used and for the text mining of financial legal documentation.

SAS will offer us the acces to their environment in order to make this exercise possible.

Each participant and team  can use its own tools to build a solution.


You are kindly invited to the engagement event with the specialists from Euroclear on Thursday 21st at 15:30 here at the Hub.

We will have 3 preparation meetings prior to the hackathon.

This 36h hackathon will start on Friday June 17th 12:00 take place at the di-Academy.


Please register using the following link:




Join the mHealth Hackathon – March – Brussels

Next to the Sustainability Hackathon of P&G there is also in March the mHealth event.


Join the mHealth Hackathon to bring healthcare home to millions of people, to create new services that absolutely delight patients, and to build exciting new businesses in the mobile health field.

mHealth Hackathon is a fantastic opportunity to find out what the healthcare industry needs, to meet patients and healthcare professionals, and to learn everything about business models in healthcare.

Event is organized by the team of Advance.Healthcare and supported by Pfizer, BASE, IBM, MLOZ and Partena.

Oh, and more than half of tickets are already gone.

Run – do not walk – to to get your ticket now.




PS. Don’t forget to register to the to the Data Innovation Summit about Digital Transformation on March 23rd 2016.


NEWS about the #DataScience Community


We have great news for all our followers and members about the #DataScience Community !

  1. Welcome to @DSGhent
  2. Success of the Data Innovation HUB
  3. #DIS2016 will take place on March 23 @AXA
  4. Manufacturing Sustainability Hackathon @P&G
  5. Management Trainings

  6. Inspiration Tour in Silicon Valley
  7. Subscribe to the Youtube #Datascience Channel


1. Welcome to @DSGhentOL22JY1m

  • Join us on the launch of our new charter in Ghent.
  • When: February 29th
  • Register Here



2. Success of the Data Innovation HUB

12096409_714824691984273_4046169926919406595_nAfter our successful opening on October 20th by Minister De Croo and Debaets, 2 new innovation Partners have joined us:

JohnsonJohnson_Logo   &   Euroclear


And New Structural Partners:

sas-logo & LogoTop

3. #DIS2016 will take place on March 23 @AXA

  • more info here
  • check how to get your 100€ discount here
  • reserve your seat here
  • review the sponsoring possibilities here


4. Manufacturing Sustainability Hackathon

  • more info here
  • reserve your seat here
  • join the free IBM bluemix training here


5. Management Trainings



  • Training | 3 days | Promoting the potential of Analytics to non-Experts | info reserve

Training | 1 day | My First 100 Days as Head of a Data Science team | info reserve 



6. Inspiration Tour in Silicon Valley

7. Subscribe to the Youtube #Datascience Channel

Please engage with us often:

Hackathon – Process Manufacturing – Kick Off



This is the initial shout for this Process Manufacturing Hackathon that we are organizing with P&G, one of the major FMCG companies of the world.

Please block your afternoon of FEB 26 to attend in their pilot plant the presentation of the manufacturing process and the data structure that will be used during the Hackathon.

The presentation will be made at the pilot site of this big FMCG company located near the Heysel, Brussels. More details will follow soon as soon as the formal approval for communication is granted.

About this Hackathon:

We have one year of data from a production sites in Europe.

We will have the support of the process engineers that will explain us how the production process work and how the data is structured.

IBM will provide us their Bluemix environment and train us on 9/2 18:30.

RSVP for the launch and get all the detailed informations. We will meet 4 evening spread over 4 weeks (3/3, 10/3, 17/3, 21/3 ) in order to work on one of these 3 challenges:

  • Process Improvement
  • Nicer Dashboards
  • Out-of-the-box Sustainability concept

Join us on the launch and start building your team of experts right away.

Finalists will present their project at the DIS2016 event on March 23.



A formal registration to participate will be issued soon.

For now, block the date and register on meetup, more info will follow soon.

Each month we organize a Meetup in Brussels focused on a specific DataScience topic.

Brussels Data Science Meetup

Brussels, BE
1,609 Business & Data Science pro’s

The Brussels Data Science Community:Mission:  Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower scholars and professionals to apply data sciences to address humanity’s grand cha…

Next Meetup

Hackathon – Process Manufacturing – Kick Off

Friday, Feb 26, 2016, 2:00 PM
9 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →





Datascience Hackathon – Old School vs New School – Challenge 1: build a recommendation engine


As a final exercise before the summer 2 teams will challenge each other and build the best recommendation model during a hackathon held in Brussels over the weekend of July 3,4 .

This is the first challenge where old school datascience experts will compete against New School big data science techniques.

Our first challenge is about building a recommendation engine on subscribers data from 4UCampus.

The challenge from 4UCampus:

This company is facilitating subscriptions for students and academic personnel at discounted rates.

Over 100k customers have different subscriptions out of 130 possibilities.

Based on historic data of the past 12 years the teams will work on building a recommendation engine.


Please useoureventbrite page to register for this hackathon.

The presentation of the data:

Presentation of the data that will be used in our First Hackathon

Monday, Jun 22, 2015, 7:00 PM

No location yet.

14 Fast learners Attending

We have prepared a nice dataset for you.During this hackathon the Classics vs Bigdata approaches will be used to analyse the dataset.We expect that teams will build for example a recommendation engine in batch and/or realtime.

Check out this Meetup →

The hackathon:

Hackathon – Old School vs New School – Challenge 1: build recommendation engine

Friday, Jul 3, 2015, 7:00 PM

No location yet.

7 Fast learners Attending

We have prepared a nice dataset for you.During this hackathon the Classics vs Bigdata approaches will be used to analyse the dataset.We expect that teams will build for example a recommendation engine in batch and/or realtime.

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Hackathon – Brussels April 24-26 – Hack Epilepsy



Dear friends,

It is time to put your data4good shoes on to support this initiative. Join us in our effort to help improve the lives of people with epilepsy.


On 24-26th April, 2015, developers, designers and epilepsy experts (doctors and patients) will come together at two simultaneous hackathons in Brussels, Belgium and Atlanta, US.


To build innovative new digital tools for people with epilepsy and their caregivers.


wordcloud-sampleEpilepsy is a common serious brain disorder that affects 65 million people worldwide1,6 – young and old, rich and poor. It leaves no part of daily life untouched. Study, work, sport, travel, friends and family can all be affected.  Epilepsy impairs physical, psychological and social functioning and can be fatal1.

In practical terms, people living with epilepsy may face challenges at school or college or in getting a job2. They may not be allowed to drive, and they may be unable to live independently2. Many people living with epilepsy live in fear, owing to the unpredictability of seizures1.

There is a need for new and better digital tools to support people with epilepsy. Tools that can enable them to connect with others. Tools that show them and their caregivers how to get reliable information about epilepsy. Tools that can raise awareness about epilepsy and reduce discrimination. Tools that can potentially change lives.
Hack Epilepsy is an opportunity for you to use your expertise, creativity and specialist skills to build innovative digital tools to break down barriers, bridge gaps and bring new solutions to the challenges of living with epilepsy.


The epilepsy community needs your expertise, creativity and technical know-how. Whether you’re a designer, a developer, a communicator or an entrepreneur, they need your skills.

In each location, teams will have a chance to win one of three cash prizes, to be divided among participating team members:

• First prize: €6,000/$6,900
• Second prize: €3,000/$3,450
• Third prize: €1,000/$1,150

You don’t need to know about epilepsy. At Hack Epilepsy, doctors and patients will explain more about epilepsy and what it means to live with unpredictable seizures. You’ll gain all the insights you need to develop meaningful prototype digital solutions which can make a much-needed difference to the epilepsy community.


Registration will be  managed on eventbride:
use discount code ‘datascience’ to get 50% discount.

Hack Epilepsy – Data4Good Hackathon

Friday, Apr 24, 2015, 6:00 PM

No location yet.

2 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

A TWO-CITY HACKATHON WITH A SINGLE PURPOSE: IMPROVING THE LIVES OF PEOPLE WITH EPILEPSYmore info: friends,It is time to put your data4good shoes on to support this initiative. This is not a pure data driven hackathon it is a global workshop. Join us in our effort to help improve the lives of people with epilepsy….

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