Data Science Meetup about the Panama Papers with Mar Cabra


There was a big crowd attending inspiring talk by Mar Cabra from ICIJ last Thursday at the Data Science Meetup at the VUBrussels.

mar cabraMar gave a whole new meaning to Messi data. This data was originally obtained from an anonymous source by reporters at the German newspaper Süeddeustche Zeitung, who asked ICIJ to organize a global reporting collaboration to analyze the files.

More than 370 reporters in nearly 80 countries probed the files for a year. Their investigations uncovered the secret offshore holdings of 12 world leaders, more than 128 other politicians and scores of fraudsters, drug traffickers and other criminals whose companies had been blacklisted in the US and elsewhere.

Here is the link to her presentation.

The data is available and can be downloaded ! users are now able to search through the data and visualize the networks around thousands of offshore entities, including, when available, Mossack Fonseca’s internal records of the company’s true owners. The interactive database  also includes information about more than 100,000 additional companies that were part of the 2013 ICIJ Offshore Leaks investigation.

Try it yourself and download the database:

Some interesting links:

We were very happy that she could come to do this for our community. Although we did not record the presentation, here are two videos for info:

How the ICIJ Used Neo4j to Unravel the Panama Papers – Mar Cabra
(very similar to last night, from GraphConnect Europe in London on 26th April);

The Making of a Scoop – The Panama Papers (W.Krach,
Süddeutsche Zeitung & K.Auletta) | DLDnyc 16




The Panama Papers is a global investigation into the sprawling, secretive industry of offshore that the world’s rich and powerful use to hide assets and skirt rules by setting up front companies in far-flung jurisdictions.
Based on a trove of more than 11 million leaked files, the investigation exposes a cast of characters who use offshore companies to facilitate bribery, arms deals, tax evasion, financial fraud and drug trafficking.
Behind the email chains, invoices and documents that make up the Panama Papers are often unseen victims of wrongdoing enabled by this shadowy industry.

Training – Introduction to IBM Bluemix – FEB 9 18:30


Do more with rich, integrated cloud databases & analytic services


The participants to the Manufacturing Sustainability Hackathon – P&G  will benefit from a free introduction to the IBM Bluemix environment.

Register Here for the workshop on February 9th in the HUB.


About the P&G Hackathon – Manufacturing Sustainability

We are kicking this Manufacturing Sustainability Hackathon on February 26th.

The plan is to use one year of manufacturing data and work towards a more sustainable process. After the introduction on February 26th , we will meet 4 evenings to work on the data. Finalists will present their results on #DIS2016 on March 23rd.

About IBM Bluemix:

IBM Bluemix is an open-standards, cloud platform for building, running, and managing applications. With Bluemix, developers can focus on building excellent user experiences with flexible compute options, choice of DevOps tooling, and a powerful set of IBM and third-party APIs and services.






Job – Artycs – SENIOR DATA SCIENTIST – Brussels


The team of Artycs are active members of the Brussels Data Science Community and their offices are located in the European Data Innovation HUB, an incubator focused on data related startups.

ARTYCS is a start-up providing advisory services on Big Data strategy, full end-to-end management and delivery of data analytics projects and sourcing of data science related profiles. 

ARTYCS stands for “The Art of Analytics”. This represents our main values i.e. state of the art analytics skills combined with creativity and innovation in a client oriented mindset. 

At ARTYCS, we invest in Research & Development to work with the latest methods and technologies.

Being part of ARTYCS is the will to progress, to be an entrepreneur and to grow as an individual and as a company.

Becoming an employee at ARTYCS means working in a dynamic environment where there is room for new ideas and entrepreneurship.

At ARTYCS, we know that being a Data Scientist requires an extended set of key skills. We know also that Data Science is a dynamic field. For this reason, we are committed in developing our staff through an active Data Science Development Program. Concretely, this means that during your career at ARTYCS, you will be provided with a development plan that will clearly state the list of trainings you will follow and their timing, the development points for which you will receive coaching from our senior management on a regular basis, the data science events you will attend. With this program, we aim not only at developing our Data Scientists but also at ensuring that they are at the forefront of Data Science.

For one of our clients, a key player in financial services based in Brussels, we are looking for a Data Scientist. This is an exciting and challenging position as the candidate will join a dynamic, successful and rapidly growing team responsible for handling a large variety of Big Data business use cases. The candidate will be key in delivering the business use cases and expanding the reach of the team.

In this context ARTYCS is looking for a Senior Data Scientist to integrate our DS team, to take part to studies at clients and to be an active resource in the growth of the company:

Job description


  • Ability to learn quickly, adjust to changes and think outside the box
  • Creativity, curiosity and no non-sense approach
  • Positive attitude, self-motivated and confident
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills with attention to detail
  • Experience working with customers to identify and clarify requirements and ways to meet needs
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, good customer relationship skills
  • Stay abreast of new tools and technologies to practice up-to-date data analytics strategies


  • Master’s degree in statistics, applied mathematics, or a related quantitative field
  • Strong experience with high-level programming languages such Python & R
  • Knowledge on Java and Scala is an asset
  • Work experience using applied machine learning or statistical modelling; knowledge of algorithms spanning clustering, regression, classification, mixture models, etc…
  • Experience with command line tools, relational databases (i.e. SQL), data visualization (Shiny, and version control (i.e. git)
  • Broad based understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem
  • Experience with Open Source big data technologies like Spark, Pig, Hive, HBase, Kafka, Storm
  • Knowledge of data extraction and ETL is a must
  • Knowledge of financial sector is a plus

Description of the position

  • Job Title: Senior Data Scientist
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium

For this position, we offer an attractive salary package including benefits (e.g. lunch vouchers, phone, company car, etc) and a variable part, depending on the seniority of the candidate. 


Make sure that you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Please note that we also manage other vacancies that are not public, if you want us to bring you in contact with them too, just send your CV to .

Interested? Contact Laurent Fayet (0476/79.46.28),  laurent.fayet@artycs.eu

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Registrations for Data Science and Big Data training programmes are now open.

The European Data Innovation Hub organizes with its partners a full serie of Data Science and Big Data training programmes.

You can expect

  • a series of executive training to support your management in understanding the benefits of analytics
  • a series of coached MOOCs on machine learning and big data technology
  • a series of hands-on training on the different datascience technologies

All members of the European Data Science and Big Data communities are welcome to use our Brussels based professional facilities to give their training. The members of the hub will promote your training and include it on our e-learning platform for further use.

Here is an overview of the trainings that we have already scheduled for the coming months:

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Training – Aug 20 – diHub Brussels – Introduction to R



The training consists of theory & exercises for introducing you to the essentials of R such as atomic types and data frames, but also touches more advanced topics such as environments and lazy evaluation. You will learn about the different uses of R and pick up tips for packages & follow-up courses.

  • What is R?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of R
  • The uses of R
  • IDE for R: RStudio
  • Data types
  • Functions
  • Data manipulation
  • Reading and writing data
  • Control statements
  • Packages & CRAN
  • Documentation
  • Advanced R: Environments, lazy evaluation, promises, speeding up R



ProfileAlexander Van den Bulck is a data scientist with a strong background in programming, machine learning and data mining. He’s currently working as a consultant for Ordina (, using R to help companies with data science problems like churn prediction, customer segmentation, stock optimization, etc.


  • Start at 9:00 AM.
  • Duration: 6h
    • August, 20, 2015
  • Location: European Data Innovation Hub @ AXA, Vorstlaan 23, 1170 Brussel
  • Price: 300€