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Here is an other request for a Hadoop expert, over the past months we have seen many similar requests. We will organize a 3 days  Hadoop introduction training mid March. If you are interested to attend this training please send an email to .


ING Belgium is, as the first universal direct bank, a strong player on the Belgian market. The bank provides its customers with a wide range of financial products and services via the distribution channel of their choice (click and face). Customers of ING Belgium are as well retail and private banking clients, as well as small, medium and large enterprises. ING IT employs up to 9,000 IT professionals from the Netherlands and Belgium. Within each business unit of ING you will meet our IT people. All these IT specialists have an important role: in a highly complex and dynamic world, the IT people make the bank work.

Are you looking for…

… a position in which you actively take part in the design and innovative usage of a state-of-the art Big Data solution to enable ING’s business lines to gain new insights from the wide variety of data available in the bank?
… a position in which you will experience first-hand that data is the oil of the 21st century, and (advanced) analytics the combustion engine?
… a position in which you will continuously share new experiences and develop yourself further in the Big Data domain?

Your role

• Be part of the dedicated Advanced Predictive Analytics Scrum team consisting of a mix of profiles such as Data Scientists, Data Experts and Big Data Developers
• Take the lead in the design of our evolving Big Data environment
• Develop the flows to bring the data into the Big Data environment by using Flume & Sqoop
• Prepare the data by implementing transformation steps and quality controls thanks to Pig and Spark
• Analyze the data via the usage of distributed machine learning algorithms written in Java & Scala, based on the input of the Data Scientists
• Perform the installation, configuration and maintenance of the Big Data applicative stack
• Collaborate with application owners to define the best approach to fetch the data produced by their application


You have …

• …a Master or Bachelor degree in information technology, computer science or equivalent
• … 5 or more years of development experience with Java and/or Scala
• … 5 or more years of experience in Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence
• … working knowledge or hands-on experience with Hadoop Clusters, including setting up, configuring and monitoring Hadoop file cluster
• …the ability to translate Use Cases into Big Data Hadoop solutions
• … working experience with Hadoop data platforms and its ecosystem (Map Reduce, Pig, Hive, Spark…) is a definite plus
• … knowledge of scripting language (OS level, JVM based) is considered as an extra asset
• … a good knowledge of English. A good command of French and/or Dutch is considered as an asset.

And are you also someone who is …

• … result-oriented, analytical and strong in problem solving
• … well organized: you work out detailed action plans how to reach your goal, taking into account the constraints and priorities
• … technical-minded but who can still grasp the bigger picture and the business objectives
• … a team player able to work in an agile and highly collaborative environment
• … able to challenge yourself to cope with the fast-paced technological evolutions
• … eager to learn continuously from and who is active in the Big Data community
• … a strong communicator, able to present concepts and data in a structured way
• … assertive but diplomatic

How to apply?

Make sure you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Please note that we also manage other vacancies that are not public, if you want us to bring you in contact with them too, just send your CV to .

For more information and ammplication please visit Apply now

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Data4Good competition hosted by Kaggle – National Data Science Bowl – Assessing Ocean Health – Starting December 15th


Enter the first-ever National Data Science Bowl – Assessing Ocean Health

12.15.2014 – 3.16.2015


The National Data Science Bowl is a first-of-its-kind competition asking data scientists to use their skills and big data for social good.

Kaggle and Booz | Allen | Hamilton have just launched the National Data Science Bowl. It is a data science competition hosted at Kaggle.

Learn more:

If you are interested in getting started, a tutorial is available in iPython format. Best of Luck!



This post was written by the team behind DataCamp, the online interactive learning platform for data science.  

After being dubbed “sexiest job of the 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review, data scientists have stirred the interest of the general public. Many people are intrigued by this job, namely because the name has an interesting ring to it. But it is exactly the name that also raises a lot of questions. Because what is a data scientist and what do data scientists do exactly? Many of us who devote their lives to data science have frequently been confronted with questions like these.

The answers to these questions are mostly not as straightforward as you would expect: a short search on Google with the string of words “How to become a data scientist” shows that the concept has different meanings to different people. In addition, many articles indeed suggest various tools, courses and applications for people to become a data scientist, and with good reason: the options are unlimited. But let’s face it, for someone that is not familiar with the field, this advice may sometimes seem like a jungle of information. What’s more, they could work demotivating: the descriptions are sometimes fearfully long and the many details often hit the readers as an overwhelming avalanche.

DataCamp’s Guide to Becoming a Data Scientist

With all this in mind, DataCamp decided to help those who can’t see the forest for the trees: we designed a step-by-step infographic that clearly outlines how you can become a data scientist in 8 easy steps.  This visual guide is meant for everyone that is interested in learning data science or for everyone that has already become a data scientist but wants some additional resources for further perfection.  The infographic is called “Become a data scientist in 8 easy steps”. Have a look at it!

Become a data scientist in 8 easy steps

If you are thinking about becoming a data scientist, do not be taken aback by the eight steps that are presented in the infographic. We would like to emphasize that becoming a data scientist takes time and personal investment, but that the journey is everything but dull! And don’t forget, there are plenty of courses available to set you on the right way.

If you are already a data scientist, drop us a line if you think of other steps that you have undertaken in your professional journey.



Job – ONTOFORCE – Data Scientists



Je ziet vanuit de technologie kansen en weet deze te vertalen naar werkende SAAS producten.

Je bent gedreven om data te analyseren, te verwerken en te vertalen naar bruikbare inzichten voor de business.

Distributed data systemen, NoSQL databases, XML, XPath en Xquery zijn voor jou gekende domeinen.

Federated query, Solr/Lucene, semantic web zijn uitdagingen waar je graag je tanden in wil zetten.

Daarnaast ben je ook ondernemend, communicatief en enthousiast!


  • Een HBO of academicus met een informatica/wiskunde/econometrie achtergrond, bij voorkeur met het accent op machine learning of artificial intelligence.
  • Je hebt kennis van (en zo mogelijk ervaring met) technologie en methodologie op het gebied van gestructureerde en ongestructureerde data.
  • Jij bezit ook aantoonbare kennis en ervaring met statistische en wiskundige methoden van data-analyse (bijv. neurale netwerken, random forest, textmining) en het toepassen daarvan in bedrijfsprocessen.
  • Je hebt ruime kennis van algemene business intelligence concepten
  • Je hebt een uitstekend begrip van bedrijfsprocessen en doelstellingen
  • Je beschikt over een flinke dosis ambitie en doorzettingsvermogen
  • Passie voor data en techniek
  • Een drang naar vernieuwing hebben
  • Willen en kunnen werken in een zeer dynamisch en ondernemend bedrijf

Persoonsgebonden competenties:

  • nauwkeurig werken
  • bereid zijn tot leren
  • omgaan met stress
  • samenwerken
  • klantgericht zijn
  • resultaatgericht werken
  • zelfstandig werken
  • creatief zijn

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