Job – Skyline- Data Analytics professional


just received this email,

Name: Veerle Ledoux

Dear Philippe

At Skyline Communications, we currently have a job opening for a researcher in data science and big data analytics. It would be great if our job offer could be posted on your blog.

Skyline Communications is widely recognized as the global leading supplier of end-to-end multivendor
network management solutions, and systems have been deployed by leading operators in the HFC broadband, satellite, IPTV, broadcast, mobile and IT industry on all continents. The company is renowned for its technological leadership, and is dedicated to continuous R&D efforts, redefining
how operators can manage their ever more complex platforms in a more efficient way.

The flagship DataMiner network management platform collects a tremendous amount of data by measuring a vast spectrum of heterogeneous parameters in the network. Within this real-time streaming data lies an immense amount of information waiting to be explored. Currently, Skyline Communications is looking for someone to strengthen Skyline’s data analytics team. The job posting is available at this link:

Many thanks for your consideration


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Interested? The job posting is available at this link:

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Seminar- March 5th – MathWorks -Data Analytics with MATLAB in a ‘Big Data’ World – Leuven


Stephan Van Beek

Stephan Van Beek invites us to a seminar organised in Leuven on March 5th


Location: Leuven
Venue: Park Inn Leuven
Date: 5 March 2015
Time: 13.30 – 17.00


As the amount of data held by all businesses grows, companies are increasingly turning to agile data analytics techniques to make better decisions, find new opportunities and reduce risks. Whether it’s experimental data, data from simulation packages, or even sales and marketing data, come to this free seminar to experience how to quickly and easily create advanced analytic tools for your own business.

Highlights include:

  • Data Analysis and Visualization with MATLAB
  • Building intelligent systems with Machine Learning techniques
  • Handling Data that cannot fit in one computer’s memory

Who Should Attend:

Data analysts, scientists, engineers, managers, quantitative analysts, analytical researchers, risk managers, financial engineers, actuaries and traders, anyone wanting to improve how data is used with their business and/or who might be interested in learning more about statistics, machine learning, data analytics and “big data”.


Time Title
13:00 Registration & welcome coffee
13:30 Introduction
13:40 Analyzing Data in the MATLAB environment

  • Easily read data from multiple sources (spreadsheets, databases)
  • Data exploration and visualization
14:00 Data Analytics with MATLAB

  • Data Analytics Challenges and Solutions
  • Marketing Campaign with Supervised Learning
  • Clustering Corporate Bonds with Unsupervised Learning
15:00 Break
15:15 Tackling Big Data

  • Best practices using memory
  • Distributed Computing
  • Hadoop Integration using Map, Reduce, and Datastore
  • Deploy your analytics to a production environment
16:45 Wrap-Up
17:00 End

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Next Meetup – December 18th @ VUB – Big Data & Data Science


I’m please to invite you to our next meetup focused on Big Data and  Data Science.

Here is the agenda:

Dedicated session on Big Data. Our friends from wil explain what issues that terabites of data bring and what architectures are required to be able to manage it. We will have Agoria talking about key projects they support where data analytics plays  a major role, followed by talks from companies involved in BigData projects.


•18:30 Update on resent activities and evolutions by Philippe Van Impe

• 19:00 Wim Van Leuven about Big Data and the influence of data science

• 19:30 Daan Gerits about the technological challenges around BigData and how the ideal IT architecture should look like

• 20:00 Ferdinand Casier about 2 running projects at Agoria (EluciDATA and Made Different) where companies of different sectors are supported in their data innovation and data analytics challenge..

• 20:45 Karim Douïeb The pro & cons of the open-source data analytics cluster computing framework called Spark. How it is helping us to perform analytics on large amount of telco/banking data. How to convey the insights provided by this analysis through data visualisation using D3.js

• 21:30 Networking in Kultuurkaffee – X-mas party !

Big Data & Data Sciences

Thursday, Dec 18, 2014, 6:30 PM

VUB – lokaal D.0.02 – max 170 plaatsen !
Pleinlaan 2 B-1050 Brussel Brussels, BE

95 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

Dedicated session on Big Data. Our friends from wil explain what issues that terabites of data bring and what architectures are required to be able to manage it. We will have Agoria talking about key projects they support where data analytics plays  a major role, followed by talks from companies involved in BigData projects.Agenda:•18:…

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A call to all Data Engineers and BI workers

nice overview by DWJUNKIE

Data Analytics Junkie

In the last two years I had the chance to get my hands on some very exciting Data Analytics projects and I wanted to take the chance to recap and to reach out to Data Engineers and BI Consultants. Why?

In the area of IT we see lot’s of trends coming up every year. Some are going, some are staying, but sometimes we see also a paradigm shift. These shifts have a tremendous impact on the way we worked before and how we will work in the future, for example the rise of the Internet, the area of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse and the whole E-Commerce shift. And now we can see new shift coming up:

The era of Big Data

The difficult thing with a paradigm shift is we need to rethink certain ideas, the way we did business before and we will do in the future. And…

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