DALDEWOLF is proud to present its new offer, tailored to the needs of startups.  Five 30-something lawyers are out to assist new businesses and entrepreneurs with every legal need.

We can keep up with the dynamics of any new venture. We help identify the legal issues, solve all problems and answer all questions – from the basic ones (common to all companies) to the most specific ones (flowing from their niche activities – quite disruptive at times).

We warmly invite you to read more about our project, our offers and our profiles on our website www.startitup.be.

 dal 1 “The enthusiasm of starters is addictive”
 dal2 “We feel we are part of the project, by warning against legal pitfalls”
 dal3 “Reliable legal assistance from the start makes a difference”
 dal4 “We make sure the legal foundations of our starters are solid”
 dal5 “From start-up to scale-up, we have your back”


Avenue Louise 81 Louizalaan – 1050 Brussels – Belgium

T + 32 2 627 10 10   F + 32 2 627 10 50



Nurturing your Data Scientists : 70 years of accumulated experience at your service!

The Data Science community is proud to announce the entrance in of a startup dedicated to data scientists coaching and nurturing: WeLoveDataScience

Data scientist… Where are you? Do you really exist?

That’s the question many managers do currently face. Data Scientists is a scarce 5-legs sheeps: difficult to find, difficult to hire and difficult to keep.




WeLoveDataScience is a brand new business unit, hosted at the European Data Innovation Hub, dedicated to searching, selecting, training, coaching and nurturing data science talents. The Belgian market does not propose enough candidates: we will take care to train next-gen data scientists for you.

Whatever your projects are, we propose to prepare for you the data scientist(s) you need, following these 7 steps:

  1. Together we prepare a detailed job description corresponding to your real needs: is this about data analysis, basic queries, reporting, data mining, big data or new technologies?
  2. We identify candidates on the market in particular through close collaborations with Belgian universities (Ghent, ULB/VUB, UCLouvain…)
  3. You hire the right candidate!
  4. He/she assists a 12 weeks data science bootcamp , including: high-level overview, data science for business, technical stack (SAS, R, Python…), introduction to specific technologies/topics (NoSQL or graph databases, social network analysis, text-mining..)
  5. Then he/she works for you at our offices during 4 tot 6 month, coached by one of our expert. On the job coaching on real projects: your projects but also hackathons, technology workshops, meetups…
  6. After those 10 intensive months, (s)he is ready to work for you on site. (S)He will demonstrate his/her knowledge by giving a course on a specific topic and/or writing entries in specialised blogs, giving a presentation at a conference…
  7. We assist you in yearly evaluation and follow-up.

Our intentions for 2016 are to help companies create and develop data science teams and to build a data science culture… And WeLoveDataScience: this is 70 years of accumulated experience at your disposal!

Want to know more? Visit: www.welovedatascience.com , send an email to info@welovedatascience.com or simply fill in this contact form. We will visit and explain what we do and brainstorm about your specific needs.