Job – B&D – Analytics and Data mining Consultant – Brussels



You will be assisting in the co-ordination and implementation of financial crime consulting offering by:

  • providing project support
  • drafting business requirements and delivering analytical data mining assignments and statistical models to monitor and review the data mining and analytics conducted for patterns and anomalies indicating possible tax fraud
  • to facilitate effective follow-up to identified issues, ensure completeness of analytics follow-up and to promote enhanced methods/processes in system-wide data analysis, including recommending additional ongoing and ad-hoc queries, in relation to fraud detection

Among principal assignments, the successful candidate will:

  • Perform business analysis to support the deployment of fraud prevention analytical models
  • Lead/Perform data and quality analysis including data mapping reviews, data validation and remediation, alert validation and issue impact analysis
  • Communicate with clients to assess solution fit and identify product gaps
  • Perform statistical analysis and tune our growing model set
  • Respond to Business and Functional requirement requests


  • Knowledge of data mining and analytics including statistical and predictive analysis, quantitative and qualitative data analysis methodologies
  • Research and investigation methodologies, and ability to utilize queries and tools and analyze data sets from large, complex and disparate systems, in order to research and analyze a broad range of data
  • Knowledge of fraud and of methodologies and best practices in the detection/control of fraud including fraud techniques/practices, fraud concealment, tax fraud criminal offenses, anti-fraud techniques, fraud investigation:
  • Certified SAS professional with a strong background in the use of analytical tools and statistical software, especially SAS Enterprise Miner
  • Oral and written communication skills, to liaise and consult with various parties to gather and assess data and to prepare reports and proposals with a minim of French and Dutch or which ideally both if not one fluent in writing and speaking.


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New Survey and (Big) Data Governance Research by Andra Mertilos


Dear friends from the Brussels Data Science community, I would like to ask for your help in conducting my master thesis research (aside from my consultancy job, I am also an MBA student at the KU Leuven) which I launched recently.

Data governance research is ambiguous in the scientific community today, mostly due to the differences existing between the concepts which form the building blocks of a governance program : data and information, governance and management, IT and business labels,…As such, there exists no homogeneous definition nor in the scientific community, nor in the practitioner one as to what data governance really encompasses. Correctly positioning data governance in todays landscape will allow for the integration of new technologies, concepts and phenomena. But for this positioning to take place, specifying a common data governance definition proves to be crucial in determining and isolating the different elements which constitute the backbone of such programs. Identifying, defining and explaining the process layers, responsibilities and decision-making structures that come together and interact in governance topics allows for prioritizing and ranking the elements which constitute a data governance program. These layers allow in return for tailoring to specific needs and requirements such as integration of new concepts and phenomena like big data technologies.

The purpose of my research is specifically to build a (big) data governance maturity model which holds for the Belgian financial sector. I choose the banking sector because of its size and complexity: such an intricate environment allows for building a larger, more comprehensive data governance model which could further be tailored to fit to other sectors.

For this purpose, based on an extensive literature review, I have built a questionnaire, in the form of a maturity assessment, which evaluates different data governance aspects : MDM, enterprise architecture, technology, applications, big data initiatives etc.

I would like to draw on your input, experience and expertise for the evaluation of this model in practice by inviting you to participate in my survey. A possible prerequisite would be to have some former experience in the banking/financial sector (in any form pertaining to data programs) but as such, it is not an exclusion criteria, as I plan to use these answers to develop a standard capability maturity model for data governance. If you choose to participate please bear in mind that you don’t have to be “able” to answer all sections – the questionnaire dealing with multiple aspects of governance – your feedback on a singular issue being also of extreme value to this research.

The link to survey can be found here:

It takes an average of 10-15 minutes to complete the survey and the link will be available until begin of April.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or remarks (at, any feedback is great feedback 🙂
Many thanks in advance for your participation.

About Andra Mertilos :

Andra Mertilos

Andra Mertilos


Thank you for your help in conducting my master thesis research

I am a MBA student at the KU Leuven

The link to survey can be found here: