Job – VIB – PhD Student in Bioinformatics



The Comparative & Integrative Genomics lab of the Department Plant Biotechnology & Bioinformatics (Ghent University) – Plant Systems Biology (VIB), is currently looking for a PhD student in Bioinformatics to work on a research project focusing on Plant Regulatory Genomics.

Our mission

Our objective is to extract biological knowledge from large-scale experimental data sets using data integration, comparative sequence and expression analysis, and network exploration. We try to identify new aspects of genome biology, especially in the area of gene function prediction, gene regulation and evolutionary biology.

Job description

  • tackle specific research questions about gene regulation through the integration of experimental -omics data types (e.g. RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq) and computational biology methods
  • develop and apply automatic data processing routines as well as comparative genomics methods to infer regulatory networks across different plant species
  • scientific research towards a PhD degree (4 year period) in the framework of a FWO funded research project
  • work in close collaboration with colleague PhD students
  • requirement of attending and presenting your work at international scientific meetings
  • publish in peer-reviewed international journals


  • ​you have a master in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, or a degree of Bioscience engineering
  • you are enthusiastic about scientific research and have a strong interest in computer science, genomics and biology
  • you are familiar with Linux/Unix and have knowledge of Python, Perl or Java
  • you have good communication & writing skills
  • you are proficient in English
  • you are a pro-active team player

How to apply?

  • Successful candidates are asked to apply online.
  • Please do not forget to mention the contact info of two references (including email address and phone number) in the appropriate field.
  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

People without any experience in genomics and computer science/bioinformatics or lacking good English communication skills will not be retained.

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