Job – Junior Data Scientist

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Are you pursuing a career in data science?

We have a great opportunity for you: an intensive training program combined with interesting job opportunities!

Interested? Check out follow the link to our datascience survey and send your cv to

Once selected, you’ll be invited for the intake event that will take place in Brussels this summer.

Hope to see you there,

Nele & Philippe

Event – Official Opening of the European Data Innovation Hub in Brussels – October 20th 10AM

HUBdatainnovation invitation

We are so pleased to announce that our Hub will officially be inaugurated by Alexander De Croo, Bianca Debaets, Frank Koster, Marietje Schaak and Jörgen Gren. Over 100 directors and managers have already confirmed their presence to this ribbon cutting ceremony that will be held in our new offices in the Axa building.

266px-Alexander_de_croo_675 bianca-in-brussel frank marietjejorgen_gren

Join us on October 20th at 10AM to meet young data startups, talk to representatives of the academic world, share your ideas with the politics representatives that support us and discover our datascience training offering.

There are only a few more spaces left so please hurry and reserve your seat via our eventbrite page.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in our new offices soon,

Philippe Van Impe
asbl European Data Innovation Hub vzw 
Inspire – Innovate – Connect

Registrations for Data Science and Big Data training programmes are now open.

The European Data Innovation Hub organizes with its partners a full serie of Data Science and Big Data training programmes.

You can expect

  • a series of executive training to support your management in understanding the benefits of analytics
  • a series of coached MOOCs on machine learning and big data technology
  • a series of hands-on training on the different datascience technologies

All members of the European Data Science and Big Data communities are welcome to use our Brussels based professional facilities to give their training. The members of the hub will promote your training and include it on our e-learning platform for further use.

Here is an overview of the trainings that we have already scheduled for the coming months:

Data Innovation Training Hub

Brussels, BE
486 Fast learners

This group is an initiative from the nonprofit European Data Innovation Hub, the premier networking space where business, startup, academic and political decision makers share…

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Thursday, Feb 18, 2016, 6:00 PM
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Thank you for making the Data Innovation Summit a success

sponsorsThank you all for your engagement and active participation to our Data Innovation Summit.

Yesterday 68 presentations were delivered on time allowing over 400 data lovers to have enough time to network and share ideas with their peers.

This would not have been possible without a professional team of volunteers, a team of friends making the craziest schedules possible.

I would like to thank AXA and our sponsors for supporting us.

The speakers were amazing, tortured to accept the most horrible presentation format called ignite and delivering it with so much grace and passion, beautiful.

What a pity that we could not schedule all presentations and that we had to turn down so many participants because the event was sold out. We will handle this differently next time.

Together we have reached our first milestone yesterday, it is time to wake up now and work together to accelerate the development of new projects that will position us better in this merciless digitalization race. Let’s bundle our energy and put Belgium back on the map of most innovative countries, the place where it is so easy to start-up a company.

Your turn now, please give us your feedback about our Summit:

The pictures taken at the summit will be available on

The presentations video’s will also soon be available on

Have you seen the analysis of the results (over 600) of the survey made by Ward, Dieter & Nicholas, Nele and Rik. I’m looking forward to these presentations during the finals of April 16th.

Thanks again,

Philippe Van Impe

Free webinar on Analytics in a Big Data World by Bart Baesens.


Nice overview on how analytics and datasciences are used in a bigdata world.

Professor Baesens will be present at the Data Innovation Summit on March 26th in Brussels.

He will present his latest book about Big Data Science.

Join us, you can get your free full day access pass when you  answer the Data Innovation Survey 2015.

Enjoy the webinar …

Join our next event

Please register using this meetup page:

Summit: Data Innovation Summit – Made in Belgium

Thursday, Mar 26, 2015, 8:00 AM

AXA building
boulevard du Souverain, 25 Watermael-Boitsfort, BE

450 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

Toon Vanagt- Laurent Fayet – Filip Maertens – Kris Peeters – Vincent Blondel –David Martens – Hans ConstandtThe Data Innovation Summit in Brussels is a one day conference gathering all the Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. It is an action packed conference where more than 50 speakers will demonstrate what they do that helps us compete i…

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Overview of the Academic Data Science programs in Belgium by Bart Hamers

Bart Hamers

In this article, I try to make an overview of the academic programs on data science currently given in Belgium.

I wasn’t very selective in my choice as data science is a very broad domain. All educational tracks will have components of statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence or other related domains. Upon you to decide which program best fits your needs and interests.

In this overview my main focus was on the master-after-master programs. But some normal master programs were also added to the list, as they specialize in data science related field.

These programs typically take place over one or two academic year and are open to anybody with the necessary prerequisites.

I tried to be exhaustive, but might have missed some. Please use the comment box at the end of the list to communicate updates.



University of Brussels

Master of Science in de ingenieurswetenschappen: computerwetenschappen

More info can be found here.


University of Antwerp

Master in computer science with a specialization in  data science: profile Artificiële Intelligentie

More info can be found here.

University of Gent

Master of Science in Marketing Analysis

This 9-month full-time program in predictive analytics (from October to July) is taught 100 % in English. Students will receive classes by world-renowned experts in their field. Data-mining techniques are introduced in the application domain of analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Marketing. The main emphasis is on classification techniques (binary as well as multi-class): starting with the classical statistical techniques (e.g. logistic regression) over decision trees (including random forests) to artificial neural networks. Sufficient time is also devoted to the modeling process as such (Knowledge Discovery in Databases including the data pre-processing step) as well as checking (predictive) model quality, e.g. AUC on a test sample.

More info can be found here.

Marketing Engineering

Marketing Engineering is an elective part of the two-year master program of Business Engineering at Ghent University. It offers five in-depth courses about analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Business Intelligence topics in English covering data-mining techniques.

More info can be found here.

Master of Science in Statistical Data Analysis

The Master of Statistical Data Analysis is a one-year advanced master program, but it can be competed in 2 to 4 years as a part student. The program offers training in modern statistical methodology and data analysis from a wide variety of fields, including biology, bio-informatics, economy and marketing, environmental and life sciences, engineering, mathematics and physics, psychology and social sciences.

More info can be found here.

University of Leuven (KUL)

Master of Artificial Intelligence

The understanding of the principles of intelligence, the development of artificial intelligence and its many applications in different areas requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The Master of Artificial Intelligence programme is internationally and interdisciplinary oriented. It aims at educating students from a wide variety of different backgrounds. A basic introductory part of the programme consists of fundamentals of artificial

intelligence and a broadening course that the student selects from either cognitive science, philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence or privacy and big data.

Within the programme students have the choice between three options:

More info can be found here.

Master of Financial and Actuarial Engineering

The Master of Financial and Actuarial Engineering programme provides students with up-to-date, sound and advanced financial, actuarial and statistical skills. It is an intensive, advanced, one-year programme for university graduates interested in a career in risk management, financial and/or actuarial engineering within financial institutions. The discipline focuses on the application of quantitative methods to problems involving risk or uncertainty. You will gain an understanding of current and future problems and solutions in insurance and banking and be equipped with fundamental and conceptual knowledge of the mathematical and economic aspects of financial theory and insurance techniques.

More info can be found here.

Master of Statistics

MSc in Statistics, an interdisciplinary programme whose teaching is grounded in internationally-recognised research. Choose from

among a number of approaches: biometrics, social behavioural and educational statistics, business statistics, industrial statistics, general statistical methodology, or an all-round statistics profile.

More info can be found here.

Master of Bioinformatics

This interdisciplinary two-year programme focuses on acquiring

  • basic background knowledge in diverse disciplines belonging   to the field of bioinformatics, including statistics, molecular biology and computer science
  • expert knowledge in the field of bioinformatics
  • programming skills
  • engineering skills

More info can be found here.


University of Leuven (UCL Louvain-La-Neuve)

Master in Statistics

The Master in Statistics will enable you to become acquainted with the state-of-the art of statistical science and methodology. The skills and statistical competences you will acquire are highly appreciated in professional environments. The structure of the master program into orientations, finalités and options fits well to the wide variety of domains in which statistics play a vital role, ranging from medical sciences (pharmacy, public health, etc.), over human sciences (economics, psychology, etc.), to natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physics, etc.). In order to ensure tight connections with professional life in all these domains, our team of lecturers is completed with a number of statistical consultants.

More info can be found here.


University of Liege

Master in Statistics

The common courses provide the essential notions that underlie all statisticians’ activities : linear models, multivariate analysis, discrete date, non-parametric statistics, the Bayesian approach, data mining and statistics software.

The master’s professional focus offers an introduction to a variety of applied disciplines in the field of statistics (biostatistics, genetic statistics, experimental plans, databases…).

More info can be found here.


Solvay Business School

Master in Quantitative Finance

The Advanced Master in Quantitative Finance offers prospective students a rich curriculum combining finance, statistics, econometrics, programming and mathematics. This Master guarantees a full coverage of financial disciplines, such as asset and derivative pricing, numerical methods and programming skills.

More info can be found here.


Vlerick Business School

Executive master class creating business value with big data.

Obtaining maximum value from Big Data projects requires multidisciplinary knowledge in:

  • Business to comprehend the business problems and identify business opportunities that can be tackled with Big Data
  • Analytical to skilfully apply the Big Data models that create the most value
  • IT/Database to understand the IT requirements related to Big Data projects
  • Management to view process as a whole with a focus on change management and people

This Executive Master Class provides participants with the necessary skills to successfully manage this multidisciplinary competencies and to create value with Big Data in their organization.

More info can be found here.


Transnational University Limburg – Hasselt – Maastricht

Artificial Intelligence

The programme is organised under the Department of Knowledge Engineering of Maastricht University’s Faculty of Humanities and Sciences. Researchers in the department are developing intelligent systems for a wide range of applications including patient diagnosis, image recognition, traditional games like chess, interactive computer games, information retrieval and data mining.

Artificial Intelligence is a two-year master’s programme taught entirely in English.

More info can be found here.

Master of Statistics

Hasselt University’s Master of statistics with specializations: Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology & Public Health Methodology, keeps abreast of such evolutions. The master programme combines a solid study of principles of applied and biostatistics with up-to-date information on topics such as clinical trials, public health, longitudinal data, survival analysis, genetics, survey methodology… The specialization in Bioinformatics makes it possible to keep an even closer pace with the more specific professional needs and skills required due to the development of novel experimental techniques in molecular biology and genetics.

Hasselt University’s Master of statistics acquired accreditation from the prestigious Royal Statistical Society.

More info can be found here.


Other courses interesting for a data scientist.

  • Entrepreneurship

More info can be found here.


Short Training Sessions (Academically)


The Flames network organizes trainings for researcher. Check the very extensive training program.

More info can be found here.


Centre for permanent education (University of Gent, faculty of sciences)

Permanente vorming “Multilevel Analysis for Grouped and Longitudinal Data”

More info can be found here.

  • Special Program: Big Data  (Already started in 2015.)
    • More info can be found here.

#DIS2015 will host over 30 Ignite presentations

Ignite           Datascience innovation summit white


The Data Innovation Summit is to host over 30 ignite presentations held by Universities, Startups and innovatieve companies.


If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? Would you talk about your latest passion? Describe the trip of a lifetime? Teach a hack? We’ll find out at in this high-energy, fast-paced, technology show-and-tell.

Any topic is fair game as long as it’s interesting, from technology to culture to business to science fiction. Speakers are limited to 20 slides, which automatically advance after 15 seconds—that’s the fun of Ignite!

The Data Innovation Summit in Brussels is a one day conference gathering all the Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. It is an action packed conference where more than 50 speakers will demonstrate what they do to help us compete in this digital marketplace.

Ignite is the name for a particular type of event that is held throughout the world—organized by volunteers—at which participants speak about their ideas and personal or professional passions according to a specific format. The event holds the motto, “Enlighten us, but make it quick!” The presentations are meant to “ignite” the audience on a subject, whereby awareness, thought, and action are generated on the subjects presented.

At an Ignite event, each speaker has a time limit of five minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds

The day is divided in 6 main sections:

  1. Keynotes sketching the Data Innovation Ecosystem
  2. Enterprise Business Cases
  3. Ignite sessions by innovation facilitators
  4. Business Cases brought by Universities
  5. Startup sessions
  6. Ignite sessions by the members of the community


  • Please find the latest update of the agenda here.

Over 50 Speakers

  • One minister
  • One Rector
  • At least 10 Professors
  • Over 15 CEO’s & founders
  • Over 30 ignite sessions
  • Over 15 innovative startups
  • Please find the latest update of the speakers  here

Why you should attend:

  • Learn how to become a Data Driven manager.
  • Interact with Belgian’s most innovative speakers about Data Innovation and Data Science.
  • Listen to business cases explaining the different ways to extract value from Data.
  • Meet every important instance implicated with Data Innovation in Belgium.


Please register using this meetup page:

Summit: Data Innovation Summit – Made in Belgium

Thursday, Mar 26, 2015, 8:00 AM

AXA building
boulevard du Souverain, 25 Watermael-Boitsfort, BE

380 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

Toon Vanagt- Laurent Fayet – Filip Maertens – Kris Peeters – Vincent Blondel –David Martens – Hans ConstandtThe Data Innovation Summit in Brussels is a one day conference gathering all the Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. It is an action packed conference where more than 50 speakers will demonstrate what they do that helps us compete i…

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Digital wake up call for Belgium – Call for action !




 The HBR published recently a terrifying article called

‘Where the Digital Economy Is Moving the Fastest’


This article shows that based on the Our Digital Evolution Index (DEI), created by the Fletcher School at Tufts University (with support from Mastercard and DataCash), Belgium is ‘stalling out’. Like they say, Stall Out countries have achieved a high level of evolution in the past but are losing momentum and risk falling behind. My worry here is that we are positioned to be slower than France(wablief !).

I’m also not convinced that we are better prepared for the digital marketplace than the Netherlands as it seems but … ,“As part of our research, we wanted to understand who was changing quickly to prepare for the digital marketplace and who wasn’t.  Perhaps not surprisingly, developing countries in Asia and Latin America are leading in momentum, reflecting their overall economic gains. But our analysis revealed other interesting patterns. Take, for example, Singapore and The Netherlands. Both are among the top 10 countries in present levels of digital evolution. But when we consider the momentum – i.e., the five-year rate of change from 2008 to 2013 – the two countries are far apart. Singapore has been steadily advancing in developing a world-class digital infrastructure, through public-private partnerships, to further entrench its status as a regional communications hub. Through ongoing investment, it remains an attractive destination for start-ups and for private equity and venture capital. The Netherlands, meanwhile, has been rapidly losing steam. The Dutch government’s austerity measures beginning in late 2010 reduced investment into elements of the digital ecosystem. Its stagnant, and at times slipping, consumer demand led investors to seek greener pastures.”

So, High time for action, let’s do something about this !

The fact that President Obama calls out to the DataScience community for help shows clearly that our skills are highly valued. So, why don’t we all help to push the Belgian digital agenda a bit harder.

Let’s discuss this on March 26th, and let’s make sure that our Data Innovation Summit becomes the start of a new datascience initiative.

The Data Innovation Summit in Brussels is a one day conference gathering all the Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. It is an action packed conference where more than 30 speakers will demonstrate what they do that helps us compete in this digital marketplace.


Is it that bad ?

As you can read in the recent post from Karsten Strauss in Forbes – no European center of technology comes close to matching the entrepreneurial factory of Silicon Valley.

Still, Europe has its bright spots. Last year the European Commission rated its top tech hubs based on complex indexes of data on information and communication technology research, education, employment and reams of other data. Germany’s city of Munich took the top position, followed by East London, in the UK; and Paris, France.


Register for the Data Innovation Summit NOW.

Summit: Data Innovation Summit – Made in Belgium

Thursday, Mar 26, 2015, 9:00 AM

AXA building
boulevard du Souverain, 25 Watermael-Boitsfort, BE

216 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

We are organizing a full day event to celebrate our first birthday.This event will be held in Brussels and hosted by AXA . The focus of the presentations will be on Belgian bigdata and datascience projects.Government, Universities and Companies will present the value they managed to get out of their analytic projects.In the evening we will have…

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Job – NGData Europe – Big Data Scientist


In the era of Big Data, data is not useful until we identify patterns, apply context and intelligence. The data scientist, as an emerging career path, is at the core of organizational success with Big Data and for humanizing the data to help businesses better understands their consumer.


  • As a data scientist, you sift through the explosion of data to discover what the data is telling you.
  • You figure out “what questions to ask” so that relevant information hidden in the large volumes and varieties of data can be extracted.
  • The Data Scientist will be responsible for designing and implementing processes and layouts for complex, large-scale data sets used for modeling, data mining, and research purposes.

 Personal Skills

  • You have a logical approach to the solution of problems and good conceptual ability and skills in analysis;
  • You have the ability to integrate research and best practices into problem avoidance and continuous improvement
  • You possess good interpersonal skills;
  • You are self reliant and capable of both independent work and as member of a team;
  • You are persistent, accurate, imaginative;
  • You are able and have the discipline to document and record results;
  • Be customer service oriented
  • Be open minded and solution oriented
  • You enjoy constantly expanding your knowledge base;
  • You are willing to travel up to five days per month.
  • The successful candidate has a strong cross-functional technical background, excellent written/oral communication skills, and a willingness and capacity to expand their leadership and technical skills.
  • BS / MS in computer Science;
  • Good understanding of data mining and machine learning algorithms, data structures and related core software engineering concepts;
  • Have a sound knowledge of SPSS, SAS or R and SQL
  • Understanding of marketing processes in the financial and or retail market;
  • Understanding the concepts of Hadoop, HBase and other big data technologies.


  • Be a true partner in developing the solution, have and develop business acumen and bring technical perspective in furthering the product and business;
  • Aggregate data from various sources;
  • Help define, design, and build projects that leverage our data
  • Develop computational algorithms and statistical methods that find patterns and relationships in large volumes of data, using SPSS, SAS or R;
  • Determine and implement mechanisms to improve our data quality
  • Deliver clear, well-communicated and complete design documents.
  • Ability to work in a team as well as independently and deliver on aggressive goals
  • Exhibit Creativity and resourcefulness at problem solving while collaborating and working effectively with best in class designers, engineers of different technical backgrounds, architects and product managers

What We Offer

NGDATA sits at the forefront of a whole new data-driven software eco-system. We are continuously seeking new, practical ways in exploiting data to its maximum potential, using analytical and machine learning algorithms, backed by a strong and mature engineering practice. We translate state-of-the-art research into a practical software product.

In addition to a positive and exciting work environment with interesting learning opportunities, we offer an attractive salary and fringe benefits.

Apply Today!

Upload your resume or send it to We look forward to your application!


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Job – Proximus – Big Data Analyst – Brussels, Belgium


Would you like to work for a company in motion? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here you can get better acquainted with our Belgacom Group (your employer) and especially the Proximus brand with which you will work.
As Belgium’s largest telco/ICT player we have one main priority: making sure that all private and professional clients can communicate always and everywhere, so this includes you and your close friends!
Our Technology Business Unit (TEC) makes up our nerve centre. Here you’ll find a wide array of expertise domains: IT, Network & Engineering. Driven by a true passion for technology this unit ensures a seamless delivery of products and services to our end customers (fixed and mobile telephony, internet, digital TV, …). At the same time, this unit puts a clear emphasis on innovative technologies (4G, FON spot, cloud computing & green data centres, e-health ,…).


Our customers make good use of these innovative services, which also generate an important increase in data. In the Enterprise Business Intelligence team within the Technology department we work to strengthen our ability to quickly and efficiently deal with large amounts of (un)structured data.

This results in several challenges for the IT infrastructure:

• handle this flood of data in an efficient and effective way
• put the data at the disposal of marketing and sales for further analysis.

In this position you will:

• Join a team responsible for the engineering and exploitation of large dataset collection and processing on a Hadoop based platform.
• Involved in the architecture, designing and rolling out of the new Hadoop platform itself.
• Direct new or existing data streams efficiently on to the new platform and make it available for analytical purposes.
• Provide, where necessary, integration with the existing data warehouse environment.

Candidate’s Profile

Are you someone with passion? Are you hands-on? Is respect an absolute requirement for you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Technical knowledge:
• Thorough knowledge of Hadoop and related technologies (Hortonworks, HBase, MapReduce, Storm, Hive, Samza, Kafka …) in order to define a right architecture and set-up for a given problem.
• Several years of experience with demonstrated success in using Hadoop based systems for collecting, transforming, processing and making large data sets ready for analytics.
• Several years of experience in:
• Scripting (Perl, Python, R, …)
• NoSQL principles and systems (document stores, graph databases, KVP stores …)
• Parallel data processing (MPP) and tuning
• Statistical Modeling
• BI tools (Informatica, MicroStrategy), databases (Teradata, Oracle), data warehousing and analytics
• ETL principles and real-time processing of large amounts of data

• You work smoothly together in a team
• You can handle the pressure from multiple agile projects in parallel
• You articulate your ideas clearly and concisely, both written and spoken.
• You know how to effectively communicate complex subjects to management and internal customers.
• You work independently,
• You are meticulous and results-driven

Language skills:
• English required, with Dutch and / or French preferred

• Master degree or equivalent by experience

Job Offer

You’ll be part of a large company where complex, high-tech products and services go hand in hand with innovation. This makes our company an ideal learning environment endorsed by its relentlessly changing nature. Continuously developing your talents? Growing towards an expert or leader role? Lifelong learning? Keeping a healthy work/life balance in exchange for your commitment? Here you can achieve it all, the choice is yours. We also strongly believe in the unique added value of diversity. In return for your engagement, drive and passion, you can count on an attractive and comprehensive reward package.

Proximus is a brand of the Belgacom Group. More info? Visit See you soon!

To apply, please click here

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