Free Hands-on Training – Workshop – Elastic Search on Open Data – Dec 2nd at 18:30

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Here is the training on Elastic that Fabien promissed us. In order to make it real we decided to do a hands-on workshop using Open datasets made in Belgium. The number of participants will be limited to 25.


Hands-on Workshop

Using open Belgian data-sets, elastic search and kibana to create dashboards and analytic views.

Target audience:

Everyone with a computer 🙂 .

No real coding during the exercise.

No downloads, just using web interfaces.


  • When: Wednesday December 2nd 2015 at 18:30
  • Where: European Data Innovation Hub, Vorstlaan 23 in Brussels
  • Registration: please use eventbrite to register and to collect your ticket.
  • Duration: 2.5 hours starting at 18:30 sharp.


Learn how to exploit open data set with Elastic search and Kibana.


We will download several json datasets from open data (

Feed elastic with logstash.

Create amazing dashboard with kibana.

Execute complex query (Full text / geo aggregation)


  • Found Usage.
  • LogstashLoad data in Elastic
  • Elastic search: Search and analyze data in real time. Learn about filters and queries in an inverted index, relevance score calculations, and more.
  • KibanaSee the Value in Your Data
    • Flexible analytics and visualization platform
    • Real-time summary and charting of streaming data
    • Intuitive interface for a variety of users
    • Instant sharing and embedding of dashboards


Each participants must be a member of the Brussels Data Science Community. join here

The participant must have his PC/Mac/Linux machine.

You need to register upfront to “Found” , the Elastic cloud environment.    Free trial 14 days

About the trainer:


Event – Official Opening of the European Data Innovation Hub in Brussels – October 20th 10AM

HUBdatainnovation invitation

We are so pleased to announce that our Hub will officially be inaugurated by Alexander De Croo, Bianca Debaets, Frank Koster, Marietje Schaak and Jörgen Gren. Over 100 directors and managers have already confirmed their presence to this ribbon cutting ceremony that will be held in our new offices in the Axa building.

266px-Alexander_de_croo_675 bianca-in-brussel frank marietjejorgen_gren

Join us on October 20th at 10AM to meet young data startups, talk to representatives of the academic world, share your ideas with the politics representatives that support us and discover our datascience training offering.

There are only a few more spaces left so please hurry and reserve your seat via our eventbrite page.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in our new offices soon,

Philippe Van Impe
asbl European Data Innovation Hub vzw 
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Registrations for Data Science and Big Data training programmes are now open.

The European Data Innovation Hub organizes with its partners a full serie of Data Science and Big Data training programmes.

You can expect

  • a series of executive training to support your management in understanding the benefits of analytics
  • a series of coached MOOCs on machine learning and big data technology
  • a series of hands-on training on the different datascience technologies

All members of the European Data Science and Big Data communities are welcome to use our Brussels based professional facilities to give their training. The members of the hub will promote your training and include it on our e-learning platform for further use.

Here is an overview of the trainings that we have already scheduled for the coming months:

Data Innovation Training Hub

Brussels, BE
486 Fast learners

This group is an initiative from the nonprofit European Data Innovation Hub, the premier networking space where business, startup, academic and political decision makers share…

Next Meetup

Hacking opendata with Neo4j

Thursday, Feb 18, 2016, 6:00 PM
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The essence of Predictive Analytics for Managers – Training – Oct 1st 2015 – @Data Innovation Hub

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The essence of Predictive Analytics for Managers

Defining and managing projects in predictive analytics

Target audience

Managers of analytical teams, Managers of functional departments (marketing, risk, operations, HR,…), Project managers, CXO.


  • Duration: One afternoon workshop (4h):
    • October 1st, 2015
  • Location: European Data Innovation Hub @ AXA, Vorstlaan 23, 1170 Brussel
  • Price: 570€ per manager
  • Limited from 8 – 12 participants


Please register using Eventbrite following this link.


Fueled by the energy around Big Data projects, an increasing number of managers are attracted to the domain of analytics. When successfully applied, analytics provides the key to turn data into big value. But how do we ensure organisations reap the maximum return on their investments? How to increase the impact advanced analytical teams have on their organisations? This training provides a backbone for managing projects in Predictive Analytics that maximally impact the organisation. Additionally, this training establishes the foundation for fruitful collaboration between analysts, their peers and decision makers.


Applying predictive analytics has the potential to bring a huge impact to an organisation. Typical goals of such high-impact projects involve:

  • (i) increase targeted marketing success by predicting response
  • (ii) increase marketing relevance by offer personalisation,
  • (iii) decrease risk exposure by predicting credit or fraud risk,
  • (iv) increase process efficiency,
  • (v) retain crucial staff members, etc.

In this training, we focus on the key elements needed for managers to obtain success through predictive analytics.
The workshop is designed as an interactive learning experience packed with best practices illustrated with real domain experience.

Learning objectives

After the training, participants will be able to define and manage developments in Predictive Analytics. In practice participants will be able to:

  • define a project in predictive analytics in detail & understand:
    • a simple process useful for managing the development of predictive models
    • the intuition of each step in the development process
    • the underlying principles for predictive analytics
    • the requirements and limitations of predictive analytics
    • how to manage and increase usage of predictive analytics


  1. what is predictive analytics
  2. basic underlying principles for predictive analytics
  3. requirements for predictive analytics
  4. limitations of predictive analytics
  5. a reliable process for managing and building predictive models


Before the start of the first session, participants should attempt to define a practical and relevant project within their organisation. At completion of the workshop, it is the aim that managers will be able to further define and understand the steps needed to manage this challenge to success.

About the trainer

Geert Verstraeten

Geert Verstraeten (PhD) is a dynamic trainer with a solid background both in predictive analytics and in professional training. Geert has 14 years of experience in building predictive models for organisations in a wide array of industries. Additionally, he has 14 years of academic and industry experience
in training and coaching managers and analysts to succeed with Predictve Analytics. Since 2006, he is managing partner at Python Predictions (, a Brussels-based niche player in Predictive Analytics, and was involved in building analytical communities both in Belgium ( and abroad ( Geert is a frequent speaker at academic and business conferences in analytics. Since 2014, Geert is a certified professional trainer (


brasserie octopus

Attendees receive an electronic version of the handouts and a proof of participation at the conclusion of the workshop.

More information

Here is the link to a nice write up about this executive class.


Job – AXA – Marketing Data Analyst – Antwerp


Chez AXA Bank Europe, vous vous retrouvez dans une banque qui est en train de se repositionner et dont le slogan est: “AXA Banque – la banque toujours plus proche de vous”. Nous sommes tout à fait convaincus que nous réussirons et que nous conserverons une bonne place comme challenger sur le marché belge qui se focalise sur une offre simple et transparente de produits d’épargne (6ème du marché belge) et de crédits-logement (5ème du marché belge) pour particuliers. Avec moins de produits mais avec des produits meilleurs et des outils en ligne conviviaux. Soutenue par un réseau puissant de plus de 700 agents bancaires AXA locaux, indépendants et fortement ancrés.
AXA Banque est un acteur financier important en Belgique. Nous partageons les mêmes valeurs que les collègues des assurances et nous collaborons étroitement pour imposer au maximum la marque AXA et nos produits.
Chez AXA Banque, vous vous retrouvez dans un environnement de travail dynamique, avec des collaborateurs qui aiment les défis. L’approche se résume en un mot de 4 lettres: FAST – fair, attentive, simple & transparent. Quatre mots qui expriment la stratégie d’AXA Banque, mais aussi notre culture d’entreprise. Fair dans la gestion du personnel de la Banque; attentive, car le client occupe pour nous une place centrale; simple, car la simplicité et la simplification sont au coeur de notre travail quotidien; transparent pour la communication honnête et directe.

Job description:

En tant qu’analyste de données marketing, vous dirigez le développement et l’introduction d’outils et de méthodes pour l’analyse de portefeuilles. Vous analysez et identifiez des segments pouvant maximaliser le taux de réponse, la croissance et la rentabilité des diverses campagnes de marketing.

  • Vous soutenez l’équipe de marketing stratégique dans l’optimalisation et la segmentation des actions commerciales de marketing ;
  • Vous collaborez dans la même équipe avec les collègues analystes de campagnes, dans l’amélioration permanente du plan de contact marketing.
  • Vous utilisez des techniques d’exploration de données (« Data Mining ») pour explorer les diverses sources de données (base de données de clients, site Web, données de campagnes) et en tirer des conclusions ;
  • Vous peaufinez continuellement les méthodes et les outils de pilotage marketing et de renseignements clients ;
  • Vous livrez des chiffres et des rapports fiables et vous réalisez des analyses pertinentes sur les différentes actions marketing.

Candidates Profile:

  • Vous avez une formation supérieure (de niveau mastère) de préférence dans le domaine de l’économie, de la statistique, des mathématiques, l’ingénierie (commerciale), etc.
  • Vous pouvez mettre en avant une expérience de 3 à 5 ans dans une fonction similaire
  • Vous avez une solide connaissance des logiciels d’analyse des données et des outils d’analyse Web (SAS, Teradata, Excel, R, SQL, Google Analytics) ;
  • Vous avez un esprit analytique marqué et êtes motivé par la recherche de relations et de nouvelles interprétations
  • Vous pouvez travailler de manière autonome, mais aussi en équipe ; vous êtes résistant au stress
  • Votre travail est précis et vous avez le souci du détail
  • Votre langue maternelle est le néerlandais ou le français et vous possédez une bonne connaissance de la deuxième langue nationale


Make sure that you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Please note that we also manage other vacancies that are not public, if you want us to bring you in contact with them too, just send your CV to .

Here is the link to the original job add.

Please Apply Online

Competition – Kaggle – AXA – Use telematic data to identify a driver signature

kaggle-logo-transparent-300 & Axa

In case you are  looking for data to work on …

here is a nice Kaggle competition for you.


For automobile insurers, telematics represents a growing and valuable way to quantify driver risk. Instead of pricing decisions on vehicle and driver characteristics, telematics gives the opportunity to measure the quantity and quality of a driver’s behavior. This can lead to savings for safe or infrequent drivers, and transition the burden to policies that represent increased liability.

AXA has provided a dataset of over 50,000 anonymized driver trips. The intent of this competition is to develop an algorithmic signature of driving type. Does a driver drive long trips? Short trips? Highway trips? Back roads? Do they accelerate hard from stops? Do they take turns at high speed? The answers to these questions combine to form an aggregate profile that potentially makes each driver unique.

For this competition, Kaggle participants must come up with a “telematic fingerprint” capable of distinguishing when a trip was driven by a given driver. The features of this driver fingerprint could help assess risk and form a crucial piece of a larger telematics puzzle.

Started: 2:00 pm, Monday 15 December 2014 UTC
Ends: 11:59 pm, Monday 16 March 2015 UTC (91 total days)
Points: this competition awards standard ranking points
Tiers: this competition counts towards tiers

Call for presentations – Data Innovation Summit – Brussels – March 26 2015

datascience Innovation

Dear Data Lover,

You are kindly invited to share your big data science project experience with over 500 peers.

Take on this challenge and join over 30 presenters for an action packed Data Innovation Summit on March 26th in Brussels, register your presentation here .

To help you make this happen we have defined different formats and will provide presentation coaching.

  1. Job Flash – 2:30 minutes – 10 slides
    For those who want to present their next project and attract the best resources.
  2. Ignite Talk – 5:00 minutes – 20 slides
    20 slides moving forward every 15 seconds, great experience for novice presenters.
  3. University Challenge – 6:00 minutes – free format
    For academic teams who are eager to show off their ability to help the business.
  4. TED Style – 12:00 minutes – free format
    For those who want to share their passion about a specific topic.

The best cases will be bundled in our book ‘ Data Innovation in Belgium ‘, your presentation will be streamed live during the event and made available on our website (

The Belgian academic and business community is looking forward to hearing your story,

Philippe Van Impe

PS. Please forward this invitation to your peers and invite them to register or to prepare a presentation together with you.


Data Innovation

Job – AXA – Data Scientist – Brussels


Dear friends,

please find bellow the job postings from AXA in Belgium.


Dear Philippe,

I hope my email finds you well.
We would like to post jobs position on your DataScientist Community.
I would be thankful if you published the following position:
5 reasons to be Data Scientist at AXA: (fr) (nl)
Business Data Scientist: (fr) (nl)
Data Scientist /Customer Intelligence Expert: (fr) (nl)

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


Kawthar Bufraquech

Digital Recruitment Officer – Recruitment & Mobility
Human Resources – AXA Belgium


You need to be a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group to be able to apply. Join  here.

Please note that we also manage other vacancies that are not public, if you want us to bring you in contact with them too, just send your CV to .


Job – AXA – Data Officer Risk Management


Referentienummer: 2014/0525

Soliciteer hier: Solliciteer

Over Axa

AXA heeft ambitie. Wereldwijd de referentie worden op het vlak van financiële bescherming. Voor minder gaan we niet. In België begeleiden en adviseren we onze 3 miljoen klanten bij elke stap van hun leven. Als bank, als verzekeraar en als belegger. Daarvoor kunnen we rekenen op een pak enthousiaste en professionele medewerkers. Onze 4.500 collega’s geven elke dag het beste van zichzelf om die ambities te realiseren. Dat zijn evenveel unieke persoonlijkheden en talenten. En ze worden daar uiteraard goed voor beloond. Kansen om verantwoordelijkheid te nemen. Om te groeien. Zowel professioneel als privé. Want AXA hecht veel belang aan een gezonde balans tussen werk en vrije tijd. Gerichte opleidingen, interne mobiliteitsmogelijkheden en een aantrekkelijke rekruteringspolitiek. Werken bij AXA is een heuse filosofie. Het betekent bewegen, evolueren en je goed voelen. Net daarom krijgen we al sinds 2008 elk jaar de titel van Top Employer opgespeld. En dat kan geen toeval zijn.


Voor ons Entreprise Data Office (EDO) zijn wij op zoek naar een Data Officer op het vlak van Risk Management.

EDO maakt deel uit van de Financiële directie en ondersteunt AXA Belgium bij het bewerkstelligen van haar strategie in Enterprise Data Management.
EDO neemt ondermeer deel aan de implementatie van een centraal datamodel dat voldoet aan de criteria van data quality. Daarbij worden functionele datamodellen voorgesteld die de noden van de operationele entiteiten dekken en ontwikkeld worden volgens een standaardmethodologie.
De aangeworven Data Quality Officer zal voornamelijk verantwoordelijk zijn voor het waarborgen van de functionele en kwalitatieve coherentie van het centrale datamodel die de activiteiten van Risk Management vergen.



•zowel het centrale als de functionele modellen voor de activiteiten van Risk Management analyseren, definiëren, aanpassen en ontwikkelen in samenwerking met de verschillende spelers.
•de Data Governance Policy bepalen, implementeren en handhaven.
•samenwerken met de verschillende correspondenten als een proactieve en betrouwbare partner.
•de eindgebruikers opleiden en coachen zodat ze zelfstandig toegang krijgen tot de gegevens en correcte, gevalideerde gegevens kunnen gebruiken.
•nauw samenwerken met de andere Data Officers & Business Support


•universitair of gelijkwaardig diploma.
•analytische geest, creatieve intelligentie, snel van begrip.
•team-player met zin voor initiatief, proactiviteit, zelfstandigheid
•brede waaier aan competenties (communicatie, projectbeheer, afnemen van interviews).
•een geslaagde professionele ervaring (2 tot 5 jaar) op het gebied van Risk Management , data modelling of het ontwerpen van logische modellen is een bijkomende troef
•tweetaligheid Nederlands/Frans met goede kennis van het Engels

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