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Python Predictions
Geert Verstraeten Geert Verstraeten, managing Partner at Python Predictions is looking for Analytical Talents !
Due to a growing demand in our services, we are again looking for analytical talent. Why should you apply for a position at Python Predictions? We believe we understand as no others what makes analysts tick. We believe that successful analysts must possess and develop a number of very distinct skills, ranging from social to technical, from intuitive to analytical. Putting these skills to work on real-life analytical projects is rewarding. And we provide a stimulating environment with focus on innovation and cooperation.
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What makes you special

  • You believe in analytics: You understand that organizations today can and should make the most of the available information, in order to turn this information into value. You are deeply interested in analytics, and have required analytical skills.
  • You have a feeling for Marketing, Risk or Operations: At least one of these domains really interests you. You have gained experience in one of these domains, and you want to apply and further develop your domain understanding.
  • You communicate: You are able to explain technical items in a non-technical way, you are open-minded and have no fear of expressing your opinion in a constructive way. Summarized, you communicate easily within internal or external teams.
  • You are driven by results: You are motivated by obtaining concrete deliverables and results. You want to make a difference for the organizations you work for, and you like to be recognized for your input.

What makes us special

  • Our focus on Predictive Analytics: Predictive Analytics is key in every single project. We passionately apply advanced analytics to help create and finetune organizations’ actions and strategy.Typical projects include: Profitability Analysis & Segmentation, Customer Cloning, Response Modeling, Customized Offers, Churn modeling, Credit Scoring, Fraud Detection, Forecasting…
  • Our focus on innovative applications: Each business problem deserves a well-considered solution. In each challenge, we focus on delivering high-quality custom-made solutions that seamlessly fit the business requirements. In this way, our projects offer great job variety. And we like to take on new challenges.
  • A young and dynamic team: We work closely together in a young and dynamic team, where projects are considered as mutual challenges, and where merit is based on contribution, skills, creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Our long-term references: A large number of our projects naturally evolve into long-term relationships. We are considered as trusted adviser for companies in banking and insurance, telecommunications, retail, mail-order, postal services, energy and utilities.

What are we looking for

Main tasks

  • contribute to advanced analytical projects
  • cooperate closely with senior analysts

General skills

  • motivation to learn new skills and tools
  • team player with good communication skills
  • critical on own output
  • understanding of business relevance


  • university degree (or similar by experience) with proven interest in analytics
  • project experience in analytics is a plus
  • knowledge SAS or IBM SPSS Modeler or R

Main tasks

  • lead advanced analytical projects
  • translate business problems into concrete projects
  • interest to develop new opportunities

General skills

  • team player with good communication skills
  • critical on own output
  • understanding of business relevance


  • university degree (or similar by experience) with proven interest in analytics
  • project experience in analytics
  • good knowledge SAS or IBM SPSS Modeler or R


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Why don’t you follow these courses to boost your datascience skills ?

The European Data Innovation Hub organizes trainings and hands-on workshops about bigdata and datascience.

Here is the agenda:

Data Innovation Training Hub

Brussels, BE
51 Fast learners

This group is an initiative from the nonprofit European Data Innovation Hub, the premier networking space where business, startup, academic and political decision makers share…

Next Meetup

Coached Mooc – Introduction to Big Data with Apache Spark

Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015, 7:00 PM
21 Attending

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The essence of Predictive Analytics for Managers – Training – Oct 1st 2015 – @Data Innovation Hub

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The essence of Predictive Analytics for Managers

Defining and managing projects in predictive analytics

Target audience

Managers of analytical teams, Managers of functional departments (marketing, risk, operations, HR,…), Project managers, CXO.


  • Duration: One afternoon workshop (4h):
    • October 1st, 2015
  • Location: European Data Innovation Hub @ AXA, Vorstlaan 23, 1170 Brussel
  • Price: 570€ per manager
  • Limited from 8 – 12 participants


Please register using Eventbrite following this link.


Fueled by the energy around Big Data projects, an increasing number of managers are attracted to the domain of analytics. When successfully applied, analytics provides the key to turn data into big value. But how do we ensure organisations reap the maximum return on their investments? How to increase the impact advanced analytical teams have on their organisations? This training provides a backbone for managing projects in Predictive Analytics that maximally impact the organisation. Additionally, this training establishes the foundation for fruitful collaboration between analysts, their peers and decision makers.


Applying predictive analytics has the potential to bring a huge impact to an organisation. Typical goals of such high-impact projects involve:

  • (i) increase targeted marketing success by predicting response
  • (ii) increase marketing relevance by offer personalisation,
  • (iii) decrease risk exposure by predicting credit or fraud risk,
  • (iv) increase process efficiency,
  • (v) retain crucial staff members, etc.

In this training, we focus on the key elements needed for managers to obtain success through predictive analytics.
The workshop is designed as an interactive learning experience packed with best practices illustrated with real domain experience.

Learning objectives

After the training, participants will be able to define and manage developments in Predictive Analytics. In practice participants will be able to:

  • define a project in predictive analytics in detail & understand:
    • a simple process useful for managing the development of predictive models
    • the intuition of each step in the development process
    • the underlying principles for predictive analytics
    • the requirements and limitations of predictive analytics
    • how to manage and increase usage of predictive analytics


  1. what is predictive analytics
  2. basic underlying principles for predictive analytics
  3. requirements for predictive analytics
  4. limitations of predictive analytics
  5. a reliable process for managing and building predictive models


Before the start of the first session, participants should attempt to define a practical and relevant project within their organisation. At completion of the workshop, it is the aim that managers will be able to further define and understand the steps needed to manage this challenge to success.

About the trainer

Geert Verstraeten

Geert Verstraeten (PhD) is a dynamic trainer with a solid background both in predictive analytics and in professional training. Geert has 14 years of experience in building predictive models for organisations in a wide array of industries. Additionally, he has 14 years of academic and industry experience
in training and coaching managers and analysts to succeed with Predictve Analytics. Since 2006, he is managing partner at Python Predictions (, a Brussels-based niche player in Predictive Analytics, and was involved in building analytical communities both in Belgium ( and abroad ( Geert is a frequent speaker at academic and business conferences in analytics. Since 2014, Geert is a certified professional trainer (


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Attendees receive an electronic version of the handouts and a proof of participation at the conclusion of the workshop.

More information

Here is the link to a nice write up about this executive class.


Job – Bristol-Myers Squibb – METRICS & REPORTING ANALYST



 A new and challenging role opened in our Global Development Operations (GDO) department, within the Analytics and Technology team for a


Support the delivery and development of clinical study related reports as well as analysis and interpretation of data to facilitate study management decisions. This mainly involves the creation of standard and ad hoc recruitment and retention analytics and metrics reports, but also covers specific requests for more advanced data insights, visualizations and decision packets.
Contribute to the development and optimization of analytics and metric reporting platforms for the GDO department of Analytics and Technology. Oversee the exchange of data between BMS, 3rd party analytics teams, vendors and internal customers. Translate customer requests into reporting deliverables. 


Qualifications Required:

• BS degree in a scientific discipline is preferred e.g. information science, epidemiology, health care.
• Alternatively, 3-5 years experience in clinical information services support as well as good understanding of clinical trial processes and analytical techniques. Experience with vendor management is highly valued.
• The right candidate needs to stay abreast of industry trends in clinical trial intelligence and decision support.
• Strong excel skill-set.
• Knowledge of internal information systems is an asset e.g. Eclipse and Eclipse Reports, RIVRS and J-Review.


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