Ruben Hemelings – Ignite Speaker at DIS 2017

Ruben Hemelings is a graduate student in Artificial Intelligence / Big Data at the Catholic University of Leuven.dis17_speaker_rubin-h In collaboration with the Flemish research organisation VITO, he is currently researching the application of deep learning on retinal images in order to improve early diagnosis of ocular and cardiovascular diseases. Ruben also holds a business engineering degree from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, and went on an exchange program in Canada. Prior to his interest in data, he considered a career in finance, illustrated by summer internships at ING, Deloitte and PwC. In his spare time, you can often find him playing the piano or having a go at tackling Kaggle challenges.

Join his Ignite speech on “Deep learning on biomedical images” at diSummit 2017 !

The essence of Predictive Analytics for Managers – Executive Training

Creating more business value from investments in Big Data and Predictive Analytics through better project definition, project management and better usage of Predictive Analytics projects.

Target audience

Managers of analytical teams, Managers of functional departments (marketing, risk, operations, HR,…), Project managers, CxO.


  • Duration: One afternoon workshop (4h):
    • December 3rd, 2015
  • Location: European Data Innovation Hub @ AXA, Vorstlaan 23, 1170 Brussel
  • Price: 570€ per manager
  • Limited from 8 – 12 participants


Please register using Eventbrite following this link.


Fueled by the energy around Big Data projects, an increasing number of managers are attracted to the domain of Big Data and advanced analytics. When successfully applied, analytics provides the key to turn data into big value. Typical goals of such high-impact projects involve:

(i) increase targeted marketing success by predicting response

(ii) increase marketing relevance by offering the right product to the right client,

(iii) decrease risk exposure by predicting credit or fraud risk,

(iv) increase process efficiency,

(v) retain crucial staff members, etc.


This training provides a backbone for managing projects in Predictive Analytics that maximally impact the organisation. Put differently, in this workshop we ensure participants reap the maximum return on their analytical investments. Additionally, this training establishes the foundation for fruitful collaboration between analysts, their peers and decision makers.

The workshop is designed as an interactive learning experience packed with best practices illustrated with real domain experience.

Learning objectives:

After the training, participants will be able to define and manage developments in Predictive Analytics. In practice participants will be able to

  • Explain the crucial phases needed to engage in projects in predictive analytics
  • Define a project in predictive analytics in detail, using a concise project definition checklist
  • Understand the essential principles for predictive analytics and why they matter to management
  • Understand the requirements and limitations of predictive analytics
  • Fully understand the output of predictive analytics to increase their impact on the organizational goals



Before the start of the first session, participants should attempt to define a practical and relevant project within their organisation. At completion of the workshop, it is the aim that managers will be able to further define and understand the steps needed to manage this challenge to success.

 Geert Verstraeten

About the trainer:

Geert Verstraeten (PhD) is a dynamic trainer with a solid background both in predictive analytics and in professional training. Geert has 14 years of experience in building predictive models for organisations in a wide array of industries. Additionally, he has 14 years of academic and industry experience
in training and coaching managers and analysts to succeed with Predictve Analytics. Since 2006, he is managing partner at Python Predictions (, a Brussels-based niche player in Predictive Analytics, and was involved in building analytical communities both in Belgium and abroad. Geert is a frequent speaker at academic and business conferences in analytics. Since 2014, Geert is a certified professional trainer.


Attendees receive an electronic version of the handouts and a proof of participation at the conclusion of the workshop.

Hands-On Training – Datastax – March 19th – Cassandra Essentials Day – Hilversum

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Hello Philippe, Hello members of the Brussels Data Science Community,

Please join this DataStax Cassandra Essentials Day for a full day of learning and hands-on training on Apache Cassandra™ — free of charge. Learn from Cassandra experts while you roll up your sleeves and dive into real-world applications. You will gain exclusive insights to Cassandra architecture and application development through varied exercises and collaborative networking.

On Thursday 19th March 2015 in Hilversum, a guest Cassandra user will share why the company chose Apache Cassandra and how this choice has transformed their business applications.

Please register so we can save your seat. Space is limited.

IMPORTANT: Please bring your laptop to this event! You will need it to participate in the Cassandra training.


09:30am – 10:00am  |  Coffee and Registration 
10:00am – 10:15am  |  Welcome and Introduction 
10:15am – 10:45am  |  Guest Speaker GoDataDriven – Andrew Snare,  
                                    Cassandra, Engineering 
10:45am – 11:15am  |  Customer Case – Wehkamp, Gerhard van der Bijl, Head  
                                    of Digital Development
11:15am – 12:00pm  |  Cassandra Data Structure & Replication 
12:00pm – 01:00pm  |  Lunch
01:00pm – 02:00pm  |  Multi-DataCenter Concepts, Tunable Consistency 
02:00pm – 03:15pm  |  Cassandra Data Modeling Architecture 
03:15pm – 03:30pm  |  DataStax Enterprise Overview
03:30pm – 04:00pm  |  Wrap up and Q&A

We look forward to seeing you there. 


-The EMEA DataStax Team

Seminar- March 5th – MathWorks -Data Analytics with MATLAB in a ‘Big Data’ World – Leuven


Stephan Van Beek

Stephan Van Beek invites us to a seminar organised in Leuven on March 5th


Location: Leuven
Venue: Park Inn Leuven
Date: 5 March 2015
Time: 13.30 – 17.00


As the amount of data held by all businesses grows, companies are increasingly turning to agile data analytics techniques to make better decisions, find new opportunities and reduce risks. Whether it’s experimental data, data from simulation packages, or even sales and marketing data, come to this free seminar to experience how to quickly and easily create advanced analytic tools for your own business.

Highlights include:

  • Data Analysis and Visualization with MATLAB
  • Building intelligent systems with Machine Learning techniques
  • Handling Data that cannot fit in one computer’s memory

Who Should Attend:

Data analysts, scientists, engineers, managers, quantitative analysts, analytical researchers, risk managers, financial engineers, actuaries and traders, anyone wanting to improve how data is used with their business and/or who might be interested in learning more about statistics, machine learning, data analytics and “big data”.


Time Title
13:00 Registration & welcome coffee
13:30 Introduction
13:40 Analyzing Data in the MATLAB environment

  • Easily read data from multiple sources (spreadsheets, databases)
  • Data exploration and visualization
14:00 Data Analytics with MATLAB

  • Data Analytics Challenges and Solutions
  • Marketing Campaign with Supervised Learning
  • Clustering Corporate Bonds with Unsupervised Learning
15:00 Break
15:15 Tackling Big Data

  • Best practices using memory
  • Distributed Computing
  • Hadoop Integration using Map, Reduce, and Datastore
  • Deploy your analytics to a production environment
16:45 Wrap-Up
17:00 End

Register here


Seminarie – Agoria – Feb 24 – ‘Data Analytics & HR Challenges’


In het verlengde van onze Meetup van september, organiseert Agoria voor haar leden een  interessant sessie over HR Analytics op 24 februari.




Exclusief voor leden van Agoria

Agoria nodigt u uit op een uniek seminarie voor HR-managers die “Data Analytics” beter willen hanteren. Het thema “Big Data for HR” kreeg leven in een fragment van de film “Moneyball”. Brad Pitt speelt in die film de rol van een baseballcoach die een data scientist inhuurt om zijn team naar het hoogste niveau te brengen. Data wordt gebruikt om nieuwe spelers aan te trekken, anderen te ontslaan of om de spelstrategie te bepalen.

De film illustreert de “sports analytics” trend en is eveneens in lijn met de uitdagingen van de HR-afdelingen: data kan de performantie drastisch verbeteren en onze manier van werken grondig veranderen.


  • Luk Smeyers, CEO en medestichter van iNostix zal enkele korte casestudies van klanten presenteren, waarbij aan de deelnemers inzichten en uitvoerbare antwoorden worden aangereikt op een veel voorkomende vraag in een organisatie: “Wat zijn de drijvende people-krachten achter het succes van ons bedrijf?”
  • Laurent Thiebauld, Business Development Analytics Solutions, IBM Belgium, zal twee concrete voorbeelden toelichten van data analyse voor HR:
    Dow Benelux manages a total of 23 production units across the Benelux region and employs 2,100 people in the Netherlands and Belgium. Insights into how workplace stress affects employee behaviour have enabled Dow Benelux to reduce both the rate and frequency of absenteeism to well below the industry averages.
    – Even for large companies like CISCO, success or failure can depend on a small number of very highly skilled employees. How can HR teams keep their top talent happy and avoid losing them to the competition? Cisco’s HR team is using advanced analytics to assess employee satisfaction and develop retention models that identify the key causes of attrition for highly skilled engineers and other employees.
  • Jan Heiremans (Managing Director StepStone BE-Lux) en Jean-Philippe Schepens (CCO en Co-Founder van Swan Insights) lichten toe hoe u, als u over een goed uitgewerkte datastrategie beschikt, alle informatie in handen hebt om gefundeerde bedrijfsbeslissingen te nemen en uw HR-strategie af te stemmen op de missie en zakelijke doelstellingen van uw onderneming.
  • Gwellyn Daandels (Cognizant) bespreekt best practices en te vermijden valkuilen aan de hand van het voorbeeld van een internationaal transportbedrijf dat een systeem uitwerkte om zijn topmanagement op geregelde tijdstippen te voorzien van key metrics over personeelsbezetting, personeelsvoordelen, enz.

Deelnemers aan dit seminarie zullen de gelegenheid krijgen om tijdens een CEO lunch op 19 maart de opportuniteiten voor hun HR-afdeling verder te analyseren. Indien u naar aanleiding hiervan een voorbereidend traject wil opstarten, kan een eventuele deelname aan het door Agoria en Sirris geïnitieerde EluciDATA-project overwogen worden.

Het seminarie wordt met een kleine receptie beëindigd.

Werktaal: Engels


dinsdag 24 februari 2015, 15:00 – 19:00 Voeg toe aan mijn kalender


Next Steps- 26 Maart !

Deelnemers worden vriendelijk uitgenodigd op onze Data Innovation Summit van 26 maart.


Seminar – Keyrus – Sales and Marketing Analytics – 10th March 2015


Catherine Homel   Catherine Homel from Keyrus has asked us to communicate this interesting seminar.

Come and join us to find out how Keyrus, thanks to Big Data, helps its clients improve sales and marketing.

The digital era has thrown the marketing role into turmoil: the speed at which an offer becomes obsolete, depreciation of “client capital”, users taking control of the relationship via multiple channels. To offer clients a very personalized experience and get back in the driving seat of the relationship, marketing departments need to tame the data dragon, turning data profusion into actionable insights.
Big data, however, is not only about data. It involves changing company cultures and building a common understanding between the business and IT . This new paradigm creates complex challenges for companies that need to move away from the traditional hierarchical approach towards a more agile methodology and mindset.

Come and join us to find out how Keyrus, thanks to Big Data, helps its clients improve sales and marketing. For example, how can you make insights personalized and prescriptive? How can you combine traditional and behavioural insights to understand triggers better? How to visualize these insights in your story towards the marketing team? How can you optimise the usage of your different channels?


16.00    Welcome – doors open

16.30    Data: the super power of the marketer!
Marc Rouselle – Partner, Keyrus Managment

17.00    Practical cases: from data to prescriptive insights and personalized
omni-channel marketing

17.45    Round table
Philip Allegaert – Director Big Data & Analytics

18.25    Warm up

18.30    Walking dinner

Who should attend?

Marketing managers, CMO’s, CDO’s, customer intelligence managers, CRM- managers, sales managers, innovation managers and CEO’s who are seeking inspiration to embed analytics in improving sales and marketing operations.

Presentations will be held in English. Participation to the session, dinner and parking space are free. Limited space is available so


register now!

For further details, please contact Catherine Homel
+32 2 706 03 06

Join this free 2-hours session followed by a walking dinner, and get inspiring, forward-looking ideas on how advanced technologies can do the routine jobs for you, while saving time and resources. Feel free to forward this invitation to your colleagues and/or peers.
This seminar is aimed at customers and prospects, subject to advanced confirmation from Keyrus. Keyrus reserves the right to refuse attendance based on a registrant’s status. 

» Registration

Date & time

Tuesday 10 March 2015. We welcome all participants as of 15.30. Seminar starts at 16.00 and ends at 18.00. It will be followed by a walking dinner.


Holiday Inn Brussels Airport
Holidaystraat 2
B-1831 Diegem