Hands-On: Social Network Analysis Challenge part 1

Brussels Data Science Meetup
Added by Philippe Van Impe
Thursday, November 6, 2014
7:00 PM
transforma bxl
Avenue du Pérou 80 Perulaan
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During this hands on session we will focus on Social Network Analysis. The business case & Challenge: Using you own tools and methods and the available data of Twitter or other social media drivers, we challenge you to come up with a good way to …


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Hands-On for Good – Doctors Without Borders – Part2

Join us tonight @transformabxl for the second part of our Hands-On for Good project we are doing for Doctors Without Borders.

with the help and precious support from: transformabxl-logo


Come & contribute to a good cause, Data for good project part1 helping Doctors without Borders



Our first Data For Good Hackathon at last

Amnesty International – Call for Volunteers

We are proud to announce our cooperation with one of the leading NGO in the world.

Thomas is leading this initiative. Over the coming months we will identify with amnesty some key deliveries and organise working sessions for our members to work on it.

Check out the Call for volunteers from thomas on Linkedin .