WOOT WOOT: #womenintech @ #disummit

#womenintech @di-Summit

During this year’s summit you will hear stories on how data is used to build a better world.

On March 30th we have invited an impressive lineup of top speakers and prepared in depth training classes for managers and data scientists.

Her is an overview of our #womenintech speakers:

  1. Nele Coghe – Data Science Expert – I’ll introduce you to over 30 stories told by the best experts in data science
  2. Tine Vandenbreeden – CTO @ SAP – How s mart is digital twin?
  3. Juli Ursi – BI expert @ SAP –  I’ll give you a tour of our digital boardroom
  4. Elena Bonfiglioli – Senior Director Health @ Microsoft – “Solving” Cancer with Artificial Intelligence
  5. Nadia Aime – Womanmentorassociation – I’ll tell you a story about #womenintech and data
  6. Céline Bouton – Co-Captain @ Armada.digital – We are empowering good causes to spread the word
  7. Bianca Debaets – Secretary of State – Data Science makes our city s marter
  8. Hannah Pinson – Winner #denguehack – We predicted the next dengue outbreak using twitter feeds
  9. Ann-Elise Delbecq – Analytics @ IBM – a new cognitive way of working with data and analytics
  • Please check disummit.com form more exciting presentations.

European Presentation – Prof R. Zicari from Goethe University of Frankfurth – Bigdata & datadriven society

Roberto Zicari

Profesor Roberto V. Zicari (@odbmsorg), from the Goethe University  in Frankfurt recently gave a talk at Stanford on Big Data: http://ee380.stanford.edu

This is a very original presentation where bigdata is viewed from an European perspective: Big data a Data driven society

It contains information on the projects around  data driven innovation  from the European Commission.

If you are interested, this is the page with a link to download the presentation: http://www.odbms.org/2014/07/big-data-a-data-driven-society/

and you can watch the video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBhu2kkZXGQ