The first Brussels’ AI week is taking shape

What a day we had yesterday, everything we ever wanted our AI community to become just happened overnight

It started with a call last week from Ward, our original data science expert in residence from when we first created the data innovation Hub at AXA in 2015. He invited me to meet Tom and Maarten who are driving the data initiatives at DPG, the Media concern from the Van Thillo family that reaches 8 out of 10 people from Flanders with news, entertainment and mobile services, with 35 brands like VTM, Humo, and Mobile Viking.

And what a meeting we had. Maarten said that 5 years ago he was at the VUB working in the AI Lab from dr Nowé when he started to attend our datascience meetups, Tom said that he loved our yearly diSummit as a source of inspiration and that it was time for them to do something back for the community. So they talked about their team and the importance of analytics in their daily work where the data they gather generates enough insight to understand what their 4,6 million customers really want, in such a way that AI has now become the real program director.

What a journey they had in the past few years. And, what an inspiration they are for every manager that is in charge of delivering the value of AI. I was overexcited; everything we ever wanted was taking shape. 6 years ago, we started to bring people together to discover what data science was all about. We created the data science community, built the data innovation hub, organised about 200 meetups, 4 data science boot camps & JobFairs, and we are currently preparing the 6th data innovation summit. Roughly, bringing everybody involved in data and analytics from Belgium together to network and inspire each other. 

Today we have established our home in the digital innovation hub of DigitYser. Individual teams are driving meetups in all major universities of Belgium, and the initial meetup members are driving their teams in most of the major corporations in Belgium. And, all have kept their open spirit of the early days, everyone is eager to share their experience and inspire new managers to use data science to build a better world.

So, this leads us to the reason we organise the first AI-week because we now have enough practical use cases showing the value of data, enough examples to share with everyone who wants to discover the importance of AI. There is no more time to waste; it is time to start your AI project now.

Check out to book your next meeting and training, and join Tom & Maarten on Thursday afternoon, March 19th for a unique ‘AI in the Media industry’ showcase. Besides, book your discovery tour build around the 15 AI pop-up demos, and finish it off with a maturity workshop to identify the best AI project for your company. 

If you are an expert and you want to share you can:

  • Have a pop-up demo and demonstrate the value of AI with a practical example
  • Host a workshop, run a master class, present at a topic

If you are eager to learn more about the value of AI, you can:

  • Attend the AI discovery tour 
  • Participate in the different workshops and masterclasses
  • Network during the AI4BElgium event and the data science meetup


2015-robert-atkinson-180x180Rob Atkinson, the founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation will present his research work on the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives.


The important technological advancements in computer science and information systems move us towards the artificial intelligence era with the creation of computing machines and systems that perform operations analogous to human learning and decision making. In this event we will discuss challenges and opportunities of this new era. Rob Atkinson, the founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation will present his research work on the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives covering among the others issues how the new machine era will affect employment and consumer privacy.

His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion during which, Anna Byhovskaya, will discuss the future of work and associated challenges imposed by artificial intelligence and Sebartian Gerlach, director of corporate affairs at Microsoft will discuss the opportunities of artificial intelligence for businesses as well as the impact it will have on markets and corporate practices. In addition, Merja Kyllönen, member of the European Parliament will share her opinion on the subject.

This event will be livestreamed starting at 12.30. There is no need to register for the livestream.

Register for this event


Mar 23, 2017, 12:00-12:30 Check in and lunch 12:30-12:50


Robert Atkinson, President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation


Panel discussion

Chair: Georgios Petropoulos, Research Fellow

Anna Byhovskaya, Policy & Communications Advisor,TUAC/ OECD

Sebastian Gerlach, Director of Corporate Affairs, Microsoft

Merja Kyllönen, Member of the European Parliament


Bruegel, Rue de la Charité 33, 1210 Brussels

Tonight – IBM – LIVESTREAM – Machine Learning Launch

Calling all IT executives, data scientists, Chief Data Officers, data architects and other data geeks
Be the first to learn about our breakthrough developments on machine learning, Spark, data and analytics


The demand for machine learning is booming!

Calling all IT executives, data scientists, Chief Data Officers, data architects and other data geeks.  Join us on February 15th from 2:00-5:30 pm ET via livestream  (replay available starting February 16th) , and discover how machine learning is fundamentally changing the way we work and live.  Hear about cognitive applications that anticipate behavior and learn from data without being explicitly programmed.

You’ll learn about the latest breakthrough developments on machine learning as well as Spark, data and analytics. Mike Gualtieri, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester, will present his view on how to best leverage technologies such as big data, predictive analytics, Hadoop/Spark, machine learning, data science, and AI.  Rob Thomas, General Manager, IBM Analytics will host an agenda which will include guest speakers and cover the following topics:

•  Machine Learning Overview
•  Top Trends in Machine Learning & Cognitive Applications
•  Cognitive Analytics and Machine Learning for the Enterprise
•  Live Product Demonstration & Client Roundtable on Machine Learning
•  Data Innovation with Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing
•  Spark & Machine Learning for Enterprise Systems

For additional details and to REGISTER, please visit MACHINE LEARNING.

Register NOW and we’ll send you a reminder!

Call for Speakers – diSummit – March 30, 2017


Hello from everyone at the European Data Innovation Hub. We’re excited to announce our Call for Speakers for the diHub’s 2017 diSummit. This year’s event will be based on the theme of how we can use data for good, and will take place on March 30th at the ING building in the Brussels city center.

We will begin announcing our forty-five selected speakers in mid-January.

You can visit the website for the event here, and if you’re interested in speaking at the event, please fill out our call for speakers form here. Tickets are currently available for sale on Eventbrite.

Evoliris Conference – DEC 7 – Big Data in Brussels.



À vos agendas ! Le mercredi 7 décembre se déroulera la conférence organisée par Evoliris – « Le Big Data à Bruxelles aujourd’hui ! Et demain ? »


 Mot de bienvenue et Introduction – Jean-Pierre Rucci, directeur Evoliris ; Floriane de Kerchove, Directrice Agoria et Présidente d’Evoliris

Présentation du rapport « Le Big Data à Bruxelles aujourd’hui. Et demain ? » Christina Galouzis Evoliris

Intervention en français

La conférence est l’occasion de présenter officiellement le premier numéro du cahier d’Evoliris. Notre premier sujet concerne une tendance technologique qui fait beaucoup parler d’elle : le Big Data. La présentation aborde les différents points développés dans le rapport en termes de politique sociale, d’emploi et de formations. Nous ferons ensemble le point sur les constats mais aussi sur les recommandations et conclusions afin d’initier une réflexion sur l’avenir du Big Data à Bruxelles.

« Big data, mais encore… une approche pragmatique s’impose ! » – Ferdinand Casier – Agoria

Intervention en français

Lors de cette présentation, plusieurs projets seront passés en revue afin de dégager les grandes tendances dans les projets « data » innovants. Nous verrons ensuite comment la région de Bruxelles-Capitale peut contribuer aux développements de son tissu socio-économique en utilisant toutes les ressources disponibles en matière d’analyse de données.

” Comment devenir un expert en science de la donnée en Belgique ?” – Philippe Van Impe – DIHub

Intervention en néerlandais

Cette présentation donne un aperçu de la manière dont un expert peut évoluer en un Data Scientist à part entière. Elle met également en évidence des communautés existantes de la Science des données et du Big Data ainsi que leurs activités pour aider les professionnels de la science des données à avoir l’expérience nécessaire pour occuper rapidement ce type de fonction.

Et conclusion par M. le Ministre Didier Gosuin, Ministre de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale Emploi, Economie, Formation Professionnelle



 Où ? Au Diamant Building, Salle Baekeland, Bd A. Reyers 80 – 1030 Bruxelles

Quand ? Le mercredi 07 décembre 2016 de 9h à 14h30

Merci de nous faire parvenir votre réponse pour  au plus tard le 28 novembre 2016

+32 (0)2 475 20



Conferentie Evoliris :  “Big Data in Brussels vandaag. En morgen?

Met de medewerking van de heer Minister Didier Gosuin – 7 december 2016

Diamant Building, Zaal Baekeland, A. Reyerslaan 80 – 1030 Brussel

Mis dat niet! Op woensdag 7 december organiseert Evoliris de conferentie “Big Data in Brussel vandaag. En morgen?


Welkom en inleiding door Jean-Pierre, Directeur Evoliris;  Floriane de Kerchove, Directeur Agoria en Voorzitter van Evoliris 

Voorstelling van het rapport “Big Data in Brussel vandaag. En morgen?” door Christina Galouzis, Evoliris 

Voorstelling in het Frans

Ter gelegenheid van deze conferentie stellen we u “Evoliris zoomt in…” voor. In dit eerste rapport uit de reeks, willen we het hebben over een technologische ontwikkeling waar heel veel over wordt gesproken: Big Data. We benaderen het gegeven vanuit verschillende oogpunten; sociaal, tewerkstelling, en opleidingen. En ten slotte formuleren we ook een aantal conclusies en aanbevelingen over de toekomst van Big Data in Brussel.


 “Big Data… zei u? Een pragmatische aanpak, graag! – Ferdinand Casier, Agoria

Voorstelling in het Frans

Gedurende de presentatie zullen verschillende projecten besproken worden om van daaruit grote lijnen te identificeren die kunnen leiden tot innoverende “data” projecten. We bespreken dan ook hoe het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest haar steentje kan bijdragen tot socio-economische ontwikkelingen door alle middelen te gebruiken om aan data-analyse te doen.

“Hoe wordt men een Data Science expert in België” – Philippe Van Impe – DIHub

Voorstelling in het Nederlands

In deze presentatie geven we een overzicht van hoe een expert kan evolueren tot een volwaardige data scientist. Er wordt vooral ingegaan op de state of the art van data science en de Big Data community. Verder komen ook activiteiten aan bod waardoor data science professionals de nodige ervaring kunnen opdoen om direct inzetbaar te zijn op de arbeidsmarkt.

Het slotwoord komt van de heer Didier Gosuin, Minister van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest inzake Tewerkstelling, Economie, en Professionele Opleiding.


Waar? Diamant Building, Zaal Baekeland, A. Reyerslaan 80 – 1030 Brussel

Wanneer ? woensdag, 7 december 2016 van 9 tot 14.30 uur

Uw antwoord zien wij graag tegemoet voor maandag 28 november

+32 (0)2 475 20 00 –

Seizing Europe’s Data Innovation Opportunity

 center for data innovation

You are invited to


Seizing Europe’s Data Innovation Opportunity

Monday, February 29, 2016 from 14:00 – 18:00 (CET)


International Press Center, Polak Room, Résidence Palace, 155 Rue de la Loi, Blok C 1040 Brussels

The rapidly growing data economy presents an enormous opportunity for Europe to increase productivity and competitiveness. Public sector institutions alone could save more than €100 billion annually from increased use of data. Moreover, data-driven innovation will likely play a key role in addressing a wide array of the most important challenges facing Europe, from supporting an ageing population to improving domestic security to combating human trafficking.

While the data revolution is poised to unlock enormous economic value, create new opportunities for scientific discovery, and improve quality of life for hundreds of millions of Europeans, these advancements will only be possible if Europe embraces policies to support innovation in the data economy. In some areas, such as public commitments to building smart cities and adoption of open data policies, European nations are in the vanguard. However, other areas need more work.

Join the Center for Data Innovation at the inaugural event for its Brussels office where it will host a thoughtful discussion about the future of data policy in Europe, including opportunities to build and expand on successes to increase the use of data throughout the public and private sector. The event will be followed by a reception.


  • Liam Benham, Vice President of Government Affairs, IBM
  • Michał Boni, Member of the European Parliament
  • Beatrice Covassi, Deputy Head for the Data Value Chain Unit, European Commission
  • Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium and Minister of Development Cooperation, Digital Agenda, Telecom, and Postal Services
  • John Higgins, Director General, DIGITALEUROPE
  • Kaja Kallas, Member of the European Parliament
  • Lenard Koschwitz, Director of European Affairs, Allied for Startups
  • Paul MacDonnell, Head of European Policy, Center for Data Innovation
  • Catriona Meehan, Director of EU Policy and Government Relations, Application Developers Alliance
  • Victor Negrescu, Member of the European Parliament
  • Damir Tomicic, Chief Executive Officer, Axinom Group
  • Philippe Van Impe, Founder, European Data Innovation Hub
Résidence Palace International Press Center, Polak Room
155, rue de la Loi – Blok C
1040 Brussels
Attend Event

Join us at our Data Innovation Symmit – #DIS2016 – 

Event – IABE – Big Data – December 3rd


Dear Mr. Van Impe,

On behalf of the IABE (institute of actuaries from Belgium), we are pleased to inform you that an exciting and relevant seminar on “Big Data” is to be held on December 3rd , 2015. Eminent speakers coming from both the academic world and the business side are gathered. The seminar is set to bring insight on Big Data and how it could impact the insurance sector. The seminar will cover theoretical and practical aspects. We are sure it will provide an enriching experience for all our participants.

Would you mind sharing the invitation with whom it would be of interest?

Kind regards,
Yasmine Nouri
(member of IABE and co-organizer of the event),

Here is the agenda:

  • 13h30 : Welcome by Jean-François Hannosset, President of the IA|BE
  • 13h35 : Introduction to Big Data by Mateusz Maj.
  • 14h00 : Data science : “State of the art” Professor dr. Bart Baesens an associate professor at KU Leuven, and a guest lecturer at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom). 
  • 14h40 : Overview of (a) practical application by Jo Coutuer 
  • ——————– 15h20 : Coffee break———–
  • 15h40 : Overview of (a) practical application by Jean-Philippe Schepens  
  • 16h20 : Legal framework around Big Data by Laurens Naudts is a legal researcher at the KU Leuven 
  • 17h00 : Panel discussion : experts insurance companies
    Jean-Claude Debussche –  Pierre Ars –  Dries De Dauw –  Marieke Geeraert – Yasmine Nouri
  • 17h55 : Conclusion
  • ——————– 18h00 : cocktail ————

Event – Official Opening of the European Data Innovation Hub in Brussels – October 20th 10AM

HUBdatainnovation invitation

We are so pleased to announce that our Hub will officially be inaugurated by Alexander De Croo, Bianca Debaets, Frank Koster, Marietje Schaak and Jörgen Gren. Over 100 directors and managers have already confirmed their presence to this ribbon cutting ceremony that will be held in our new offices in the Axa building.

266px-Alexander_de_croo_675 bianca-in-brussel frank marietjejorgen_gren

Join us on October 20th at 10AM to meet young data startups, talk to representatives of the academic world, share your ideas with the politics representatives that support us and discover our datascience training offering.

There are only a few more spaces left so please hurry and reserve your seat via our eventbrite page.

I’m looking forward to meeting you in our new offices soon,

Philippe Van Impe
asbl European Data Innovation Hub vzw 
Inspire – Innovate – Connect

Event – Startup weekend – 13/15 November – Brussels


Dear Brussels Data Science Members,

Dear Data Innovation Hub team,

I am writing to you as a co-organiser of the Startup Weekend Changemakers that will be organised in Brussels on 13-15/11 on the campus of the Vlerick Business School . I was wondering if you could pass the message within Data Innovation Hub’s networks, since I believe it could be of interest for your members.

The event is designed for startup enthusiasts, professionals and students aged 18-35 (technical or non-technical entrepreneurs,, business or IT-oriented, designers, social entrepreneurs, etc..) who have an interest in Startups, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Social innovation. During the weekend, participants form teams arounds ideas, co-create start-ups with the support of experienced coaches, and finally pitch their project in front of a professional jury.  It’s a weekend dedicated to business model creation, product designing, prototyping, coding and market validation. No talk, all action!

We are seeking to reach out to a diverse and talented crowd of developers, designers, marketers, students, and other professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset that are willing to push boundaries to create change.

How to proceed? Here are three ways you can help us spread the word:

Thank you so much in advance for promoting this event with us ! Should you need any boost for your own activities, let me know.

Should you need any more information, please ask me directly or inquire at []