Starting free hands-on MOOC Coaching!

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to announce our coaching in the most popular Massive Open Online Course: Machine Learning by Andrew Ng! We’ve got some beautiful new office space thanks to our buddies at AXA Belgium where we’ll be holding meetups to discuss and work through course materials. We’ll start Monday 4th of May around 7 pm, so keep a look out at our various channels of communication! Here’s the event with address details, a Calendar file and so on.

Andrew Ng’s ‘Machine Learning’ is one of the first courses on Coursera which has grown to amazing popularity, and rightfully so! This course covers ‘how to make computers act without explicitly programming them’, as Andrew puts it, by explaining concepts like multivariate regression, neural networks, support vector machines and much more. This information is invaluable for many branches of data science and gives a good look at what’s ahead for those willing to get their hands dirty. You don’t have to be an expert programmer for it either. Everything Andrew does is in Octave, but to make our learning experience even more exciting we’ll be repeating the Octave exercises in R, a very common language among all data- or statistics workers. R is a great language to learn if you’re looking to go forward in (online) courses concerning data science.

With our group, you’ll be guided in understanding the concepts and assignments given to you in this course, giving you valuable experience in what Machine Learning is and what can be accomplished with it. We’ll also give a little more background on some of the stuff Ng talks about so that each and all can keep their head above water.

And, of course, it’s free! We want to stimulate a learning environment and attract enthusiasts on all levels, so feel free to join in. After our first meetup we’ll hook a camera up with a Google Hangouts group so that you can follow online.

First ‘in-real-life’ meeting will start Monday May 4th and from then on we’ll get together every Thursday (except on main meetup days, about once per month). Edward and I will coach, though enthusiasts are always welcome to help out or hang around.

See you there!

Building a team to follow together the new Datascience Coursera courses starting next week

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Hendrik D’Oosterlinck is taking the lead to organize this initiative.


Coursera and Johns Hopkins University starts a full Data Science training. Why don’t we build a teal and do this together. Please comment on this post if you want to participate.


Let’s do this together !

Learn Data Science from one of the world’s top universities.
Johns Hopkins professors developed the Data Science Specialization to guide you from fundamental principles to advanced competency.
  • Gain hands-on Data Science experience with a Capstone Project
  • Showcase your knowledge with a Verified Certificate on your LinkedIn profile and resume
  • Adapt to your schedule with courses repeating monthly
  • Have unlimited retries for up to two years while available
Happy learning,
Coursera Team

Coursera – Social Media Analysis – Michigan Univerity

University of Michigan

The Social Network Analysis MOOC started this week on Coursera.
The course is given by Lada Adamic, an assiciate professor at MU who took a sabbatical year to go and work at Facebook. A year later she’s back with this inspiring course.
Lada Adamic will introduce you to social network mechanics and concepts. The tool of choice in this case is Gephi, which is a free to use graph/network visualisation tool.
This 8 week course combines video lectures with homework assignments during which you will learn to use Gephi and apply the freshly acquired knowledge on real data sets.
The course offers the possibility to apply for a certificate.

As a personal note from Glenn Vanderlinden:

I already went through the first couple of units and it looks rather interesting. It makes use of Gephi, which is to an extent an alternative to Neo4j. Might be interested for people who attended the last Meetup or who are interested in graph/network analysis. I hope this is useful for the community.


Lada Adamic

Lada Adamic

Coursera – Process Mining -TU Eindhoven – starts Nov 12th



Process Mining: Data science in Action

Process mining is the missing link between model-based process analysis and data-oriented analysis techniques. Through concrete data sets and easy to use software the course provides data science knowledge that can be applied directly to analyze and improve processes in a variety of domains.

Course at a Glance

4-6 hours of work / week
English subtitles