Challenge – Online – Integra Gold Rush


Who wants to be part of our Team of Belgian gold diggers? ( please add a comment if interested)

I just received this exciting message from Canada. Should we put a team together, seems to be the perfect for real miners, no ?

Hello Philippe,

We are excited to launch the Integra Gold Rush Challenge this September – one of the largest ever mining industry incentive prize competitions to hunt down the next big gold discovery in Val-d’Or, Canada.

Opened in 1935, the Lamaque mine remained in operation for 50 years, processing more than 24 million tons of ore and 4.5 million ounces of gold. The Lamaque mine remained untouched and relatively forgotten for nearly 30 years, until Integra Gold purchased it in October, 2014.

Along with the purchase came 6 terabytes of information, spanning 75 years of mining history. This database is being turned to the public to help unlock its value through innovative and comprehensive solutions.

The Integra Gold Rush Challenge invites people from around the world, from any background to analyze this data and win prizes totaling CAD $1 million.

You may visit the challenge page to find out more and to register as an innovator. 

Please let me know if you would like to participate or know anyone else who might be interested in participating.



Join our next meetup on Sept 24th @VUB:

How Data Science is Transforming Sales and Marketing

Thursday, Sep 24, 2015, 6:30 PM

VUB – Aula QD
Pleinlaan 2B – 1050, Brussels Brussels, BE

149 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

Agenda:18:30 monthly update by Philippe Van Impe• Official opening of the HUB with Alexander De Croo on 20/10• How to benefit from the training facilities from ‘European Data Innovation Hub’ – here is the overview of the trainings organized.• how to benefit from the DataScience co-working space• nice list of outstanding job opportunities19:00…

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Treat yourself to some #datascience education:

Why don’t you join one of our  #datascience trainings in order to sharpen your skills.

Special rates apply if you are a job seeker.

Here are some training highlights for the coming months:

Check out the full agenda here.

ReservoirLab (UGent) wins $100 000 with the National Data Science Bowl competition.

Reslab (Ugent) team wins 100k $

Reslab (Ugent) team wins 100k $

On March 17th the team of Reservoir Lab at Ghent University won the the first-ever National Data Science Bowl competition on Kaggle.

For us, data science is more than a skill or profession. It is a calling and a way of life. It rewards grit as much as talent. Failure, curiosity, and small successes lead to discovery. Data science grants the power of entire nations or corporations to the individual. It gives a megaphone to those who were previously silent. Our purpose is bigger than any one of us.

Booz Allen and Kaggle sponsored the first-ever National Data Science Bowl, a nationwide competition that uses data science techniques to take on a global challenge. In just 90 days, this competition produced:

  • 1,293 participants
  • 1,049 teams
  • 15,120 submissions
  • And several break through solutions

Congrats to the winners, Team Deep Sea!

– See more at:

Pieter Buteneers explains:

Out of the 1049 teams we succeeded in winning the 100 000 dollar prize.

The purpose of this competition was to automatically classify images of plankton.

Our  technique will now be used by the Hatfield Marine Science Center to follow the change in marine life and to map climate change.

The ResLab @ugent_fea team will give a talk at the Data Science Summit on their winning submission.

The team was composed of Sander, Jonas, Jeroen, Aaron, Ira, Pieter and Lionel.

More details on their winning solution can be found on <>

Congrats to the winners, Team Deep Sea!

– See more at:

Call for presentations – Data Innovation Summit – Brussels – March 26 2015

datascience Innovation

Dear Data Lover,

You are kindly invited to share your big data science project experience with over 500 peers.

Take on this challenge and join over 30 presenters for an action packed Data Innovation Summit on March 26th in Brussels, register your presentation here .

To help you make this happen we have defined different formats and will provide presentation coaching.

  1. Job Flash – 2:30 minutes – 10 slides
    For those who want to present their next project and attract the best resources.
  2. Ignite Talk – 5:00 minutes – 20 slides
    20 slides moving forward every 15 seconds, great experience for novice presenters.
  3. University Challenge – 6:00 minutes – free format
    For academic teams who are eager to show off their ability to help the business.
  4. TED Style – 12:00 minutes – free format
    For those who want to share their passion about a specific topic.

The best cases will be bundled in our book ‘ Data Innovation in Belgium ‘, your presentation will be streamed live during the event and made available on our website (

The Belgian academic and business community is looking forward to hearing your story,

Philippe Van Impe

PS. Please forward this invitation to your peers and invite them to register or to prepare a presentation together with you.


Data Innovation

Data4Good competition hosted by Kaggle – National Data Science Bowl – Assessing Ocean Health – Starting December 15th


Enter the first-ever National Data Science Bowl – Assessing Ocean Health

12.15.2014 – 3.16.2015


The National Data Science Bowl is a first-of-its-kind competition asking data scientists to use their skills and big data for social good.

Kaggle and Booz | Allen | Hamilton have just launched the National Data Science Bowl. It is a data science competition hosted at Kaggle.

Learn more:

If you are interested in getting started, a tutorial is available in iPython format. Best of Luck!


Announcing the Data Innovation Summit – Made in Belgium – March 26th 2015

agenda front

structurally sponsored by:


Main speakers:

Toon Vanagt Laurent Fayet Filip Maertens kris_peeters_0 Vincent Blondel David Martens HANS CONSTANDT

Toon Vanagt- Laurent Fayet – Filip Maertens – Kris Peeters – Vincent Blondel – David Martens – Hans Constandt

Summit  Sponsors:


The Data Innovation Summit in Brussels is a one day conference gathering all the Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. It is an action packed conference where more than 50 speakers will demonstrate what they do to help us compete in this digital marketplace.

The day is divided in 6 main sections:

  1. Keynotes sketching the Data Innovation Ecosystem
  2. Enterprise Business Cases
  3. Ignite sessions by innovation facilitators
  4. Business Cases brought by Universities
  5. Startup sessions
  6. Ignite sessions by the members of the community


  • Please find the latest update of the agenda here.

Over 50 Speakers

  • One minister
  • One Rector
  • At least 10 Professors
  • Over 15 CEO’s & founders
  • Over 30 ignite sessions
  • Over 15 innovative startups
  • Please find the latest update of the speakers  here

Why you should attend:

  • Learn how to become a Data Driven manager.
  • Interact with Belgian’s most innovative speakers about Data Innovation and Data Science.
  • Listen to business cases explaining the different ways to extract value from Data.
  • Meet every important instance implicated with Data Innovation in Belgium.

Who else is attending:

  • Government, Universities and Companies will present the value they managed to get out of their analytic projects.
  • More than 500 professionals all active in the data science / analytics /IoT /bigdata environment are expected to attend.

Sponsoring opportunities:

  • You can check out the sponsoring program here.
  • Send an email to to request more details about the prices for these sponsoring possibilities, or just call Philippe Van Impe on 0477 23 78 42.


Please register using this meetup page:

Summit: Data Innovation Summit – Made in Belgium

Thursday, Mar 26, 2015, 8:00 AM

AXA building
boulevard du Souverain, 25 Watermael-Boitsfort, BE

396 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

Toon Vanagt- Laurent Fayet – Filip Maertens – Kris Peeters – Vincent Blondel –David Martens – Hans ConstandtThe Data Innovation Summit in Brussels is a one day conference gathering all the Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. It is an action packed conference where more than 50 speakers will demonstrate what they do that helps us compete i…

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Hands-On: Social Network Analysis Challenge part 1

Brussels Data Science Meetup
Added by Philippe Van Impe
Thursday, November 6, 2014
7:00 PM
transforma bxl
Avenue du Pérou 80 Perulaan
I’m going

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During this hands on session we will focus on Social Network Analysis. The business case & Challenge: Using you own tools and methods and the available data of Twitter or other social media drivers, we challenge you to come up with a good way to …


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Round One – 2014 TEXATA Big Data Analytics World Championships – October 18, 2014


The 2014 Texata Big Data Analytics World Championships in October 2014 is a competition for students and professionals to develop and test their Big Data Analytics skills against their friends, colleagues and top data experts from around the world.

Participants are free to use any technology vendors, products or additive analytical products. Requires solid familiarity with the basic data analytical techniques involved with managing the large and complex volumes of data with heterogeneity, diversity and developing meaningful analytical insights.

Saturday, October 18, 2014 – 7:45am to 8:45pm