Improving your Consulting Skills as Data Scientist

While developing technical skills is vital for Data Scientists, ensuring to clearly communicate procedures and findings is equally important. For this purpose, we invite you to join our upcoming training “Consulting Skills for Data Scientists”, delivered by Eric Lecoutre and Sven Wauters, from WeLoveDataScience.

You can find more details in the related event. There is a special offer for students, jobseekers, and our partner companies. Don’t hesitate to join this training!

Data Analysis Internship at a political party

One of the participants at the Summer Coding Camp sent us this opening from his organisation:

The Brussels-based ALDE Party is seeking for a Data Analysis trainee for a 6 month period. The candidate should have a background in Statistics or Computer Science, or from the fields of Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology, with strong quantitative abilities.

More details can be found here:

Please feel free to share this opportunity!

Meetup – August 1st – Q&A on GDPR implementation



Data Science Community and Legal Hackers join forces to untangle the GDPR mystery and to propose a workable and easy to use framework to allow each datascientist to stay inside the legal boundaries.

At first sight, it may not look so, but lawyers and data scientist have things in common. One of those things is the struggle with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDRP”). Each looks at it from a different perspective. Often they have the same goal: support the business in handling and using (personal) data “responsably”, like a “good head of the family”, in line with the state-of-the-art and the law.

This is one of the conclusion we made from the “data science and ethics” event in June.

So let’s try something. Let’s join forces and exchange best practices in a “questions and answers” session on GDPR implementation.

The idea

The idea is the enter the meeting with questions… and to come out of it with (some) answers.

As for the questions, please, do one on of the following:

  • raise them in the comment section
  • if you want, prepare a short presentation to give some context or an overview
  • keep a little notebook for them and bring it to the meetup

The questions can be legal, technical, organisational, practical,… We hope to gather all types of skills in the room to find the answers. Note that this also means that you don’t per se have to (already) be involved in the implementation at your company at present. The questions of people a bit further from a practical implementation may shed a fresh light on things.

As for the answers. They could be:

  • a clear view on the theory,
  • potential tooling,
  • templates or (anonymised) examples,

The approach

ASSEMBLY – Depending on the size of the group of attendees and the interests, we could go over all the questions in a single group or break up in sub-groups. In the latter case, we would assemble at the beginning (for an introduction) and at the end of the session (for a short report on each sub-group).

CONFIDENTIALITY – For people to open up in the meeting, we emphasize the commitment to confidentiality of all the attendees. Everything shared in the context of the event (prior to it, during and afterwards) should be kept confidential. So be careful when tweeting, taking photographs, making (video) recordings,… The practical information received can at best only be used anonymously (without reference to the source) and obfuscated (commingled amongst other sources). If you are not sure, explicitly ask the source if and how to use the info or material.

INFORMALITY – The approach is rather informal. This also means that any answers etc. are not advice and just a best effort nudge in a (good) direction. We don’t want anybody to worry about being called on for being open or offering an opinion during the meeting.

The joint forces

This organisation is a joint effort of (at least) two communities in Brussels:


What if it works?

If this seems to work out fine, we are considering organising this once every month or every two weeks.

Antwerp – FREE – Data Visualization Workshop with Nadieh Bremer

Data Visualization Workshop with Nadieh Bremer
Be one of 30 chosen ones to work with Data Visualization Designer Nadieh Bremer.

CFO Services’ Data4S offers you an 8 hour workshop with one of the world’s brightest Data Visualization Artists.

Nadieh graduated as an astronomer at the universities of Leiden and Berkeley, to become a Data Scientist and Analytics consultant, eventually discovering her true passion: visualizing data in an effective, understandable & aesthetic way.

With so many tools available to visualize data, it’s easy to get stuck in thinking about chart types, always just going for that bar or line chart, without truly thinking about effectiveness. In this workshop, Nadieh will teach you how you can take a more creative and practical approach to data visualization design. Your horizon will broaden on the types of charts that are out there in the wild, but you will learn a lot more.


  • What are the steps in the data visualization process
  • How to come up with ideas and concepts to visualize
  • How to apply a more creative approach to making memorable yet functional and user-friendly data visualizations
  • How to think of approaches to go beyond the default even within the environment of a tool
  • How to design with code and connect your design decisions with meaningful data early on


  • Friday, September 8, from 9 am to 6 pm
  • KAS (Kunst aan de Stroom), Wandeldijk 1-32, 2050 Antwerpen

Based on the motivation candidates provide, we will make a selection of 30 people that can attend the workshop, free of charge. Data4S’s expert practice leader Toon Borré and CFO directors Walter Deprins and Alexander Van Caeneghem will do the selection.

Photo: Nadie Bremer /

Summer Update

activity update

We just finished the most amazing quarter since our creation. We moved to DigitYser, found 2 new supporters with Sofina and the Brussels Region, we launched the second coding camp and datascience bootcamp. Unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to a good friend.

Moved to DigitYser & new core team.

DigitYser is the digital flagship of Brussels where communities gather to learn about, co-create and implement digital solutions focused on Blockchain, Data & AI , IOT and VR.

2nd Coding Camp and Data Science Bootcamp.

The candidate data scientist will sharpen his coding skills during the summer coding camp.

Companies will have the possibility to meet the candidates in person and offer them a job.

Job Fair to meet the candidates of the Data Science Bootcamp.

Introducing our Summer Coding Camp participants to organisations interested to sponsor their Data Science Bootcamp is key to DigitYser’s mindset

Recruiting Interns.

We are recruiting interns and want to help them to get a much better insight into the following passions : AI – VR – Data – Blockchain – IoT – Social Media – Video.

Ending with sad news:

We end this overview with sad news as our friend Colin Molter has flown away. Colin was a respected data science professional & entrepreneur and Chief Data Science @ AXA.

You can leave a kind word for his family in the comments of the linkedin post.

Up to you ! Please help us.

  • Please share the info about the data science bootcamp to your colleagues.
  • Share the info of the job fair with your HR department.
  • Come and visit us at DigitYser and attend one of our events.
  • Write a nice message for Colin on our linkedin post.

Contact details & interesting links:

Join the Data Science Job Fair

Introducing our Summer Coding Camp participants to organisations interested to sponsor their Data Science Bootcamp is key to DigitYser’s mindset


We are so excited to have been contacted by so many talented professionals interested to join our Summer Coding Camp! This is a clear sign on the awareness towards the importance of developing and promoting Data Science skills.

This is a great prelude for the first Data Science Job Fair 2017 edition, where we bring in contact the participants of our Summer Coding Camp with organisations who are interested to sponsor their Data Science Bootcamp and to invite them to work for them. This is in line DigitYser’s mindset, which is highly focused on bringing together different stakeholders around the activities we organise.

A year ago, during each of our Data Science Job Fairs, an average of 20 companies (Innovation and Training Partners) were able to meet 40 participants of our Summer Coding Camp and Data ScienceBootcamp. This is a great opportunity which goes beyond a typical job fair, as the event’s format to both the training’s participants and the organisations to briefly present themselves to everyone, ensuring a clear visibility of their profiles and the added value they bring along.

The event is open to everyone: feel free to book your place and join us on August 1st. It is free of charge for the Summer Coding Camp participants and for our partners. Don’t hesitate to contact Philippe ( if you want to know all the benefits of being a partner.

If you want to join the Summer Coding Camp, you are still on time! Join our informative session on July 17th. or contact us asap via e-mail (

Keep an eye on the upcoming events on our Facebook page, and join us at our Data Science events at DigitYser! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Announcing the second Data Science Bootcamp


Why investing on a Data Science bootcamp is a win-win for both organisations and employees

“Once upon a time, when data was part of an isolated silo…”

The previous phrase perfectly reflects how data projects were perceived in the past. Long gone are those days! Nowadays, data is used in more integrated manner, allowing to connect the dots among different data pools and to predict trends. This digital transformation supports companies to be more proactive and remain competitive. In an era where terms like “Big Data” and “Blockchain” are ubiquitous, organisations need to ensure that the way they manage data is up to speed to take the full advantage of it.

A few weeks ago, during a panel discussion on the CDO role scope, Jonas Vandenbruaene pointed out that 40% of the cases when data projects do not meet expectations are related to lack of skills. In order to sort out this challenge, organisations need to actively support their employees to acquire and master data related skills. Furthermore, this requires to -on top of acquiring technical skills- understand how to correlate data to business decisions and processes.

The acquisition of technical skills for handling needs to be complemented with business acumen acquired through real life business cases

Hence, it is crucial that companies proactively encourage and support their employees to update their skill-set with a pragmatic approach. This certainly represents a win-win: while the organisation acquires state-of-the-art tools, the employees performance and motivation remain high, leading to a good employee retention level.

In order to help organisations to achieve this, at di-Academy we are thrilled to present the second edition of our Data Science bootcampThe program will take place at our brand new location (at DigitYser, centrally located next to metro Yser in Brussels) and is set up in two pillars:

  • The first pillar is a 7 week long Summer Camp (starting on August 7th.), providing knowledge on coding and technical tools via coached MOOC’s. Participants can also earn a certification on SAS, Microsoft Azure, SQL, Python, R, and Statistics.
  • The second pillar is a 12 week long Data Science Bootcamp (starting on October 2nd.), during which real business cases are presented by our partners on a basis of 2 days a week.

This scheme allows corporations two enrich their human talent in 2 directions:

  • Training their existing employees, allowing them to combine the bootcamp with their current job.
  • Meet highly skilled jobseekers who can be hired after the bootcamp. For this purpose, throughout the program, there will be several job fairs showcasing the participants’ talent.

Do you want to learn more details on these training and the job fairs? We invite you to join our presentation and Q&A session on July 3rd. and to contact us (, +32 (0) 470 365 507), so we can provide more details.

It is a pleasure for di-Academy to help talented companies and their employees developing digital skills. We look forward to be in touch with you and to keep alive the conversation on acquiring Data Science skills!

Job – Mediahuis – Data Scientist

Annick just asked us to post a job opening in her team.


Ben jij net als ons heel erg geïnteresseerd in Media data? Dan is deze job iets voor jou! In deze functie til jij de inzichten over het gedrag van de bezoekers op onze nieuwssites en apps naar een hoger niveau. Met jouw analyses onderbouwen we  aanpassingen aan de dienstverlening van onze digitale kranten en betalende artikels. Tevens stelt het ons in staat de noden van onze abonnees beter te begrijpen. Op eigen initiatief of op vraag van je interne klanten, giet je digitale data in modellen, algoritmen en visualisaties. Je volgt ook de succesmeting van digitale projecten op. Hierdoor maak je data inzichtelijk en maak je het mogelijk voor ons digitaal team, marketeers en sales teams om hun creatieve ideeën eenvoudig te toetsen.

  • Je wordt een expert in analytics van digitaal gedrag; die zakelijke doelstellingen kan vertalen naar geschikte metingen, algoritmes en analyses
  • Je werkt mee aan het verwerven van belangrijke inzichten over alle aspecten van de dienstverlening van onze digitale kranten en betalende artikels.  Hier werk je nauw samen met het app development team en geef je inzichten in het gebruik van de apps.
  • Je werkt ook nauw samen met business teams op de rapportering en opvolging van gerichte online campagnes ter bevordering van het digitaal lezen bijv. via personalisatie.
  • Je voert dagelijkse, wekelijkse of maandelijkse digitale rapporteringen uit ivm. registraties, klik- en opengedrag op e-mails, verkooprapportering van de e-commerce shops
  • Je ondersteunt de eindgebruikers van het sales & marketing team in hun dagelijks gebruik van digitale rapporten en analyses, zij kunnen met vragen bij jou terecht.  Je werkt op vraag van de business units, maar gaat evenzeer proactief zelf op zoek naar nieuwe inzichten.
  • Met behulp van relevante tools en technieken verwerk je verschillende datasets van uiteenlopende granulariteit en grootte (big data stores, app, web, registratie, e-mail data)
  • Je helpt inzichten te visualiseren en deze op een duidelijke manier te delen met de rest van het bedrijf.
  • Je werkt hierbij “hands-on” en blijft niet theoretisch.


  • Je behaalde een master diploma in een analytische richting.
  • Samen met technici en onze business, vorm je een perfect team.
  • Je bent gepassioneerd door data en de inzichten die het biedt op vlak van customer experience en zakelijke toepassingen. Je kan die inzichten vlot vertalen naar anderen.
  • Jouw technische kennis en gebruikte toolsets stellen je in staat even vlot gestructureerde als niet-gestructureerde data te verwerken
  • Je bent contactvaardig en kan goed werken in team.
  • Je bent nieuwsgierig, houdt van experimenten, het inzetten van nieuwe tools en het vergaren van kennis.
  • Ervaring met modellering, big data stores, Hadoop, Spark, Python, R, Messagent, database management of dashboards zijn een pluspunt.
  • Je bent klantgericht en in staat oplossingsgericht mee te denken met de business.

Wij bieden

  • Een tof team van 12 gemotiveerde customer intelligence specialisten
  • Een plek in een mediabedrijf waar dynamiek en innovatie van groot belang zijn met sterke mediamerken
  • Een functie met veel uitdaging, afwisseling en verschillende ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden.
  • In ons team van analytische data-specialisten delen we graag onze kennis. Tegelijk werken we nauw samen met technici die ons helpen om onze ideeën in werkbare tools om te zetten, zodat interne klanten maximaal profiteren van onze bevindingen.
  • Verder krijg je een aantrekkelijk salaris en bijpassende voorwaarden.


Indien je interesse hebt in deze job, solliciteer dan via of contacteer Marty Delang voor verdere vragen.



Are you pursuing a career in data science?

We have a great opportunity for you: an intensive training program combined with interesting job opportunities!

Interested? Check out follow the link to our datascience survey and send your cv to

Once selected, you’ll be invited for the intake event that will take place in Brussels this summer.

Hope to see you there,

Katia & Philippe

Kris Peeters @ DISUMMIT 2017: “Success and failure in big data projects”

DiS17_Speaker_11:30_Kris Peeters

Kris Peeters is the founder and CEO of Data Minded. He leads a group of passionate tech experts working in the area of Data Engineering. Working on the implementation of Big Data projects has taught him some best practices, which he is always glad to share.

About Kris and his tips to avoid Murphy’s law in big data projects

Kris started his presentation with a case in which the effort of several months was simply replaced by 3 Excel sheets. This was the perfect way to exemplify the frustration that all people working in big data projects may experience, pointing out the need of listening to the advice of those who have gone through the process.

With that kick-off, Kris shared which steps would ensure that Murphy law could step into the process. He started pointing the fact of performing long development cycles without performing some testing nor sharing it with the customer, and also highlighted how having a “golden hammer” (well known tool) giving the wrong image of taking success for granted. Dismissing the importance of diversity (in terms of including different backgrounds) and proper coaching are also red flags to keep an eye on.

Besides his honest, incisive feedback, what is truly appreciated from Kris is his interest to see things from different angles, and to be very inclusive on the perspective of other stakeholders. At the end, knowing how to use big data cannot go too far without the qualitative input that the customer can offer.

So… before kicking off a project, it is crucial to spot the involved weaknesses, as this allows  assessing them and being proactive about them.

A takeaway from Kris’s presentation

“When kicking off a project, do a pre-mortem to spot which risks may appear”

Thank you, Kris, for the useful tips! We are sure that they save some difficult moments to many people.




[To be uploaded asap]

Presentation’s sketch:


Sandro Sinigaglia @ DISUMMIT 2017: “When data and analytics exposes the bad guys?”

DiS17_Speaker_Sandro Sinigaglia

Sandro Sinigaglia is the head of the e-Fraud Competence Center at ING Belgium. He also is a topic leader and lecturer at Solvay Brussels School (ULB) and at international cybersecurity conferences.

Danny Moerenhout is an Expert Process Manager within the Competence Center e-Fraud at ING Belgium.

About Sandro and Danny’s “cat and the mouse” game with cyber criminals

When Sandro and Danny started talking about cybersecurity, the stage became a play simulating the real situations banks are now facing when cybercriminals and black hat hackers pop into scene.

The shift of online banking has opened the doors to create ways to deceive users. Actions like the creation of mule accounts and the proliferation of “spray and pray” malware initially led the banks to work on a sniper view basis, spotting and performing an action to stop a specific criminal.

However, as criminals have been becoming more savvy on banks practices and have reacted accordingly, the bank’s strategy has evolved from sniper to a 360° view,  in which data is the key element to spot patterns and continuously improve list management and rules.

Besides offering a humorous view on the “cat and mouse” game that banks and criminals play, Sandro and Danny made clear that organisations need to abandon a classical segmentation approach and focus more on building algorithms based on behaviour, allowing to connect the dots with social media.

Our favorite phrase from Sandro and Danny’s presentation

“On the internet, nothing is what it seems”


We look forward to meet Sandro and Danny in the future so they can share more insights on the fight against cybercriminals!


Sandro and Danny’s presentation recording:

Sandro and Danny’s deck:

[to be added asap]

Sandro and Danny’s presentation drawing: