Top 5 presentations of DIS2015 (Data Science Innovation Summit).

Dear friends,

March 26th will be the milestone of our community.

We had 68 speakers at our Data Innovation Summit with over 500 attendants. Check our new DataScience video channel with all the presentations. Pictures of the event are available on our facebook page. Over 600 people replied to the datascience survey.  Read Ward’s analysis of the satisfaction survey.

Here is the top 5 of the presentations:

  • Kris Peeters: The people aspect of Data Science (view)
  • Elena Tsiporkova: Data Innovation Lab (view)
  • Toon Vanagt: How Open Data allows faster innovation (view)
  • Hans Constandt: The disruptive Role of startups in Data Innovation (view)
  • Steven Beeckman: Government and Data (view)

Thank you for participating to the Data Science Survey. The results are still available to all participants. Here is a summary done by our experts:

  • Data Innovation Summit Dashboard by Dieter and Nicholas (view)
  • Data Innovation Survey results – In Neo4j by Rik (view)
  • The question “Are all Data Scientists nerds?” – By Nele (view)
  • Data Innovation Survey 2015 – preliminary analysis by Ward (view)

The plan is to bundle these in a e-book, if you want to be part of this book you only need to submit your analysis. We are still waiting for a team that wants to link this survey with another existing survey. Winners of the best analysis will be announced during our Banking meetup on May 20th.

Thank you for all for making this summit a success.

Philippe Van Impe

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Competition – Kaggle – AXA – Use telematic data to identify a driver signature

kaggle-logo-transparent-300 & Axa

In case you are  looking for data to work on …

here is a nice Kaggle competition for you.


For automobile insurers, telematics represents a growing and valuable way to quantify driver risk. Instead of pricing decisions on vehicle and driver characteristics, telematics gives the opportunity to measure the quantity and quality of a driver’s behavior. This can lead to savings for safe or infrequent drivers, and transition the burden to policies that represent increased liability.

AXA has provided a dataset of over 50,000 anonymized driver trips. The intent of this competition is to develop an algorithmic signature of driving type. Does a driver drive long trips? Short trips? Highway trips? Back roads? Do they accelerate hard from stops? Do they take turns at high speed? The answers to these questions combine to form an aggregate profile that potentially makes each driver unique.

For this competition, Kaggle participants must come up with a “telematic fingerprint” capable of distinguishing when a trip was driven by a given driver. The features of this driver fingerprint could help assess risk and form a crucial piece of a larger telematics puzzle.

Started: 2:00 pm, Monday 15 December 2014 UTC
Ends: 11:59 pm, Monday 16 March 2015 UTC (91 total days)
Points: this competition awards standard ranking points
Tiers: this competition counts towards tiers

Job – AXA – Data Scientist – Brussels


Dear friends,

please find bellow the job postings from AXA in Belgium.


Dear Philippe,

I hope my email finds you well.
We would like to post jobs position on your DataScientist Community.
I would be thankful if you published the following position:
5 reasons to be Data Scientist at AXA: (fr) (nl)
Business Data Scientist: (fr) (nl)
Data Scientist /Customer Intelligence Expert: (fr) (nl)

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


Kawthar Bufraquech

Digital Recruitment Officer – Recruitment & Mobility
Human Resources – AXA Belgium


You need to be a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group to be able to apply. Join  here.

Please note that we also manage other vacancies that are not public, if you want us to bring you in contact with them too, just send your CV to .