We made it ! +742 participants are now on board ! #disummit2019

All Aboard !

We are so pleased to announce that we already reached the same level of participation as last year.
Looking at the feedback, there are three reasons why you & your team should attend:

To inspire your team with real live business cases.
To learn new techniques and develop new ideas in the workshops.
To meet opinion leaders and be part of the AI4Belgium initiative.

Join us for this community driven event & check our website to get the best deals.

See you next Wednesday at the ULB. Get your discount ticket !



3 interviews to inspire you !

Interview with Nathalie Smuha

Interview with Tom Lenaerts

Interview with Nathanael Ackerman

Your turn now : 3 questions about the state of AI & Ethics

During the speaker dinner we asked our panel and the public present at the event 3 questions about AI & Ethics.

We want to encourage you to also reply to the question that got the most replies and you can do it by visiting the link below

Europe is considered to be way behind USA and China in terms of AI race. How do you see the possible contribution of Brussels and Europe to AI development?

DiSummit 2019 in a nutshell and why it’s a place to be on June 26th!

On June 26th the AI4Belgium & Data Science Community will hold their 5th annual Summit. You can expect a day packed with innovative ideas and discussions, lots of networking opportunities and perhaps most importantly a chance to have fun with professionals from a wide array of backgrounds.

Read the interview 


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