Last bits of info to convince your friends to participate to the HIVHACK.

Screenshot 2018-11-16 at 15.37.15

The volunteers prepared an impressive dataset for us !  Over the past 6 months they organised 17 activities with over 350 attendants in order to be ready for the HIVHACK that will start Friday and  end Saturday. This #data4good initiative is driven by the AI & Data Science Community of Belgium supported by Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health. Their main request to you is:  Join us … because we can use some extra brains to save the world from HIV.

Your Mission Should You Choose to accept it … is to build a solution that can be used by local data experts to map out areas of high drug resistance prevalence.

You will be part of a global effort composed of 100 hackers & 15 coaches. There will be about 15 teams created on the first day.

The winning team will go to Africa and train the local data experts to use their solution. Teach them how to fish and help them to build a local sustainable datalab.

In case you need some supporting material to convince your friends to join,  here is some interesting information about the Hack:

We had an excellent reach too with all the activities we organised:

Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 18.20.15

So the dices are rolling, rien ne va plus, place your bets and tell your friends to join the effort and to do something good, ask them to register on

and share this announcement and make some noise using #HIVHACK !

See you Friday 13:00 at Digitsyer,



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