Sandro Sinigaglia @ DISUMMIT 2017: “When data and analytics exposes the bad guys?”

DiS17_Speaker_Sandro Sinigaglia

Sandro Sinigaglia is the head of the e-Fraud Competence Center at ING Belgium. He also is a topic leader and lecturer at Solvay Brussels School (ULB) and at international cybersecurity conferences.

Danny Moerenhout is an Expert Process Manager within the Competence Center e-Fraud at ING Belgium.

About Sandro and Danny’s “cat and the mouse” game with cyber criminals

When Sandro and Danny started talking about cybersecurity, the stage became a play simulating the real situations banks are now facing when cybercriminals and black hat hackers pop into scene.

The shift of online banking has opened the doors to create ways to deceive users. Actions like the creation of mule accounts and the proliferation of “spray and pray” malware initially led the banks to work on a sniper view basis, spotting and performing an action to stop a specific criminal.

However, as criminals have been becoming more savvy on banks practices and have reacted accordingly, the bank’s strategy has evolved from sniper to a 360° view,  in which data is the key element to spot patterns and continuously improve list management and rules.

Besides offering a humorous view on the “cat and mouse” game that banks and criminals play, Sandro and Danny made clear that organisations need to abandon a classical segmentation approach and focus more on building algorithms based on behaviour, allowing to connect the dots with social media.

Our favorite phrase from Sandro and Danny’s presentation

“On the internet, nothing is what it seems”


We look forward to meet Sandro and Danny in the future so they can share more insights on the fight against cybercriminals!


Sandro and Danny’s presentation recording:

Sandro and Danny’s deck:

[to be added asap]

Sandro and Danny’s presentation drawing:


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