Salesflare, the intelligent sales CRM, currently has a very interesting spot available in their team.
If you are interested to work both as a full-stack developer and with data, and if you want to build the sales CRM of the future, read on to see what Salesflare has to offer!
As a Data Developer, you will build the next generation of Salesflare, together with the top team and in collaboration with iMinds UGent Data Science Lab.
You will work as a full-stack web developer, developing front to back in JavaScript, using both Node.js and Angular.js in an agile environment.  You will however not just be building new functionality for Salesflare, but also transitioning its entire architecture from a set-up built on MySQL, to a platform that bridges MySQL (for things like user management), Elastic Search (for searching historical event data), Redis (as a short term event cache) and Neo4j (to store the information about the sales teams’s social network).
This new architecture will host an enormous pool of data, acquired from data sources like the email server, calendar system, phones, social media, email & web tracking technology, and more. And this very data will be used to provide intelligent suggestions, like social links, action detection, sentiment alerts, detection of data that needs to be updated, enhanced sales forecasts, …
If you are enthusiastic about working with new technologies, this is the place to be. We offer a salary that is at market level plus stock options, a rewarding experience in a top performing (and fun) team, and lots of responsibility. What we expect: 100% dedication to make Salesflare the best sales CRM in the world.
Interested? Email your CV or LinkedIn/Github profile to

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