Join us – Silicon Valley Inspiration Tour – March 26, 2016



Visit the Silicon Valley ecosystem:

Just after the Data Innovation Summit that will be held in Brussels on March 23, the Data Science Community is organising a Low Budget innovation tour in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley has a variety of business organizations and institutions that create a business environment that has proved to be highly conducive to the successful creation of startup firms, disruptive business models, and leadership in a variety of high-tech areas.

With our team we want to get a first hand impression on what are the key components of Silicon Valley, how do they work, and how do they fit together?

Key Characteristics of the Silicon Valley Ecosystem that we will focus on:

  • Dual ecosystem of large firms and startups
  • High financial returns for successful entrepreneurs and startups’ early employees
  • Global top-level human resources for all stages of startups
  • Business infrastructure (law firms, accounting firms, mentors, etc.)
  • Venture capital – most competitive market
  • Globally top class universities (Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCSF)
  • Human resource clusters anchored around top universities
  • Extensive government role in shaping technological trajectories and basic science
  • Highly competitive industries, balance between “open innovation” and secret protection
  • Balance of “open innovation” and intellectual property protection
  • “Technology Pump” of top human resources from all over the world
  • High labor mobility at all levels of management and talent
  • Culture of accepting failures (effective evaluation and monitoring)

We plan to arrive on Saturday, we will rent a house for our community members in San Francisco from Saturday 26/3 to Tuesday 29 then we will move to a house in San Jose on Wednesday.

Agenda of our Visit:

We have lined up a few companies that we want to meet. If you can help us and facilitate the access to an interesting company please let us know.

We have already received some nice invitations from:

We plan to attend a few meetups too, like to one from SF DataScience on Monday about  ‘Kafka and Data Science’ , …

On arrival the ‘Sons of Analytics’ will rent a bike to attend the LAUGHLIN RIVER RUN .

And of course we will travel to San-Jose to attend the Strata Hadoop event. Please always use our discount code at any O’Reilly activity: our 20% discount code UGBDSC

Strata + Hadoop World is the leading event on how big data and ubiquitous, real-time computing is shaping the course of business and society. It brings together the world’s best data scientists and business leaders to share hard-won knowledge and innovations in technology and strategy.

Check out the impressive program and make plans to join Strata + Hadoop World in San Jose March 28-31, 2016.

Save 20% on most passes with discount code UGBDSC.

“The best opportunity to learn about the technologies that are transforming big data and data science.”


We will travel on a budget and share cars and houses, make sure you take a sleeping bag. Our first estimation is that you should be able to do this for less than 3000.

Flight 800
Accomodation 6 300
Food and drinks 600
Car rental 120
Peto cash 200
Ticket Strata 1000


  • scouting to find interesting meetings: all community members + Philippe
  • practical organisation: Laurence
  • if you are interested just put your name on the list


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