Interesting blog post on Artificial Intelligence

Patrick Rhodes published a very interesting blog post on the history and possible future or Artificial Intelligence. He neatly explains the difference between our current version of AI, where computers mostly follow a rule book without understanding those rules, and ‘strong’ AI, where the computer really understands the rules. Here are his opening paragraphs, setting the tone for the rest of the article:

Yesterday, the very best AI (artificial intelligence) had trouble beating a novice human chess player. Today, the very best human player has enormous difficulty beating the best AI. Tomorrow, the very best human player will never beat any AI. However, that’s not the worst news you’ve heard. This is:

Computers have no idea how to play chess whatsoever.

They also don’t understand Chinese, but that doesn’t stop them from trouncing us in chess or speaking Chinese. Let’s find out how this is possible and speculate on whether or not we can actually create an AI capable of true understanding.

Read the rest of the article here.

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