Tribute to Federico Aguilera


I write this post with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of our friend to cancer.

Federico fought a brave and strong battle for over a year but the cancer would not allow him to get better. He took each day in stride, never really complaining, always feeling tired and always hoping that the treatments would succeed so he could get on with his life. This was our hope too.

Federico was instrumental to the success of the Brussels Data Science Community: we enjoyed every spirited discussion, lost most of the fights, took many of his comments into account and thanks to his insights were able to build our community into what it is today.

We respect that his  family wants to keep the memorial ceremony private. We encourage you to write your sentiments in the tribute box below, and/or make a donation.

Tribute & contributions in Federico’s memory:

If you want to send a private message to the family you can do it here.

If you want to share public message you can use the comment box below.

Your contribution to research:

You can choose between a Belgian cancer research fund or the data for good research project we will do in his name in May 2016.

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