Job – ULB – Academic position in Data Science for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology


Faculty of Sciences, Department of Computer Science.

Required Qualifications :

PhD Degree (with doctoral thesis) in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Bioengineering, or equivalent qualifications.

Required Skills :

  • A minimum of 4-year scientific career at the time of hiring
  • Postdoctoral experience of minimum one year and an excellent scientific record
  • A stay abroad in an academic institution other that the one in which the doctoral studies were undertaken is mandatory. This can be during or after the doctoral studies. The academic stay abroad needs to have taken place either during a full academic year or maximum 4 academic stays adding up to a 12 month period
  • For non-French speaking natives, a learning period may be granted, but candidates must be capable of teaching in French (level C1 is required) at the end of the third year following their appointment.

The Faculty of Sciences of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) announces the opening of a full-time academic position in Data Science for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology starting October 1st, 2016. The position will be in affiliation with the Department of Computer Science of the ULB and the ULB/VUB Interuniversity Institute for Bioinformatics in Brussels (IB2). The following web pages can also be consulted for further information: (Computer Science Dept. homepage), (Interuniversity Institute for Bioinformatics in Brussels), (ULB Machine Learning Research Group)

1 Description of Position :

Candidates are expected to trigger and promote active collaborations within the context of IB2 with molecular, biological and medical research groups at the ULB. They are furthermore expected to lead a high-quality research and teaching program in the specified areas, preferably with a specialization in the analysis of genomic, transcriptomic and/or epigenomic data and the design and deployment of advanced data science (e.g. machine learning, data mining, big data) methods. Significant research and teaching experience, as well as a strong publication record in international journals and/or high impact international conferences are required. The successful candidate will be invited to apply for a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) and for any sources of outside funding (FNRS, Europe, Regional funds, etc…) enabling them to develop their research. The ULB Research Department will assist with applications. As stated by its statutes, the University of Brussels is a non-discriminating institution and all its members are expected to adhere to its fundamental principles.

  • Description of Scientific and Pedagogical Objectives:
    The candidate will take part in teaching activities in the Bachelor and Master programs in Computer Science and the Master in Bioinformatics and Modeling and will participate in the supervision of Master dissertations. The first years she/he will have a reduced teaching charge. After a few years this charge will increase to reach a level comparable to that of her/his colleagues (typically 4 or 5 hours a week for two semesters, plus some supervision of exercise sessions). The ability to strengthen existing research areas at ULB will be considered as an asset, too. The position involves also commitment to administrative tasks. She/ he will furthermore be expected to take an active role in the management and supervision of the research activities in the Interuniversity Institute for Bioinformatics in Brussels (IB2). For any additional information (e.g. concerning courses to be taught or the research carried out in the Department) please see contact details below.
  • Field of Research :
    All applicants need to hold either a PhD in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Bioengineering, or related disciplines. Experience in interdisciplinary collaboration as well as significant research stays in foreign universities or research laboratories are important assets.
  • The teaching duties at the time of hiring will include :
    The first years the applicant will be involved in Master-level courses in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology currently organized in the Master in Computer Science and the Master in Bioinformatics and Modeling. For candidates not fluent in French, a temporary period of teaching in English may be granted for teaching at the Master level. After this period (for up to three years) the position will become permanent, requiring that the applicant will also be able to teach in French at the Bachelor level.

2. Teaching duties may be reviewed periodically and are subject to modification over time.

3. For further information, please see link:

4. The application file should also include the following :

  • application letter
  • CV, including a list of publications (cf. template downloadable at
  • documents attesting to 4 years of teaching and research experience
  • a report of around 3500 signs on the candidate’s research activities and research project, indicating how the candidate would integrate into ULB research teams
  • a report of about 3500 signs on the candidate’s previous teaching activities and a project describing their teaching mission during the 5 years following their appointment, that integrates, in a coherent manner, into the vision of the unit in which the candidate will be working and the educational profiles of the programmes on which the candidate will be teaching.
  • a note on international projects and achievements
  • please provide full names and email addresses for five referees who may be contacted by the university bodies responsible of evaluating candidate applications. We ask that you be mindful of providing a balanced gender divide between referees and ensure that they have no conflict of interest. Candidates applying for several vacancies are required to send a separate file for each one.

Internal administrative data : Vacancy number : 15/A076 University payroll position : 15-B-CCO-127 (F) (1.00 ETP) Administrative Board reference : CoA. 23/11/15 pt III.02

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