Training – Hands-on with SparkR – Brussels – November 24

Join us for this hands-on training with SparkR that will be held at the European Data Innovation Hub on November 24th.

The AI & Data Science Community of Belgium


As of June 2015 SparkR is integrated in Spark-1.4.0. However this is still work in progress: in the original version, no Spark MLlib machine learning algorithms were accessible via R. In Spark-1.5.0 it is already possible to create generalized linear models (glm).

In this one-day SparkR course, you will understand how Spark is working under the hood (MapReduce paradigm, lazy evaluation, …) and learn how to use SparkR. You will start setting up a local Spark cluster and access it via R. Next up you will learn basic data transformations in SparkR, either via R code or via SparkSql. Finally we will use SparkR’s glm and compare it to R’s glm and we will implement our own machine learning algorithm.

logoThis training event is organise in collaboration with Oak3 ( The Oak3 Academy is an IT Learning Center providing hands-on, intensive training and coaching to help students develop the skills they…

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