Challenge – Online – Integra Gold Rush


Who wants to be part of our Team of Belgian gold diggers? ( please add a comment if interested)

I just received this exciting message from Canada. Should we put a team together, seems to be the perfect for real miners, no ?

Hello Philippe,

We are excited to launch the Integra Gold Rush Challenge this September – one of the largest ever mining industry incentive prize competitions to hunt down the next big gold discovery in Val-d’Or, Canada.

Opened in 1935, the Lamaque mine remained in operation for 50 years, processing more than 24 million tons of ore and 4.5 million ounces of gold. The Lamaque mine remained untouched and relatively forgotten for nearly 30 years, until Integra Gold purchased it in October, 2014.

Along with the purchase came 6 terabytes of information, spanning 75 years of mining history. This database is being turned to the public to help unlock its value through innovative and comprehensive solutions.

The Integra Gold Rush Challenge invites people from around the world, from any background to analyze this data and win prizes totaling CAD $1 million.

You may visit the challenge page to find out more and to register as an innovator. 

Please let me know if you would like to participate or know anyone else who might be interested in participating.



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How Data Science is Transforming Sales and Marketing

Thursday, Sep 24, 2015, 6:30 PM

VUB – Aula QD
Pleinlaan 2B – 1050, Brussels Brussels, BE

149 Business & Data Science pro’s Attending

Agenda:18:30 monthly update by Philippe Van Impe• Official opening of the HUB with Alexander De Croo on 20/10• How to benefit from the training facilities from ‘European Data Innovation Hub’ – here is the overview of the trainings organized.• how to benefit from the DataScience co-working space• nice list of outstanding job opportunities19:00…

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