Event – Otlet Salons – “What kind of data do we want to share or make publicly available?”

20150925 - Otlet table ronde

The main event starts at 19h30 at the Mundaneum. Pieter Colpaert (iMinds) will present a keynote on efficient data use in the 21st century: “What kind of data do we want to share or make publicly available?” The keynote will be followed by a discussion by panel members with a variety of experience in data usage and a nice balance between “open” and “proprietary” views.

Before the main event, we additionally offer participants the opportunity to explore Mons. VisitMons has offered us a free visit of the city, while the Mundaneum has offered a free visit of the Mundaneum Museum. After that, a sandwich dinner is available at the Mundaneum at very democratic prices. When you register, please let us know whether you would like to participate in the afternoon activities and/or the sandwich dinner, so we can inform our partners. The complete schedule is as follows:

  • 16h:               Guided visit Mons – gathering at the Mundaneum Museum
  • 17h30:           Guided visit Mundaneum Museum
  • 18h30:           Sandwich dinner
  • 19h30:           Otlet Salons, Mundaneum Edition
  • 21h15:           Network drink

About the Keynote

Pieter Colpaert (http://pieter.pm) is a researcher at Ghent University (iMinds) on publishing data on web scale. He believes “open” will make a tremendous difference in our lives in different domains. For that purpose he co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium: a not-for profit organization supporting different “open” communities such as open access, open street map, open transport, creative commons, etc.​

We are looking forward to welcome you there!

The organizing committee,

  • Dr. Bert Vercnocke (University of Amsterdam, Fulbright alumnus)
  • Charlotte Saelemakers (POLITEIA)
  • Prof. Dr. Didier Caluwaerts (VUB, Harvard Kennedy School, Fulbright alumnus)
  • Glenn Magerman (University of Leuven, Fulbright alumnus)
  • Pieter-Jan Valgaeren (iMinds, Stadstriennale 2016 Hasselt-Genk)

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