Training – Business Analytics with R

This series start Monday September 7th in Brussels.

The AI & Data Science Community of Belgium


We are proud to announce a full series of R trainings
– from the mere basics to the necessary skills to use and deploy R in your organisation.

The training consists of a set of modules which can be chosen depending on your expertise level and ranges from introductory to advanced R programming, package development, R deployments and R analytics (statistical learning, text mining, plotting, graphics, spatial statistics).

These sessions are managed by BNOSAC and your main trainer will be Jan Wijffels.

jan wijffels

Jan Wijffels is the founder of – a consultancy company specialised in statistical analysis and data mining. He holds a Master in Commercial Engineering, a MSc in Statistics and a Master in Artificial Intelligence and has been using R for 8 years, developing and deploying R-based solutions for clients in the private sector. He has developed and co-developed the R packages ETLUtils and ffbase.

Jan Wijffels is…

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