Training: introduction to R programming (2 days)


R for starters: a two-day training workshop.

What is covered in this module:

  • What is R, packages available (CRAN, R-Forge, …), R documentation search, finding help, RStudio editor, syntax
  • Data types: numeric, character, factor, logicals, NA, Dates/Times
  • Data structures (vector/data.frame/matrix/lists and standard operations on these)
  • Saving (RData) & importing data from flat files, csv, Excel, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SAS, SPSS
  • Creating functions, data manipulation (subsetting, adding variables, ifelse, control flow, recoding, rbind, cbind) and aggregating and reshaping
  • Plotting in R using base and lattice functionality (dot plots, barcharts, graphical parameters, legends, devices)
  • Basic statistics in R (mean, variance, crosstabs, quantile, correlation, distributions, densities, histograms, boxplot, t-tests, wilcoxon test, non-parametric tests)

During the course, you will need to do exercises, so bring your laptop.

Instructor: Jan Wijfels, BNOSAC

jan wijffelsJan Wijffels is the founder of – a consultancy company specialised in statistical analysis and data mining. He holds a Master in Commercial Engineering, a MSc in Statistics and a Master in Artificial Intelligence and has been using R for 8 years, developing and deploying R-based solutions for clients in the private sector. He has developed and co-developed the R packages ETLUtils and ffbase.

Price: 600 Euro (for the two days).

Registration: via

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