Training: Common data manipulation for R programmers


This module allows you to be a better programmer by writing your own functions, getting acquainted with commonly used R functions for basic data manipulation and the R object oriented programming environment.

The following is covered in this module:

  • with, within, by, apply family of functions & split-apply-combine strategy
  • vectorisation, parallel execution of code
  • data.table – fast group by, joining and data.
  • table programming tricks
  • basic regular expressions
  • writing your own functions
  • reshaping from wide to long format
  • environments
  • S3 classes, generics and basic S4 methodology
  • handling of errors and exceptions, debugging code

Be prepared on some tough exercises, so bring your laptop.

Instructor: Jan Wijfels, BNOSAC

jan wijffelsJan Wijffels is the founder of – a consultancy company specialised in statistical analysis and data mining. He holds a Master in Commercial Engineering, a MSc in Statistics and a Master in Artificial Intelligence and has been using R for 8 years, developing and deploying R-based solutions for clients in the private sector. He has developed and co-developed the R packages ETLUtils and ffbase.

Duration: 1 day

Registration via

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