Training: Text mining with R


This course is a hands-on course covering the use of text mining tools for the purpose of data analysis. It covers basic text handling, natural language engineering and statistical modelling on top of textual data.

The following items are covered.

• Text encodings

• Cleaning of text data, regular expressions

• String distances

• Graphical displays of text data

• Natural language processing: stemming, parts-of-speech tagging, tokenization, lemmatisation

• Sentiment analysis

• Statistical topic detection modelling and visualization (latent diriclet allocation)

• Automatic classification of text data using predictive modelling

Duration: 1 day

Instructor: Jan Wijfels, BNOSAC

jan wijffelsJan Wijffels is the founder of – a consultancy company specialised in statistical analysis and data mining. He holds a Master in Commercial Engineering, a MSc in Statistics and a Master in Artificial Intelligence and has been using R for 8 years, developing and deploying R-based solutions for clients in the private sector. He has developed and co-developed the R packages ETLUtils and ffbase.

Please register and pay through Eventbrite

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