Seminar- ULB – Context-sensitive Ordinal Regression Models for Human Facial Behaviour Analysis

    ULB  Machine Learning Group (MLG)
             S E M I N A R
       “Context-sensitive Ordinal Regression Models for Human Facial Behaviour Analysis”
       Wed 8 July 2015 from 11:30
       Université libre de Bruxelles,
       Campus de la Plaine (
       Département d’Informatique
       NO Building, Floor 8, local P.2NO8.08 (Rotule) (
       Boulevard du Triomphe – CP212
       1050 Bruxelles
Enabling computers to understand human facial behaviour has the potential to revolutionize many important areas such as clinical diagnosis, marketing, human computer interaction, and social robotics, to mention but a few. However, achieving this is challenging as human facial behaviour is a highly non-linear dynamic process driven by many internal and external factors, including ‘who’ the observed subject is, ‘what’ is his current task, and so on. All this makes the target problem highly context-sensitive, resulting in the changes of dynamics of human facial behaviour, which, in turn, is critical for interpretation and classification of target affective states (e.g., intensity levels of emotions or pain). In this talk, I will propose several extensions of the Conditional Ordinal Random Fields (CORF) model that are able to learn spatio-temporal and context-sensitive representations of human facial behaviour useful in various tasks of facial analysis. In particular, I will show how the proposed CORF models can be used for problems such as intensity estimation of facial expressions of emotion, intensity estimation of facial action units and facial expressions of pain. I will also demonstrate the performance of the models on the task of classification of facial expressions of persons with autism spectrum condition. Finally, I will discuss other potential applications of the models proposed and further challenges in modelling of human facial behaviour.
Ognjen Rudovic rreceived his PhD from Imperial College London, Computing Dept., UK, in 2014, a MSc degree in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence from Computer Vision Center (CVC), Barcelona, Spain, in 2008, and BSc in Automatic Control Theory from Electrical Engineering Dept., University Of Belgrade, Serbia, in 2006. He is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Computing Dept., Imperial College London, UK. His research interests include computer vision and machine learning, with a particular focus on face analysis, Bayesian learning and inference methods, and their application to human sensing. He is a member of Intelligent Behaviour Understanding Group (IBUG) at Imperial College London (
Pr. Gianluca Bontempi
co-Head of the Machine Learning Group
Département d’Informatique
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Boulevard du Triomphe – CP212
1050 Bruxelles, Belgium
Office Phone: +32-2-650 55 91
Fax: +32 2 650.56.09
Interuniversity Institute of Bioinformatics in Brussels (IB)²

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