Three Personas of a Data Scientist

I wish I was the artist but I’m afraid I have to settle with the last option.

Big Data Noir

In light of the recent news of my article being chosen to be published (among other great pieces by subject matter experts) in EMC Corporations Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Competition, I have decided to share a piece of the article now.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about “what is a Data Scientist” and after much research, I wanted to showcase what qualities an individual must possess to don the white coat!

Data Scientists are unique individuals that push the boundary of machine and human learning in an effort to discover what cannot be seen by others. A Data Scientist is a balanced role and requires someone with the skills to organize, develop, create and share their work amongst their colleagues and upper management. This section is comprised of detailed explanations of three personas that every Data Scientist possesses: the Nerd, the Artist, and the Business Professional9 (Dutra 2015).

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