Thank you for making the Data Innovation Summit a success

sponsorsThank you all for your engagement and active participation to our Data Innovation Summit.

Yesterday 68 presentations were delivered on time allowing over 400 data lovers to have enough time to network and share ideas with their peers.

This would not have been possible without a professional team of volunteers, a team of friends making the craziest schedules possible.

I would like to thank AXA and our sponsors for supporting us.

The speakers were amazing, tortured to accept the most horrible presentation format called ignite and delivering it with so much grace and passion, beautiful.

What a pity that we could not schedule all presentations and that we had to turn down so many participants because the event was sold out. We will handle this differently next time.

Together we have reached our first milestone yesterday, it is time to wake up now and work together to accelerate the development of new projects that will position us better in this merciless digitalization race. Let’s bundle our energy and put Belgium back on the map of most innovative countries, the place where it is so easy to start-up a company.

Your turn now, please give us your feedback about our Summit:

The pictures taken at the summit will be available on

The presentations video’s will also soon be available on

Have you seen the analysis of the results (over 600) of the survey made by Ward, Dieter & Nicholas, Nele and Rik. I’m looking forward to these presentations during the finals of April 16th.

Thanks again,

Philippe Van Impe

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