Press Release – Data Innovation Summit – made in Belgium

Data Innovation Summit 2015

Made in Belgium March 26th 2015 | Axa building | Brussels

Nederlandstalige versie – version française

Is Belgium too slow and not doing enough to compete in the digital world? A recent study shows that having excellent scientists and innovation initiative is not enough, Belgium is falling behind. We know that our companies find it hard  to integrate their own digital transformation initiatives and to generate value out of data. To understand how it should be done we are bringing all the actors together (political, academical, enterprises and start-ups) to benefit from their experience.

The Data Innovation Summit in Brussels is a one day conference gathering all the Belgian actors facilitating data innovation. It is an action packed conference where more than 50 speakers will demonstrate what they do to help us compete in this digital marketplace.

event top

The day is divided in 6 main sections:

  1. Keynotes sketching the Data Innovation Ecosystem
  2. Enterprise Business Cases
  3. Ignite sessions by innovation facilitators
  4. Business Cases brought by Universities
  5. Startup sessions
  6. Ignite sessions by the members of the community


  • Please find the latest update of the agenda here.

Over 50 Speakers

  • One minister (Kris Peeters)
  • One Rector (Vincent Blondel)
  • At least 10 Professors
  • Over 15 CEO’s & founders
  • 19 of the most innovative start-ups
  • Over 30 ignite sessions
  • Please find the latest update of the speakers  here

Why this event: -> Call for action, high time for us to move.

Let’s get this organized, We can help

  • A recent article shows that based on the Digital Evolution Index Belgium is ‘stalling out’ and is being left behind compared the digital transformation strategy of other countries.
  • Belgium has the best data innovation initiatives and scientist, and still enterprises find it hard to cope with their own digital transformation initiatives.
  • The fact that President Obama calls out to the DataScience community for help shows clearly that these skills are highly valued. (see the video)
  • So, why don’t we all help companies to benefit from ‘Open Data’ and help the government to push the Belgian digital agenda.
  • Let’s discuss this on March 26th, and let’s make sure that our Data Innovation Summit becomes the start of a new datascience initiative.
  • Check out these articles:

Why is this event original and unique:

  • Supported by all the stakeholders – ‘politic, academic, enterprise and start-up world’
  • Driven and organised by a community of data scientists, not a marketing organisation
  • Powered by bottom-up energy, people and professionals united to do a better job and motivate others to cooperate
  • Free event, all presentations will be streamed and made available for download.

Who else is attending:

  • Government, Universities, major enterprises and the most dynamic start-ups will be present to talk about the value of data.
  • More than 500 professionals all active in the Data Science | Open Data | Analytics | IoT | Big Data environment are expected to attend.
  • Please find the latest update of the speakers here

In case you cannot attend: No worries,

  • you can follow live via:
    • Twitter -> #DIS2015
  • check out our website for more info and links:

About the Brussels Data Science Community:

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower scholars and professionals to apply data sciences to address humanity’s grand challenges.
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Philippe Van Impe
Founder of the community
0477 23 78 42

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