PWC study is out – Digital transformation becomes key objective for CEO

CEOs no longer question the need to embrace technology at the core of their business in order to create value for customers, but 58% still see the rapid pace of technological change as a challenge. So we learn from the 18th annual PwC CEO survey. It’s based on 1,322 interviews with CEOs in 77 countries, conducted between September and December 2014.

The majority of CEOs think that digital technologies have created high value for their organizations in areas like data and data analytics, customer experience, digital trust and innovation capacity. Surprisingly, however, most CEOs point to operational efficiency as the area where they have seen the best return on digital investment.



This is certainly good news and what’s driving the acceleration of the digital transformation of all businesses.

For more, check out these survey reports

Next step ?

If you want to see how Belgian companies are embracing this digital transformation, join us on for the Data Innovation Summit in Brussels on March 26th.


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