Telecom Meetup was a hit – 173 registrations – Full aula @ VUB – Happy crowd



Thank you Jan, Renaud and Wim for the excellent presentations, thank you Gautier for orchestrating this event.

Latest news from our community by Philippe Van Impe – slides

Overview of data Science in the Telecom Industry and speakers introduction

Moderator: Gautier Krings – Head of Research @ Real Impact Analytics

  • Jan Sonck – Head of Enterprise Innovation @ Proximus – slides
    How do we use Data Science in a Telecom Operator?
    All Posts
    Example of external use cases: which business question, which data? What about privacy concerns?
  • Renaud Lambiotte – Assistant Professor @ FUNDP – slides 
    Social networks, from Granovetter to Zuckerberg 
  • Wim Hellemans – Head of Knowledge @ Real Impact Analytics
    How to convert Telecom data into insights?
    What are the benefits and challenges of processing telecom data.

Pictures of the event are available here .

Introduction slides here:




One thought on “Telecom Meetup was a hit – 173 registrations – Full aula @ VUB – Happy crowd

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