How to benefit from our free #datascience job posting services


Job postings are free, and will be posted when we have a slot available. Make sure that you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Questions  can be send to

Fill  in this post to facilitate the process:

Your post will be forwarded to our major media channels:
  • Facebook: Brussels Data Science Community
  • Google+: Brussels DataScience
  • Google+: Brussels Data Science Community
  • Twitter: @DataScienceBe
  • Twitter: @TobiasMayerBe
  • Twitter: @DataJobsbe
  • Twitter: @pvanimpe
  • LinkedIn: Philippe Van Impe
  • LinkedIn: Brussels Data Science Community
  • Tumblr: DatascienceBe
Don’t forget to add nice message in the comment field, this will make the add more personal. Something like this works best:
PAtrick Smitz - Accenture


One thought on “How to benefit from our free #datascience job posting services

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