Job – Real Impact Analytics – DevOps Big Data



The role
We’re looking for an experienced developer who is passionate about Agile development practices, continuous integration, continuous delivery and automation in general. You will participate in the entire products and services lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.
*If you have more a system engineer background, we expect you to make use of the same techniques

Your part
You’ll be in charge of automating:
– the creation of images
– deployments in the cloud and on local clusters
– the installation and configuration of software
– monitoring and logging of the process
We want to have very simple commands to perform the Integration Testing in dedicated environments, release automatically: build, package, test, deploy, and perform integration/scalability/reliability tests and if successful, tag multiple repos, merge into the release branch et publish a release note.

Desired Skills and Experience

-You demonstrate strong development skills, preferably language agnostic: the right tool for the job should win
-You like teamwork: pair with other teams and empower them to use and improve tooling, and ensure practices are followed
-You bring a deep understanding of modern software delivery processes and tooling to the company
-You have experience or are familiar with some of the following:

  • TDD, BDD, Ansible, Docker, Nix, Amazon suite (AWS) including CloudFormation, git & Github, Jira, TeamCity, Artifactory, Bamboo, Mesos, Marathon, KitchenCI, Packer
  • Big Data concepts and Tech: Scala & Spark, Akka, Hadoop/HDFS, Flume, Sqoop, Pig, Hive… We know technologies evolve fast, we favor quick adaptation to deep tooling mastery
  • Logging and monitoring, such as Datadog, Splunk, Loggr, LogEntries, monit.

Work with us 

  • We are the key Analytics innovator serving Telco’s, Banking and Retail players
  • We see the impact of our work in real-life, not just in reports
  • We are proud of our highly entrepreneurial, pleasant work environment in a fast growing company
  • We offer flex hours and we place emphasis on autonomy and career advancement
  • We are a highly talented international team of top-notch experts
  • We propose a unique opportunity to travel and discover the world


Make sure you are a member of the Brussels Data Science Community linkedin group before you apply. Join  here.

Join the Real Impact team by following this link.


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