Seminar – Infofarm – March 18th – Harvesting Business Value with Data Science


Wannes Rosiers  Wannes Rosiers from Infofarm in Kontich asked us to communicate this interesting event. 

Data Science is a science combining Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, in order to extract meaning (and business value) from various data sources.
Using those skills, we can do all sorts of stuff: stock or order prediction, recommendations for your clients, anomaly and fraud detection, automatic text classification, you name it!
In this down-to-earth seminar InfoFarm will present you many possible use cases. It will be a collection of fictive as well as real-life examples. In particular Els Descheemaeker will present how she implemented (big) data science at Essent.
Intended Audience: We will not go into mathematical detail or computer code. This seminar is intended for business people eager to learn what data science can do for them.


09:00 Welcome & Coffee
09:30 Introduction: What is Data Science?
10:00 Data Science examples:
  • Fictive examples
  • InfoFarm use-cases
  • Els Descheemaeker: Big Data at Essent
  • Fraud detection: Gotch’all (KULeuven)
11:30 Possibility to discuss your Data Science ideas
12:00 Wrap-up & Lunch

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