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Oprichters Netlog betrokken bij Gentse startup Realo

Netlog-oprichters Lorenz Bogaert en Toon Coppens zijn betrokken bij een nieuwe Gentse startup Realo. Realo wil de online wereld van vastgoed veranderen.



As a data scientist you will combine statistical, mathematical and predictive modelling with business strategy skills to build the algorithms necessary to help our users, improve our products and drive our business.


  • Knowledge of Python, R, Clojure, Matlab, Pig, SQL, Elastic Search, …
  • Experience with text and data mining
  • You know about web development and can code (JS, PHP, JSON, … ) and are not stuck on frameworks.
  • You have a university Master’s or Doctor’s degree in Engineering or Mathematics.
  • Being a tech hero in a fast growing environment is your perfect habitat.

How to apply?

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