Job – Argus Labs – Senior Data Scientist


Job description

You will work in our Data Science Team and have a passion for research and defining sequence pattern mining based profiles and behavioural profiling in general.

You will define models (“digital personas”) that correspond with unique human behavioural patterns (e.g. feeling in love, …) and make these available as pre-defined personas on our platform, to be used in the advertising, finance or music industry.

You will actively explore how to help infer human behaviour out of big datasets and come up with pattern recognition models.

At Argus Labs, we learn an audience’s mood, habits and environment from passively collected behavioural data, so sequence mining is a core element of your work related tasks.

Duties and expectations:

  1. Your main focus will be on data analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning.
  2. As part of the data science team, you will be responsible for data mining and temporal prediction in a big data environment.
  3. You are a scientist with a rigorous working knowledge of machine learning.
  4. You are able to clearly communicate with customers and non-technical profiles.
  5. You and have a desire for continuous learning and a passion for data analysis.

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. You have an academic degree in computer science, (bio-)informatics, statistics, physics or mathematics or have past experience at a big data company. PhD is a plus.
  2. You have a strong mathematical background when it comes to vector algebra, statistics and mathematical optimization techniques.
  3. You are experienced in supervised learning, unsupervised learning and Bayesian filtering.
  4. You are familiar with signal processing techniques such as Fourier transforms and filter design.
  5. You know Python, Java or C++. Matlab experience is a plus.
  6. Your English is fluent and spotless in both verbal interactions and writing, and you have excellent English presentation skills.
  7. You have a start-up mentality and dream big!


Via the website of Argus Labs:

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