Job – PhD Vacancy – LIRIS – Process Mining

Prof. Dr. Jochen De Weerdt has a PhD Vacancy – Process Mining (expected)
Jochen De Weerdt  I am looking for a PhD candidate in the area of Process Mining. Within the Leuven Institute for Research on Information Systems (LIRIS), you will be conducting research in an upcoming field that is situated at the intersection of business process management and data mining. For more details, see pdf-file below.

Vacancy – Process Mining

Download File


The PhD will be doing research on the topic of Process Mining. Process mining techniques focus on process
discovery (extracting process models from event logs), conformance checking (comparing normative models
with the reality recorded in event logs), and extension (extending models based on event logs). It is a fastgrowing
field at the intersection of the business process management and data mining fields. From a
business viewpoint, process mining mainly has an edge in terms of objectivity because it allows to extract
business process knowledge from organisational data rather than going through the cumbersome and errorprone
process of interviews, workshops, etc. As such, process mining is gaining lots of traction in industry
because it is an excellent approach for driving business process improvements.
The LIRIS research group has plenty of experience with research in this area as demonstrated by several
ongoing and completed PhD projects in this area. Concretely, you will work on topics ranging from trace
clustering, active learning-based process mining, predictive process mining, conformance checking, to
hybrid process modelling and mining. You will develop prototype software implementations and will be
able to demonstrate their usefulness in practical settings through use cases in collaboration with industry

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